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Posted: March 29, 2011 by datechguy in middle east, opinion/news, war
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The US media has been playing down the connections between Al Qaeda and the Libyan Rebels for a while now, but today Byron York tackles it:

Take Abdel-Hakim al-Hasidi, a leader of U.S.-supported rebels in the fighting for Adjabiya. His hometown, Darnah, has produced many jihadis, and after the Sept. 11 attacks al-Hasidi traveled to Afghanistan to fight the “foreign invasion” — that is, the U.S. military. According to a report in Britain’s Daily Telegraph, al-Hasidi says he was later captured in Pakistan, handed over to the U.S., then held in prison in Libya before being released in 2008.

In addition to fighting the U.S. in Afghanistan, al-Hasidi also says he recruited about two dozen men to fight the U.S. in Iraq.

What is more amazing than those two sentences is the response of the NYT to this:

“No one seems all that frightened by him,” the New York Times wrote of al-Hasidi after a visit to Darnah in early March. Al-Hasidi, the paper reported, “praises Osama bin Laden’s ‘good points’ but denounces the 9/11 attacks on the United States.” And besides, the Times reported, al-Hasidi finds it amusing that the government of Moammar Gadhafi considers him an al Qaeda terrorist. “He promised to lay down his arms once victory is won and return, he said, to teaching,” the Times reported.

Whenever Afghanistan comes up on Morning Joe he repeats the mantra that there are only a few Al Qaeda present there. Apparently there are a lot more Al Qaeda in Libya and we are saving them from Gaddafi.

Now given that we are there now, and fighting we should fight to win, but it’s one thing to fight and win in Libya with Al-Qaeda at our side, it’s another thing to arm this guys:

But Sky News now understands the US is looking at a legal framework to allow limited supplies of arms to the rebels, if they can prove they need them to defend themselves from attack.

Mark Kornblau, spokesman for US Ambassador Dr Susan Rice, confirmed it was a possibility.

Uncoverage is not amused:

There is good reason to believe, from many reliable sources, that they are organized by radical Islamists associated with the Muslim Brotherhood.

Given that, how can it be that United States U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice can possibly even consider arming the rebels with our weapons?

If we are stupid enough to do this as a nation then we will deserve all we get from it.

  1. Tim K. says:

    1. The strong majority of Libyan rebels are former Qaddafi soldiers, protesters and regular guys off the street who begged for American intervention.

    Are there seom Islamists and Jihadists? Yes. Which is more the reason why we must have our soldiers involved to make sure Libya does not go off the rails once Qaddafi’s regime is overthrown.

    2. We’re fighting the enemy we know (Qaddafi), and not the enemy we don’t. Look what happened when we left Kaiser Wilhelm after World War 1 without forcing them to surrender: Hitler came out of nowhere. Now look what happened when we kicked their ass, called it a victory, destroyed their military capabilites, and guided their future towards freedom.

    That’s what we must do in Libya, and nothing less.

  2. If President WTF’s incompetence has resulted in American military support aiding and abetting the takeover of a nation-state by Islamists with Al Qaeda ties – then the label becomes President Manchurian.

    “Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive”

  3. loopyloo305 says:

    Nothing like helping your enemies arm themselves so they can kill you!!!

  4. Southsider says:

    Was Obama tricked into fighting on behalf Al Qaeda or does he know what he is doing?

    Which would be worse?

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  6. […] Funny, I have the local news on as I write this, and they’re talking about Libya and how the US is planning the “end game.” But I didn’t hear anything about boots on the ground or arming the rebels. […]