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…is actually a better candidate because they have the experience of losing. Failure tends to be a rough but solid teacher, but you need to have a student willing to learn from those lessons. If Martha Coakley was the type, she could learn from her loss and come back stronger. I don’t know if she […]

A: Because it took him less that 1 hour in congress to break 4 campaign promises. No wonder Dede the angry smugly satisfied endorsed him. Moe Lane is not surprised and Katty Kay apparently knew what she was talking about. No offense voters of Ny-23 but as always you get the government you deserve. Vote […]

Memories of 94…

Posted: November 3, 2009 by datechguy in elections, opinion/news
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…are mentioned on Morning Joe and Documented at Red State: Joe Scarborough tells me and the record of newspapers and television transcripts from the time confirms that Scarborough rarely talked about abortion, but editorialists across the country did. Scarborough was all about taxes, regulation, and small business. Of course, on October 6, 1994, Roll Call […]

I’ve been all NY-23 all the time here over the last two weeks or so, (Vote Hoffman!) but there is an election in my city too today. Here in Fitchburg we have a mayor’s election and between Lisa Wong, nice lady, smart lady but friend of Patrick and shared a stage with Obama and Michael […]