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Da Emergency Plan

Well there is still no trace of my web site or my provider so as a secondary emergency plan I am starting a 2nd wordpress site under the to go along with my primary backup site

Until I know what’s actually going on I don’t want to commit a bunch of funds to a new provider particularly given some personal things going on that I haven’t blogged about. Nor do I want to commit the funds to upgrade the existing backup site at this time for the same reason.

So for now my plan is to start from scratch once again with this site and then once I have some kind of handle on what my options are to go from there.

Real Life is a tad busy at the moment so it might take a little time to get everything up either back at the old site, here or at a totally different place but in the end I’ll get it done and I hope you decide to join me for the ride wherever it decides to take me.

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Mike Pence Lifeline is Biden not the Dems

When the Joe Biden Classified documents scandal starting to gain legs I said this: It may be that the reason this is coming out at all is that the deep state / Obama administration has decided they don’t want Biden in 2024 as the Democrat candidate so they intend to slowly leak stuff like this…

Did Kamala Harris declare that life is not an Unalienable Right?

While actually celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Supreme Court’s most tragic decision, Roe versus Wade, Kamala Harris massacred the Declaration of Independence in a rather callous and portentous manner.  This article contains a transcript of her contemptible word salad. We are here together because we collectively believe and know, America is a promise, America…

The Trans-Cultural Mindfulness Alliance is only 1/3 right

On Twitchy the “Trans-Cultural Mindfulness Alliance” revealed itself to be a parody account and berated news organizations for being fooled about their story concerning demands to cancel Aretha Franklin’s song “Natural Woman” I think they were maybe 1/3 right: While they might be correct that a news organization should have contacted them being “stunned” that…


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