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Da Emergency Plan

Well there is still no trace of my web site or my provider so as a secondary emergency plan I am starting a 2nd wordpress site under the to go along with my primary backup site

Until I know what’s actually going on I don’t want to commit a bunch of funds to a new provider particularly given some personal things going on that I haven’t blogged about. Nor do I want to commit the funds to upgrade the existing backup site at this time for the same reason.

So for now my plan is to start from scratch once again with this site and then once I have some kind of handle on what my options are to go from there.

Real Life is a tad busy at the moment so it might take a little time to get everything up either back at the old site, here or at a totally different place but in the end I’ll get it done and I hope you decide to join me for the ride wherever it decides to take me.

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The NBA has been very fortunate in their playoffs this year in a couple of respects. Very exciting games (well except for the closeout game of Dallas vs Phoenix) , Very exciting storylines (The rise of the Celtics, the fall of Kyrie and Harden, the return of Golden State), and the two players most likely […]

Report from Louisiana: In shocking news, canned curriculum doesn’t work

By: Pat Austin SHREVEPORT – In shocking, absolutely SHOCKING news, the Baton Rouge Advocate reports that “Only 43% of kindergarten students read on grade level, 54% of first graders, 56% of second graders and 53% of third graders.” (Insert sarcasm). Seriously, who didn’t see that one coming? After teaching ELA at the high school level […]

The Cost of Living in Bubble World CNN+ Edition

There has been a lot written about the rise (?) and fall of CNN+ but of all the words written the most interesting to me was this bit from the Wall Street Journal that I found via Insty Interviews with more than a dozen people involved in CNN+ describe a culture where excitement over what […]


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