Democrats have long anointed themselves to be the compassionate party, the ultimate protector of women, children, and minorities.  The media plays right along with this farce, trumpeting the Democrats claims incessantly, as loud as possible.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

Democrat core policies are egregiously harmful to all those they are meant to help, and produce an unacceptable level of collateral damage. Unfortunately Democrats have a overwhelmingly large and submissive public relations department.  This public relations department, or course, consists of the mainstream media and social media giants.

No Democrat policy is more harmful than abortion, which is championed as an institution to liberate women from the scourge of pregnancy and the unseemly burden of having to raise a cliild.  It has been long documented that abortion causes significant emotional and psychological harm to a noteworthy percentage of women who have one.  Abortion is most tragically harmful to the unborn child murdered during the procedure.

A generation of children are being brainwashed into believing they are transgender.  Then the children are subjected to heinous medical treatments which include breast removal, chemical castration, actual castration, given puberty blockers, and hormones to permanently alter their bodies.

For decades progressive indoctrination has warped the minds of college students so much that half actually believe socialism is superior to capitalism.  Now progressives are destroying the minds of high school and grade school students with Critical Race Theory, Emotional and Social Learning, and endless climate change propaganda.

The Democrat strategies to fight the Wuhan Flu were extremely harmful to children.  School closures set the educational development of children back years.  Mask mandates caused mental and emotional trauma to children.  Vaccine mandates have caused far more harm because of the extreme level of side effects produced by them.

Allowing biological boys to compete in girls sports is completely unfair to girls.  The vast majority of girls do not want boys in their bathrooms, locker rooms, and showers.

Republicans desperately need to go on the offensive.  They need to frame the issues just as I have done in this article.  They need to stop being such wooses.  Republicans are far too afraid about the mean things the media will say about them.

Some Sound Advice for Billy Eichner

Posted: October 6, 2022 by datechguy in blogs, entertainment
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One of the more amusing things of the past week that I didn’t bother to write about was the incredible tirade by director Billy Eichner concerning the reaction to his movie Bros.

His unmitigated rage at those unwilling to contribute their hard earned money and time which one can not supplement betrays one of the most common problems among people.

White the two of us are very much unlike in terms of age, cultural background and certain tastes, allow me to provide some perspective that he apparently lacks.

There was a time when this blog’s readership was in the hundreds of thousands a year, where we were in the top 100 conservative blogs regularly and that my blogsite actually had cracked the top 100,000 website in the world. At that time I dreamt of making a living doing this full time and providing for my family in this way, of my secular radio show DaTechGuy on DaRadio going beyond the small syndication that it had and being a national figure and there have been several big moments and several big stories that we have covered that makes me extremely proud of what we’ve accomplished in the days when the blog started when the election of Obama heralded the end to my tech career.

As you can see this has not happened. Our monthly draw of readers is what we used to do on one good day. We rarely draw links from the larger blogs as we used to. Our tip jar hits are nearly non-existent and the subscriber base while not at the point where it fails to cover expenses is slowly heading in that direction.

Fortunately if I want to confront the person most responsible for this turn of events all I have to do is walk in front of a mirror

While there may be a few extenuating circumstances here and there and a bit of bad luck occasionally when it comes right down to do it the reason this blog isn’t as big as Instapundit, or as well read as HotAir or as edgy as Ace of Spades or as prominent in the Conservative press as The Gateway Pundit or as skillfully written as The Other McCain or as able to cover large events as Legal Insurrection or as respected as Don Surber all comes down to me either not working hard enough or making the wrong calls or wanting a particular direction or simply not being as good a writer or promoter as others who have done a better job in this business better over the years with their eyes on the goal of achieving what those giants in the conservative blogosphere have done.

I’ve reached an age where it’s not prudent to take the risks necessary to try to change this direction nor do I have the ambition that I once had to make those goals. For now I’m content to rest on the laurels I have (there are a few) to keep thinks rolling and to put my two cents in along with the excellent writers who remain until I’m too old to go on or until they censor me away.

and that brings me back to Mr. Eichner.

He is still a lot younger than me and in the end he has produced a large movie with a large cast that has been shown in thousands of theaters across the nation which is an achievement.

But if he is looking for a larger scale of success the first thing he has to learn is to take ownership of failure and learn from it rather than blaming people he hates for it.

Until and unless the likes of Billy Eichner can understand that the father of one’s failures is almost ourselves he will will go from an angry young man to an angrier old man.

Take my advice, that’s no way to live.

Closing thought. If anyone of you think we’re still worth a ten spot a month or more your tip jar and or subscription will not be unappreciated.

As you might have heard if you follow baseball at all Aaron Judge led off the Yankees penultimate game of the regular season with his 62 home run of the season to set a new American League all time record.

On the other hand it wasn’t enough to give the Yankees a win as the once unbeatable team dropped the game to the lowly rangers by a score of 3-2

The one mountain that stands between Judge and the triple crown (lead in HR, RBI & AVG) which would be on the 2nd of the 21st century is Luis Arraez or more specifically his hamstring which has kept him out of games since Saturday. Judge will need to go 4-4 or 5-6 to catch him. If he manages to do this then people will not just be comparing him to Maris this season but to Ted Williams who famously went 6-8 in a doubleheader to finish the 1941 season at .406 the last man to hit .400 rather than settling for .3995 if he sat and making the landmark via a rounding.

One thing that 62nd home run does is take some of the pressure off the MVP voters.

You might think that Judge, would be the clear favorite over last years’ MVP Shohei Othani if you put their triplecrown stats side by side

PlayerBatting AvgHome RunsRuns Batted In
Aaron Judge.31162130
Shohei Othani.2783495

However Othani’s has something the Judge doesn’t have, a Pitching line

PlayerGames as PitcherIPWinsLossesPctStrikeoutsERA
Aaron Judgenonenonen/an/an/an/an/a
Shohei Othani27161158.6522132.35

Judge is 1st in Wins above replacement among batters with Othani 2nd, however Othani is also 2nd in wins above replacement among PITCHERS in the AL, 4th in ERA, 4th in wins . 3rd in strikeouts and did all of this for a team that is going to miss the playoffs and not even get to a .500 record..

Othani is clearly the more valuable player but as long as he is putting up batting and pitching stats like this he would naturally win every single year which the voters don’t want, Judge reaching a thrice in 122 year milestone give the voters and excuse to place Shohei 2nd.

When Babe Ruth (the other great hitting pitcher who was converted to the OF to take advantage of his bat every day) hit his 60’s HR in 1927 he reported said:

“Sixty! Count ’em, 60! Let’s see some other son of a bitch match that!”

It took 34 years and a slightly longer season (162 vs 154 games) for someone, namely Roger Maris to do so with 61

It took a further 61 years and both a DH rule and interleague play for that American league record of 61 to become 62.

Here’s the real oddity.

The only people in American League History to hit 60 homes or more have all been Left Handed Yankee Outfielders playing in a year the Yanks finished 1st.

You have to go back to Hank Greenberg of the Detroit tigers for the next highest man at 58. Mark McGuire’s 58 were split between Oakland (AL) and St Louis (NL)

This also raises a buggaboo for me.

A lot of people are making a larger fuss over Judge because his 62 was done without “juicing” or any kind of steroids, but consider he also was not facing pitchers who were juicing as well.

Or to put it another way. Despite the steroids the number of players who have reached 60+ home runs in the National league is the same number of player who have reached 60 home runs in the American League three (AL Judge, Maris, Ruth), as there have been in the national league (Bonds, McGuire, Sosa)

The difference is quantity Bonds reached 73 home runs in 2001 but never reached 50 any other year. McGuire would manage 70 in 1998 and 65 the next year before age and injury got to him. The real Irony is Sosa who would actually manage it three times while never leading the league with 66 in 98, 63 in 99 both times 2nd to McGuire and 64 in 2001 the year Bonds broke the record.

My thought is it was just as tough to hit those HR’s in the steroid era as without them because again, Judge, Maris and Ruth didn’t have to face juiced up pitchers at the same time.

Baseball will be a lot better off admitting that white regrettable the steroids’ era was a fun time in the game, the fans loved the game of that era and the players that played it and the sooner we get over it the sooner the game will recover.

In a post earlier today I talked about how corruption has a lot to do with the failures of Russia in their War vs Ukraine and also how the media protecting them helped preserve this corruption.

Don Surber is a retired newspaperman who writes a very good blog at and has for a lot of years. A few days back he wrote a good, but not all that provocative post about the corruption at the FBI. A couple of days ago in his daily update of the news closed with this:

FINALLY, I received this email from

“Your post titled ‘How to end the FBI’ has been deleted.” No reason. No rhyme. No appeal. Just deleted. The email cited community standards but the community has no say in what those standards are, so they are by definition not community standards.

Readers can still read it here, and decide for themselves if it meets our community standards.

Meanwhile, I started a substack — Guess what the first post is…. 

This tells me that none of this is happening in a vacuum and that it will either end it a collapse of this corruption or a collapse of our freedoms.

If anything confirms the need for this novena, confirms the choice of St. Matthew as the best patron for it.

So let’s go out on a high note of prayer.

St. Matthew Novena - Day 9
In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. 


Dear Lord, we thank You for giving us St. Matthew as an example of holiness. Help us to imitate the devotion to You he showed in his years of service to Your Church.

St. Matthew, you were called by Jesus to leave behind your old life as a tax collector and follow Him. After this, you devoted the rest of your life to following and serving Him.

Please bring my petitions before Christ Whom you served so faithfully!

You wrote of Jesus’ life and ministry in your Gospel so that others could come to know Him. You devoted the rest of your life to preaching the Good News and helping to establish the Church.

Pray for me, that I may be as faithful a servant of God and His Church as you were. Pray that I may always be eager to put my gifts to use serving God. 

Please also pray for the FBI agents involved in the arrest of Mark Houck.

St. Matthew, pray for us!

In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. 


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