There are a lot of sad things that the left obsession with Donald Trump and the NeverTrump crew’s obsession with justifying their support of an administration that has brought us from power, prosperity and energy independence to impotence, rescission, shortages of basic items and soon to come rolling blackouts.

But the saddest was seeing people I had once respected looking at yesterdays testimony and acting as if it was the epiphany of a lifetime that proved Donald Trump unfit for office.

The claim itself that the president was grabbing the steering wheel to try to steer his limousine to the capital to join the crowd entering it was patently false on its face as any person who doesn’t get their info from TV movies would know even before word that the secret service was ready to testify that it wasn’t true.

But it didn’t matter, the usual suspects and the NeverTrump crowd were declaring the “bravery” of the witness and that people would “remember where they were” when she testified etc etc etc.

The real comedy was this:

For those who don’t know the “Uncle Gus Show” was a TV show on WMUR Manchester when I was six or seven which had a game were there would be a line of kids who would whisper a message to each other and then compare how it started to how it ended.

That there was a huge build up to this and secrecy around this testimony suggests after the fact that the secrecy was to keep people from laughing her off the stage before the act began.

Now this this was an actual normal congressional committee with proper representation of both sides of the aisle this witness and this testimony would not have made it past the planning stage as the majority would not that it could not stand up to anything resembling scrutiny.

But this is not such a committee, the only two GOP members allowed on it were NeverTrumpers who have been denounced by their own party and neither of who will be serving in the next congress. It’s job was never to produce facts, it had two purposes in mind:

  1. To damage the Trump brand to the point where he would not be a viable 2024 candidate for President
  2. To distract the nation from our current situation and to provide justification for the nevertrump establishment for supporting the conversion of the United States from a prosperous energy independent world power to an impotent nation with an economy in recession, with shortages of basic items from Tampons to Baby formula whose energy situation is so critical that we have to entreat other nations for help

The really sad thing is the people in Washington, in media etc all actually understand that all of this is show and games, because they know that the targets of this drama, the people who fancied themselves as the “Resistance” during the Trump Years who will shortly be facing rolling blackouts, who can’t find basic items that were once common, who can’t pay for gas and whose retirement savings have gone away so want this to be true, in fact they need it to be true because the alternative is to acknowledge that they did this to themselves, cue Niven & Pournelle:

“First we must cross the river,” Benito was saying.  “Do you believe me now when I tell you that you must not attempt to swim it, or even get wet from it, or must you try that too?”

“What happens if I just dive in?”

“Then you will be as you were in the bottle.  Aware and unable to move.  but it will be very cold, and very uncomfortable, and you will be there for all eternity knowing that you put yourself there.”

Larry Niven & Jerry Pournelle Inferno 1976

The alternative to this show for the left is knowing that they put themselves and our country in the mess it’s in. That frankly is too much for them.

Closing thought via instapundit:

 “If the Ds are doing so awesome with the abortion issue, why did they change the news cycle with the bogus Trump steering wheel stupidity?”

I spoke to Jersey Jack himself on day 3 of Pintastic NE 2022

Day three of Pintastic 2020 started early for me with a trip to the extra ball lounge

A night’s sleep means a morning of pinball with little wait but once the vendor room opened the line for some games kicked in like the Weird Al Game

It’s an interesting combo of virtual and physical with of course Weird Al himself providing voice and music.

Day three continued the tournament that is a big part of Pintastic

These are the games to be played

The games that an individual plays are randomly determined.

Of course the vendors were still there with plenty of interesting stuff like this from pinovators

and the return of an old friend

You might recall I had interviewed the Pinbox 3000 crew who hinted at a big reveal and when they said “big” they weren’t kidding:

Alas there is only one of these but I suspect there will be enough demand for the big guy to be produced.

There was also a new face, Todd Tuckey’s daughter who was up to give him a hand:

My friends Hanna and Jake were doing their first Pintastic.

You’ll note them in the Pinovators video (Janna had showed up three years ago in the final hour) They had a grand time. They were not the only ones having a great time at the first Pintastic

Carline, Hanna and Jake all had a chance to play the new Toy Story 4 game despite the long lines.

That image of the three of them playing together and having fun is the essence of Pintastic.

For those who want a closer look at the game here is a bit of gameplay when I had a chance to play it in the Extra Ball lounge.

But the game I spent the most time playing, other than Arabian Knights was Doctor Who in the free play room.. Here is the person who brought it:

The free play room was hopping particularly since as soon as the vendor room was closed folks were packing up but before that happened I had a shot to speak to Anthony from Maine Home Recreation

Why were they in such a hurry to pack up? That story is for the final day of Pintastic.

By Christopher Harper

Journalists have no idea how little their readers and viewers trust the media.

That’s readily apparent from a new analysis from the Pew Foundation, which found that “overall, journalists give themselves relatively high marks on performing several of the core functions of journalism. The public, however, does not see it the same way.” See

The survey should be required reading for the media!

Sixty-five percent of journalists surveyed think news organizations reported news accurately. That compares with only 35 percent of the public.

A significant majority—83 percent—of journalists think their audience trusts the news organization they work for. Another 13% said their audience has some trust, while just 3% said their audience has “a little” or no trust at all.

Here, journalists are entirely out of touch with reality. Only 29 percent of the public said they trust the media, while 27 percent say they have some trust. A plurality—44 percent—reported that they have “a little” or no trust.

Some of the other findings include the following:

–Fifty-two percent of journalists think they do a good job playing the watchdog over government. Only 29 percent of the public agreed.

–Forty-six percent of journalists think they give voice to the underrepresented. The public provides a rating of 24 percent. 

–Forty-three percent of the media think the industry does a good job of correcting misinformation. The public puts that figure at 25 percent. 

Another disparity between journalists and the public is how much reporters think they are “connected” to their audiences, while readers and viewers disagree.

Among journalists, close to half—46 percent–said they feel extremely or very connected to their audience, while another 37 percent said they feel somewhat connected. Far fewer—16 percent—said they feel little or no connection.

Underlining how out of touch journalists really are, the public sentiment is almost exactly the opposite.

Twenty-six percent of those surveyed said they are extremely or very connected to news organizations, far lower than the 46 percent of journalists who feel extremely or very connected to their audiences. 

Another 37 percent said they feel somewhat connected to their primary news sources, while 36 percent feel little to no connection.

In many cases, the media have become part of the American elite rather than remained part of the body politic. Reporters often look down on their readers and viewers and have increasingly little contact with real people.

Whatever the case, I think the media can’t regain the public’s confidence. After nearly 50 years as a reporter and a journalism professor, these development makes me both angry and sad.