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It amazes me that anyone is surprised at the left leaking an SCOTUS opinion concerning overturning Roe Vs Wade.

People who are willing to use riots, violence in US cities and draconian COVID sanctions, not to mention stealing election are not going to blink at breaking norms.

What I’m really interested in knowing is if one of the justices authorized said leak or hinted to a clerk to do so.

It’s no surprise to me if it’s true, remember dishonorable people don’t suddenly become honorable because they are elevated to a position of honor or hired to assist someone in such a position.

Back when the left could count one enough votes to keep their agenda going the left/media were all about the sanctity of the court. We’ve been seeing signs for months if not years that the left media is all in on abandoning said position.

There is no surer sign that the left believes they will not retake the court’s majority anytime soon then a tactic like this which hurts the institution and it’s reputation. If the court is not theirs then as far as they are concerned it’s not legit.

As a general rule you will see Roberts vote with the right in three situations:

  1. If the right already has five votes without him so it doesn’t matter
  2. If the left already has five votes without him so it doesn’t matter
  3. If it’s an issue that the left is not invested in.

If however you have a key issue like Obamacare where he can give the left the winning vote he’ll always vote with the Obama crowd.

This time it’s different. If the left can’t intimidate one of the five actual conservatives Roberts vote would not matter in theory but if they can’t change the end result the next best thing the can do is make it a 5-4 vote in order to make it seem less legit so without a doubt Roberts vote will be required of him by the left.

That to me will be the key tell that the left has something on John “Old Yellowstain” Roberts to keep him in line. If you didn’t believe it before before you’d better start believing it now.

I’d be delighted to be proven wrong, but frankly if he becomes the 6th vote to overturn I think the shock might be too much for me.

Finally it will be quite interesting to see how far the left goes in terms of violent protect in DC. Given that there are still dozens of people still being held without trial for basically trespassing on January 6th how the Capital Police and the AG & White House treats people who go over the line here is going to be VERY telling.

I predict that anything short of actually murdering a conservative justice will not rise to the level of “insurrection” to the press, and even that might still cause any protests to be called “mostly peaceful”

Unexpectedly of course

The Indulgence Calendar for May is now Available for Download here

As always there is a completely blank version if you want to fill in your own names.

This makes a full year of indulgence calendars. I hope this devotion has been of use to you.

The sound of the red hot metal breaking and tearing was so overwhelming that even the cries of those below were for once inaudible.

Joseph could see the creatures at the gate scatter in fear unable to endure the sight of him as he entered through the opening left by the discarded gates while those inside stared in awe. Some smiling others prostrating themselves before him.

He spoke comfort to all as he passed through their midst toward him his familiar face with the joy of an arduous task completed and a more joyous reunion

“Dad, let’s go home.”

Time doesn’t mean much in eternity but the difference was striking.

For those who had been there the longest this had been a land of gloom. Not the pain and anguish of those condemned below, but of dull grays eternally unchanging .

From the Moment he had arrived all had changed. From Isaiah to Joshua, the words poured forth in anticipation prophesying to all that the great day was coming giving hope to those who came. With the Baptist’s arrival the storm of anticipation grew in all within

To those creatures lurking outside the gates however their fear was palatable.

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