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This 2nd sunday after Christmas is where we celebrate the coming of the wise men (traditionally Jan 6th also known as “little Christmas” ) who came from the east to see the Christ child.

This Sunday feast also marks the final full week of Christmas under the current calendar. Under the old one the Christmas season ran a full 40 days.

The coming of the wise men is a big deal for several reasons:

  1. The Wise men were not Jews (likely Zoroastrians) yet they saw the star in the east and traveled to Bethlehem to worship the Christ child. As such a trip would be long and arduous this means that other than Mary, Joseph, Elizabeth and Zachariah they were the first people who were aware of the coming of the Lord.
  2. Since such a trip carrying valuables was a time consuming and dangerous prospect the wise men had to be wealthy enough to make such a trip, have security for such a trip and to have the valuable gifts that were given to the Christ child. This flies in the face of many leftist Christians who uniformly attempt to give a Marxist spin on Christianity.
  3. It a notable contrast that these three wise men or kings not only humble themselves before God but follow God’s inspiration to avoid king Herod when heading back home while Herod with the knowledge of Jewish scripture and prophesy instead rebels against God with the slaughter of the innocents in order to circumvent what he sees as a threat to his rule.

So when people try to spin Christianity in general and Christmas in particular remind them of the wise men who confound their agenda but also confirm what is often said, that God works in mysterious ways.

A Happy New Year for all our readers.

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I will not give a lethal drug to anyone if I am asked, nor will I advise such a plan; and similarly I will not give a woman a pessary to cause an abortion.

Hippocratic Oath (before people started re-writing it 25 years ago)

Today is the feast of the Holy Innocents whose story is told in the Gospel of Matthew:

When they [the Magi/three wise men] had departed, behold, the angel of the Lord appeared to Joseph in a dream and said, “Rise, take the child and his mother, flee to Egypt, and stay there until I tell you. Herod is going to search for the child to destroy him.” Joseph rose and took the child and his mother by night and departed for Egypt. He stayed there until the death of Herod, that what the Lord had said through the prophet might be fulfilled, “Out of Egypt I called my son.”

When Herod realized that he had been deceived by the magi, he became furious. He ordered the massacre of all the boys in Bethlehem and its vicinity two years old and under, in accordance with the time he had ascertained from the magi. Then was fulfilled what had been said through Jeremiah the prophet: “A voice was heard in Ramah, sobbing and loud lamentation; Rachel weeping for her children, and she would not be consoled, since they were no more.”

Matthew 2:13-18

I can’t help but think of the parallels between this event and the left’s love affair with abortion.

Abortion has been made a sacrament in the post Christian west. It’s been painted as a boon for women and a solution to many problems but actually solves only one: How can I have sex without risking the presence of an inconvenient child that is intrinsic to the sex act?

This was exactly the problem that Herod faced, an inconvenient child, one that he was afraid might eventually supplant him as King of the region and Herod was not having that. He was not going to risk his comfortable life to deal with new responsibilities that such an inconvenient child brings. He would deal with it once and for all.

The difference of course was that Herod never denied the humanity of those he had killed or even that he had killed but even that difference, which was prevalent for decades after Roe in order to give those who claimed Christianity while supporting murder a false comforting veneer for the sake of public consumption has largely been torn off.

Now they boast of their abortion and in many cases don’t deny that it involves a death. They have morphed into Herod and are proud of it. It’s a wonder that they don’t have votive candles of him in every so called clinic.

Yes I think Herod would make a great patron for the abortion industry and it’s a wonder that the left doesn’t consider this feast day one of celebration. The great public abortion that they have spent generations emulating.

It’s the 2nd day of Christmas and because it falls on a Sunday the feast of St. Stephen the 1st Martyr is trumped by the feast of the Holy Family.

Oddly enough according to the calendar of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops it didn’t get moved to a later day in the week (the 1st open one is the 29th as St. John the Evangalist gets the 27th and the Holy Innocents slaughter by Herod the 28th).

St. Stephen’s feast is an important one as it reminds us that while we celebrate the birth of Christ we remember that it’s his death that created “God and Sinners” reconciled.

I saw this on Christmas day (via Instapundit) and thought it was absolutely hilarious:

Of course if France WAS Bacon it would be a lot more popular

The English language is so much fun because of the way you can play with words. Groucho Marx made an entire career out of it.

A perfect example of playing with the English language in that way for December 26th.

Riddle:  Why is the feast of Stephen very big in the Gay Community?
Answer:  Because that's the day good King Wenceslas came out.

There is a reason why I don’t quit my day job.

Speaking of Running Gags Don Surber is constantly talking about wanting a Bentley. For the fun of it I searched online and look what I found:

Don Surber’s Dream Car

Hey Under $20,000 for a car with under 42,000 miles? That not only a pretty good deal but might even be in his price range.

I wonder if he can generate the cash via his tip jar? After all there are twelve days of Christmas and he has 11 left to do so.

Finally I was about to write that the old site is finally dead as it went blanks a few days ago. But this morning I tested it out as I was writing this and it came right up.

This seems to fit my theory that all of this has been running automatically for quite a while.

I’m not going to worry about it. My record of cancelling the account is still saved and has been stated publicly so I don’t anticipate some guy coming after me with a big bill in a few years but you never know.

Either way there is where I am and where I’ll stay and eventually I’ll get to point here too.

The Lord certainly works in mysterious ways.