Statement of Common Principles:

The owner of this blog and the undersigned (via comments) assert the following to be true!

1. On September 11th 2001 Islamisits attacked and murdered thousands of Americans in by hijacking 4 plans and attempting to use them as missiles to take out their respective targets. Three of the Four planes succeeded in their mission, one was foiled by the passengers in what would be the first American Victory in the war on terror.

2. Any attempt to justify the attack based upon US foreign policy or to assert that the American Government was responsible for said attack is utterly rejected by us. Any individual who publicly asserts these things is, in our opinion, unfit to serve our national government in any significant capacity.

3. The Current war in Afghanistan is in the National interest of our government and should be prosecuted to a successful conclusion. We will leave the tactics and the strategy of said war to the professional military.

4. All major intelligence agencies believed Saddam Hussein had weapons of Mass destruction before the Iraq war, to assert that President Bush lied on this issue is a foul calumny.

5. America should be proud of the success of the War in Iraq and should treat the troops who have served there and anywhere with respect and gratitude.

6. The Behavior of nearly all American Forces in the war on terror has been and continues to be in the best traditions of the country as has been our willingness to punish those who have not met that standard.

7. American troops should remain in Iraq as long as it is in our National interest or until the Iraqi government requests that we leave. The troop levels necessary to maintain our interests may be honestly debated by reasonable people.

8. The United States has nothing to apologize for concerning our Operations at Gitmo.

9. America reserves the Right to strike at Al Qadea at any time and in any country that provides them shelter and aid.

10. Israel has the right to exist and to defend itself from attack. This is a Sine Qua Non for any peace. Any group or nation that doesn’t accept this doesn’t want peace.

11. Israel civilians have the right to live their lives in the expectation that they will not have to worry about Rockets, Car Bombs or Mortar Shells falling on them.

12. Israel should not be expected to risk another Shoah for the sake of the national interest of any other country.

13. Anyone who asserts the doctrine of disproportionate force against Israel simply wants more dead Jews.

14. When Arab governments give their own people the same level of rights and freedoms as Israel gives their Arab citizens then we will listen to their complaints concerning Israel.

15. Israel has not committed genocide against the Arab peoples although for years they had the power to do so. Anyone who claims Israeli genocide is not to be taken seriously.

16. Radical Islam is incompatible with Western Civilization and the freedoms offered therein.

17. As long as Radical Islam is a threat Western Nations have an interest and a duty to stand against it militarily , diplomatically and in the arena of ideas.

18. Sharia law is incompatible with western civilization and American legal jurisprudence.

19. We assert that any American has the constitutional right to dissent from any of the above statements, we also assert we have the same right to call them out on it loudly.

20. The act of leaving a comment on this page represents agreement with the principles above, it does not suggest in any way that the signer agrees with the host of this page or any undersigned individual on any other issue of domestic or foreign policy. It doesn’t even mean we like each other. It only means that we accept the principles above for our common defense and the defense of Western Civilization. Failure to sign said page should not be considered by any person a rejection of the principles listed above.

September 23, 2009 5:40 P.M. EST


  1. Disco Prime says:

    I think number four (4) should be in bold and perhaps you should add that some of the members of Congress with even the most left leaning ideologies were on the wagon here.

  2. Hmmm. It’s all foreign policy. I don’t see anything objectionable here, but I’ve never had much interested in foreign policy, which is an expert’s game and I’m not all into that diplomacy stuff.
    So far as I’m concerned, the world can be divided into four categories:
    1. U.S.A.
    2. Countries that we’re at war with.
    3. Countries that we’re not at war with.
    4. Countries that are watching from the sidelines and thinking, “Hmmm. Maybe we should jump in on this war against America.”

    The objective of policy should be for category 1 to whip the living dogshit out of category 2, and thereby transfer them to category 3, so as to send a message to category 4: “Don’t even think about it, assholes.”

    Peace Through Superior Firepower. Anybody got a better idea?

  3. Jeff Carlson says:

    The only memorial that we should have erected at WTC was pikes with the heads of every terrorist killed in the GWOT. When we reach 10X the number killed on 9/11 then we can consider it complete.

  4. Alo Konsen says:

    Works for me, Stacy.

  5. tomandcrit says:

    I could not agree more. I like RSM’s four points, too. They’re sort of the “elevator speech” to your 20 points. We should combine them both and create a new set of Moscow Rules. Every future presidential candidate should have to swear on these points upon taking the oath of office.

  6. BD57 says:

    The Statement of Principles are the guidepost, Stacy has set out the means of implementation.

  7. Sir Right On John says:

    Excellent analysis. Linked to this here. I like Jeff’s suggestion, too. Very “Roman.”

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