If you feel this blog is worth it and are so inclined to do so feel free to click on DaTipJar to the left

To any and all that do: thank you very much! I’m not one for fancy themes etc, but I will endeavor to make the content of this blog worthy of your support.

I may have individual trips that I’m soliciting funds for those will be highlighted on the main page. If totally separately from a particular event, if I can raise 40k. That will support a full year of regular blogging and the look on my wife’s face alone would be worth it. I suspect she thinks this is totally frivolous.

The text of the old base post is here.

  1. […] said, “I need $800 a week, plus expenses.” And today, I noticed he’d created the “Do It Myself Fund.”CPAC starts Feb. 18 and I figure if we can get him $1,600 by Feb. 13 –16 days from now […]

  2. Tim K. says:

    Ya need some advertisements as well..

  3. […] a few people have already hit the jar with the express purpose of sending me to CPAC so what can I […]

  4. […] I continue to get my own “raise” as several people have kicked into the CPAC/I’ll do it myself Tucker fund. To all who have gotten me over 8% of the way there already, my shock is only exceeded by my […]

  5. […] I don’t get paid to report (but feel free to kick in here). I expect better from people who […]

  6. […] Hit Da Tech Guy Blog’s Tip Jar for his new not-​GoDaddy host! […]

  7. […] Hit Da Tech Guy Blog’s Tip Jar for his new not-​GoDaddy host! […]

  8. […] it? This blog here, and others like Instapundit, are a good start. It’s not cheap though, and I’d encourage you to donate to DaTechGuy so that he can keep it […]

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