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Let’s forget the problems in the world for something cool.

As you might recall last season in my 1969 draft league I made it to game seven of the world series losing to the Mets (Daytraders) here is the Box score from the mets Game Seven victory downloaded from Dynasty

And here is Denny McLain the winning pitcher in that game signing it

I’m sorry if you’re a baseball online gamer it doesn’t get cooler than that.

Alas Pete Rose was apparently several tables away, if Bobby Tolan hadn’t caught up to that ball Rose drove over his head with the tying and go ahead runs on deck it might have been him signing my victory page, but then again I wasn’t there so it’s unlikely the Mets would have wanted to have a loss autographed.

A bit back I suggested the reason why the Biden Admin is so willing to shatter norms is they are terrified of a Trump AG going all in for an investigation of what they’ve been up to.

The move on Trump Associates and Tucker is the first clincher on that kind of thing to me.

If I’m right, and my gut says I am, that means DeSantis will be unacceptable to them too because he will be doing the same thing.

That’s why you’re seeing the “Voting GOP means civil war” stuff. They know they’ve crossed a line and now they’ve scared.

They should be

I thought this story should have gotten a lot more attention.

However, following President Joe Biden’s emergency declaration, the Army Corps of Engineers and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) arrived on the scene, and within 24 hours, the city’s water crisis was fixed.

The EPA and Army Corps showed up and fixed the “issue” quickly and easily. Social media users have begun to speculate why Mary D. Carter, the Deputy Director of Water Operations for the past 8 years, could not fix the “problem” herself.

Of course getting the water flowing is one thing, making it drinkable is another. This is what happens when you use a public office as a source of graft rather than a public trust and that’s what the Democrat mayors of Jackson have apparently done for decades

Speaking of topics the media left wish would just go away:

More than 55 percent of children ranging in age between 6 months and 2 years had a “systemic reaction” after their first dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna COVID-19 vaccines, according to data released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on Sept. 1.

In addition, almost 60 percent had a reaction to the second dose of the Moderna vaccine, in the CDC survey of more than 13,000 children.

For some reason nobody seems to be reporting on this story, or this one:

According to a report in, the National Institute of Health (NIH) deleted certain sequences of coronavirus data from the agency’s Sequence Read Archive. This was allegedly done early in the pandemic, at the request of Chinese researchers. Doctor Jesse Bloom, a virologist at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, published a study in June of 2021 that identified the missing sequences and recovered the files from the Google Cloud, from which he performed an analysis to learn more about the origins of the virus.

As the side effects become more apparent over the years you’ll continue to see the media pivot concerning the vaccine and I guarantee you by June 2024 it will be known as the “Trump vaccine” in every media outlet.

Of course if the election hadn’t been stolen all this would be front page today.

It’s been a while since I opened my Rumble account and told all of you that once all my youtube files were migrated I might start podcasting again.

Rumble warms you that it can take weeks, apparently that’s a pretty broad term because nothing moved over for weeks although all my stuff over two years old is listed as pending.

I’d be more upset except I suspect so many people are making such a move worldwide that such a time frame is inevitable.

I suspect Google/Youtube isn’t all that worried right now. As I recall neither was AOL or IE.

Finally a some quick thoughts on Baseball rule changes:

  1. If the new stay off the grass rule was in effect during Ernie Lombardi’s Time he would have hit .400 because he was so slow infielder would play there to field balls from him. He still was a regular .300 hitter.
  2. If modern players learned how to bunt there would be no need for this rule as guys would be dropping bunt singles left and right off these shifts.
  3. Since the distance from the home to 1st and 3rd has not changed I suspect that the larger bases while encouraging stealing will be more of an advantage to the defense at 1st since the first baseman can now be closer to the throw and a thrown ball is faster than a running man.
  4. I don’t know if the modified pickoff throw rule includes 3rd if it does as a manager I’d encourage runners to try to draw throws to 3rd then send my guy on 3rd as far down the line as I can to distract a pitcher.
  5. Frankly if they really want to speed up games put the mound back where it was in 1968 and let the pitchers get people out quicker. Problem solved.

It’s all about the kids

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By Christopher Harper

The Little League World Series, just a few miles up the road from my home in central Pennsylvania, provides a wonderful sense of sanity amid the chaos and controversy throughout the country. 

For two weeks in Williamsport, once a thriving lumber town, the focus is on the crack of the baseball bat until the end of the month, offering a celebration of Americana that is difficult to surpass.

The players between 10 and 12 years old come from some of the smallest towns in the United States, including Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania; Bonney Lake, Washington; Hagerstown, Indiana; Pearland, Texas; Santa Clara, Utah.

The 20 teams also include groups from Guaynabo, Puerto Rico; Aguadulce, Panama; and Bologna, Italy. 

Whatever their language or background, the games are all about the kids, the parents, and the city of Williamsport. 

As ESPN put it: “Williamsport is the happiest town in America for nearly two weeks starting in the middle of August. It opens with The Grand Slam Parade the night before the games begin, the kids riding down the street with their team, next to other teams that have come from thousands of miles away. They don’t all understand the same language, but they know a party and a parade when they see one.”

In 1939, Carl Stolz started Little League baseball in Williamsport because he enjoyed playing baseball with his two young nephews and ultimately decided that he wanted to create an organized league for them to play in. There were just three original teams in the league: Lundy Lumber, Lycoming Dairy, and Jumbo Pretzel. See

Little League baseball eventually expanded to 12 leagues in Pennsylvania in 1946. Today, there are an estimated 180,000 teams throughout the world. 

The first official Little League World Series occurred in August 1947 in Williamsport. This year’s event, which can be seen on ESPN, will continue until August 28, when a champion is declared. Or, you can drop by to see a game for free. 

According to the Little League website, the World Series has featured some participants who had notable sports careers in the MLB, the NFL, and the NHL, including Yankee third baseman Todd Frazier, Stanley Cup winner Chris Drury, and Tennessee Titans quarterback Matt Cassel. 

This year brought Yankee Hall of Famer Mariano Rivera, former President George Bush, and Rachel Robinson, the widow of Jackie Robinson. 

It just doesn’t get much better than that. 

Our 1970 league is now two weeks in and it’s all up in the air of course with a 162 game season. For those who were following us here are the picks from this year’s draft in our 1969 league (now1970) League to this point

Round 1

Atlanta BravesCaesar CedenoOutfielderHouston
New York YankeesJim McAndrewPitcherNew York (N)
San Francisco GiantsLou BrockOutfielderSt. Louis
Cincinnati RedsBobby TolanCenterfielderCincinnati
St. Louis CardinalsRich ReeseFirst BasemanMinnesota
Boston Red SoxRico CartyOutfielderBraves
New York Yankees (via trade with Senators)Wilbur WoodPitcherChicago (a)
Oakland A’sPat JarvisPitcherAtlanta
Pittsburgh PiratesDick BosmanPitcherWashington
Baltimore OriolesBob MercerCenter FielderNew York (A)
Montreal ExposOllie BrownOFSan Diego
Minnesota TwinsBud HarrelsonShortshopNew York (N)
Cleveland IndiansSal BandoThird BaseOakland
Los Angeles DodgersDon WilsonPitcherHouston
California AngelsFelipe AlouLeft FieldOakland
Seattle PilotsRon Fairly1st BaseMontreal
AtlantaBraves (via trade with Mets)Ron SantoThird BaseCubs
Philadelphia PhilliesBob Robinson1st BasePittsburgh

Round 2

Atlanta BravesBob OliverFirst BaseKansas City
New York YankeesStan WilliamsPitcherMinnesota
San Francisco GiantsBill MeltonThird BaseChicago (a)
Cincinnati RedsPete MikkelsenPitcherLos Angeles
St. Louis CardinalsRon PerranoskiPitcherMinnesota
Boston Red SoxPete RichertPitcherBaltimore
Washington SenatorsJuan MarichalPitcherSan Francisco
Oakland A’sSonny SiebertPitcherBoston
Pittsburgh PiratesManny MotaOutfielderLos Angeles
Baltimore OriolesBob VealePitcherPittsburgh
Montreal ExposGary PetersPitcherBoston
Minnesota TwinsDuke SimsCatcherCleveland
Cleveland IndiansEllie HendricksCatcherBaltimore
Los Angeles DodgersWillie HortonOutfielderDetroit
California AngelsJimmy StewartUtility of/infCincinnati
Seattle PilotsPat KellyOutfielderKansas City
Cincinnati Reds (via trade with Mets)Jack AkerPitcherNew York (a)
Philadelphia PhilliesFelix Milan2nd BaseAtlanta

Round 3

Atlanta BravesAurilleo Rodriquez3bCalifornia
New York YankeesRudy MayPitcherCalifornia
San Francisco GiantsMarcelino LopezPBaltimore
Cincinnati RedsTed AbernathyPitcherKansas City
St. Louis CardinalsBlue Moon OdemPitcherOakland
Boston Red SoxTony ConiglaroOFBoston
Washington SenatorsCookie Rojas2bKansas City
Oakland A’sDarold KnowlesPitcherWashington
Pittsburgh PiratesJim McGlothlinPCincinnati
Baltimore OriolesLes CainPitcherDetriot
Montreal ExposTerry HarmonssPhiladelphia
Minnesota TwinsKen TatumPitcherCalifornia
Cleveland IndiansCarlos MayOFChicago (a)
Los Angeles DodgersFreddie PatekSSPittsburgh
California AngelsDon KessingerSSChicago (n)
Seattle PilotsDick McAulffe2bDetriot
Atlanta Braves (via trade with Mets)Marty PattinPitcherMilwaukee
Philadelphia PhilliesEd StroudOf Washington

Round 4

Atlanta BravesBob JohnsonPitcherKansas City
New York YankeesDave GiustiPitcherPittsburgh
San Francisco GiantsLeo CardenesShortstopMinnesota
Cincinnati RedsJim HardenPitcherBaltimore
St. Louis CardinalsCleon JonesOutfielderNew York (N)
Boston Red SoxRick WisePitcherPhiladelphia
Washington SenatorsDel UnserOutfielderWashington
Oakland A’sGeorge StonePitcherAtlanta
Pittsburgh PiratesJohn BriggsOutfielderPhiladelphia
Baltimore OriolesMark BelangerShortstopBaltimore
Montreal ExposTug McGrawPitcherNew York (N)
Minnesota TwinsStan BahnsenPitcherNew York (A)
Cleveland IndiansDave CashSecond BasemanPittsburgh
Los Angeles DodgersDarryl EvansThird BasemanAtlanta
California AngelsAlex JohnsonOutfielderCalifornia
Seattle PilotsSteve BlassPitcherPittsburgh
Atlanta Braves (via trade with Mets)Eddie FisherPitcherCalifornia
Philadelphia PhilliesTed SavageOf Milwaukee

Round 5

Atlanta BravesMilt PappasPitcherChicago (n)
New York YankeesGary GentryPitcherNew York (n)
San Francisco GiantsGlenn BecketSecond BasemanChicago (n)
Cincinnati RedsJulian JavierSecond Baseman St Louis
St. Louis CardinalsBobby WineShortstopMontreal
Boston Red SoxJim RolandPitcherOakland
Yankees (from Washington Senators)Jim Bunning PitcherPhiladelphia
Oakland A’sEd SpiezioThird BasemanSan Diego
Pittsburgh PiratesMickey StanleyOutfielderDetriot
Baltimore OriolesEddie WattPitcherBaltimore
Montreal ExposJerry GroteCatcherNew York (N)
Yankees (via Minnesota Twins)Brant AlyeaOutfielderMinnesota
Cleveland IndiansRon ReedPitcherAtlanta
Los Angeles DodgersSteve RenkoPitcherMontreal
California AngelsMike HeganFirst BasemanMilwaukee
Yankees (via Seattle Pilots)Clay KirbyPitcherSan Diego
New York MetsRichie HebnerThird BasemanPittsburgh
Philadelphia PhilliesFrank BakerShortstopNew York (a)

Round 6

Atlanta BravesTom BurgmeierPitcherKansas City
New York YankeesEd KirpatrickCatcherKansas City
San Francisco GiantsDave BaldwinPitcherMilwaukee
Cincinnati RedsJake GibbsCatcherNew York (a)
St. Louis CardinalsTed KubiakSecond BasemanMilwaukee
Boston Red SoxBob MoosePitcherPittsburgh
Washington SenatorsCasey CoxPitcherWashington
Oakland A’sDon MincherFirst Baseman Oakland
Pittsburgh PiratesJohn BatemanCatcherMontreal
Baltimore OriolesElliot MadduxOutfieldDetroit
Montreal ExposBill MazeroskiSecond BasemanPirates
Minnesota TwinsJohn EllisFirst BasemanNew York (a)
Cleveland IndiansDanny CoombsPitcherSan Diego
Los Angeles DodgersDavey MayOutfielderMilwaukee
California AngelsBarry LearchPitcher Philadelphia
Seattle PilotsAl DowningPitcherMilwaukee
New York MetsMaury WillsShortstopLos Angeles
Philadelphia PhilliesJohnny CallisonOutfielderChicago (n)

Round 7

Atlanta BravesSteve HamiltonPitcherChicago (a)
New York YankeesRalph GarrOutfielderAtlanta
San Francisco GiantsJohn LambPitcherPittsburgh
Cincinnati RedsJim ShellenbackPitcherWashington
St. Louis CardinalsJoe FoyThird BasemanNew York (N)
Boston Red SoxJohn MayberryFirst BasemanHouston
Washington SenatorsMoe DrabowskyPitcherBaltimore
Oakland A’sTom SatrianoCatcherCalifornia
Pittsburgh PiratesJim ColbornPitcherChicago (n)
Baltimore OriolesWoodie FrymanPitcherPhiladelphia
Montreal ExposTony CollingerPitcherNew York (N)
Minnesota TwinsTom MurphyPitcherCalifornia
Cleveland IndiansSteve HuntzShortstopSt. Louis
Los Angeles DodgersMike MarshallPitcherMilwaukee
California AngelsJim FrenchCatcherWashington
Seattle PilotsJohnny EdwardsCatcherHouston
New York MetsMack JonesOutfielderMontreal
Philadelphia PhilliesDwayne JosephensonCatcherChicago (a)

Round 8

Atlanta BravesFred SchermanPitcherDetroit
New York YankeesJim SpencerFirst BasemanCalifornia
San Francisco GiantsOscar GambleOutfielderPhiladelphia
Cincinnati RedsJoe MoelerPitcherLos Angelas
St. Louis CardinalsMike NagyPitcherBoston
Boston Red SoxRon HansenShortstopNew York (a)
Washington SenatorsRandy HundlyCatcherChicago (N)
Oakland A’sKen BoswellSecond BasemanNew York (N)
Pittsburgh PiratesJim NashPitcherAtlanta
Baltimore OriolesDave DuncanCatcherOakland
Montreal ExposKen BrettPitcherBoston
Minnesota TwinsBill StonemanPitcherMontreal
Cleveland IndiansChris ShortPitcherPhiladelphia
Los Angeles DodgersMike AndrewsSecond BasemanBoston
California AngelsCleo JamesOutfielderChicago (n)
Seattle PilotsJack HiattCatcherCubs
New York MetsNorm CashFirst BasemanDetroit
Philadelphia PhilliesAdoffo PhillipsOutfielderMontreal

Round 9

Atlanta BravesHorace ClarkSecond BasemanNew York (a)
New York YankeesDave CampbellSecond BasemanSan Diego
San Francisco GiantsMarcel LachemmanPitcherOakland
Cincinnati RedsAurelo MonteagudoPitcherKansas City
St. Louis CardinalsChuck HintonFirst BasemanCleveland
Boston Red SoxJoe HoernerPitcherPhiladelphia
Washington SenatorsJim HannanPitcherWashington
Oakland A’sPaul PopovichSecond BasemanChicago (N)
Pittsburgh PiratesPaul LinbladPitcherOakland
Baltimore OriolesHoracio PinaPitcherWashington
Montreal ExposJerry KenneyThird BasemanYankees
Minnesota TwinsBernie AllenSecond BasemanWashington
Cleveland IndiansEddie LeonSecond BasemanCleveland
Los Angeles DodgersJoe PepitoneFirst BasemanChicago (n)
California AngelsBob HumphriesPitcherMilwaukee
Seattle PilotsWally BunkerPitcherKansas City
New York MetsArt ShamskyOutfielderNew York (n)
Philadelphia PhilliesFrank FernandezCatcherOakland

Round 10

Atlanta BravesJohn MorrisPitcherMilwaukee
New York YankeesMike LumOutfielderAtlanta
San Francisco GiantsGail HopokinsFirst BasemanChicago (a)
Cincinnati RedsTito FuentesInfielderSan Francisco
St. Louis CardinalsJoe AzcueCatcherCalifornia
Boston Red SoxBill LeePitcherBoston
Washington SenatorsHal LanierShortstopSan Francisco
Oakland A’sTim TischinskiCatcherMinnesota
Pittsburgh PiratesHoyt WilhelmPitcherHouston
Baltimore OriolesGary WaslewskiPitcherNew York (a)
Montreal ExposRay SadeckiPitcherNew York (n)
Minnesota TwinsHowie ReedPitcherMontreal
Cleveland IndiansWade BlasingamePitcherHouston
Los Angeles DodgersBruce Dal CantonPitcherPittsburgh
California AngelsNorm McRaePitcherDetroit
Seattle PilotsAl FererraOutfielderSan Diego
New York MetsWillie CrawfordOutfielderLos Angeles
Philadelphia PhilliesTony GonzalezOutfielderCalifornia

Round 11

Atlanta BravesJerry MayCatcherPittsburgh
New York YankeesJoe GrzendaPitcherWashington
San Francisco GiantsAndy EtchebarrenCatcherBaltimore
Cincinnati RedsAlan FosterPitcherLos Angeles
St. Louis CardinalsPhil HenniganPitcherCleveland
Boston Red SoxDenny DoyleSecond BasemanPhiladelphia
Washington SenatorsTim CullenSecond BasemanWashington
Oakland A’sTony Horton First BasemanCleveland
Pittsburgh PiratesGeorge BrunetPitcherAtlanta
Baltimore OriolesRich ReichardtOutfielderWashington
Montreal ExposFrank RebergerPitcherSan Francisco
Minnesota TwinsLew KraussePitcherMilwaukee
Cleveland IndiansJoe HorlinPitcherChicago (a)
Los Angeles DodgersGil GarridoShortstopAtlanta
California AngelsSal CampisiPitcherSt Louis
Seattle PilotsMarty MartinezShortstopHouston
New York MetsLarry BrownShortstopCleveland
Philadelphia PhilliesJose PaganThird BasemanPittsburgh

Round 12

Atlanta BravesDeron JohnsonFirst BasemanPhiladelphia
New York YankeesMel QueenPitcherCalifornia
San Francisco GiantsDalton JonesSecond BasemanDetroit
Cincinnati RedsRon TaylorPitcherMets
St. Louis CardinalsDennis HigginsPitcherCleveland
Boston Red SoxJim LomborgPitcherBoston
Washington SenatorsVincente RomoPitcherBoston
Oakland A’sJoe KeoughOutfielderKansas City
Pittsburgh PiratesTed UhlaenderOutfielderCleveland
Baltimore OriolesJerry JohnsonPitcherSan Francisco
Montreal ExposErnie BanksFirst BasemanChicago (N)
Minnesota TwinsBill ButlerPitcherKansas City
Cleveland IndiansPhil RoofCatcherMilwaukee
Los Angeles DodgersCarl TaylorOutfielderSt Louis
California AngelsJohn BoccabellaFirst Baseman/CatcherMontreal
Seattle PilotsJim RayPitcherHouston
New York MetsJeff TorborgCatcherLos Angeles
Philadelphia PhilliesJohn DonaldsonSecond BasemanOakland

Round 13

Atlanta BravesJim GosgerOutfielderMontreal
New York YankeesDave NelsonSecond BasemanWashington
San Francisco GiantsJulio NavaroPitcherAtlanta
Cincinnati RedsGeorge ThomasOutfielderBoston
Boston Red SoxJay JohnstoneOutfielderCalifornia
Washington SenatorsJohn GelnarPitcherMilwaukee
Oakland A’sCal KooncePitcherBoston
Pittsburgh PiratesDave MoreheadPitcherKansas City
Baltimore OriolesRon CookPitcherHouston
Montreal ExposGary RossPitcherSan Diego
Minnesota TwinsCurtis MottenOutfielderBaltimore
Cleveland IndiansRoger RepozOutfielderCalifornia
Los Angeles DodgersJerry MosesCatcherBoston
California AngelsBill VossRight FielderCalifornia
Seattle PilotsEarl WilsonPitcherSan Diego
New York MetsRon SwabotaOutfielderNew York (n)
Philadelphia PhilliesClaude RaymondPitcherMontreal

Round 14

San Francisco GiantsTim McCarverCatcherPhiladelphia
Boston Red SoxRich RobertsonPitcherSan Francisco
Washington SenatorsLarry HisleOutfielderPhiladelphia
Oakland A’sTerry CrowleyOutfielderBaltimore
Pittsburgh PiratesGeorge CulverPitcherHouston
Baltimore OriolesRoberto PenaShortstopMilwaukee
Montreal ExposBart JohnsonPitcherChicago (a)
Minnesota TwinsTom McGrawFirst BasemanChicago (a)
Cleveland IndiansPaul SchallThird BasemanKansas City
Los Angeles DodgersDanny WaltonOutfielderMilwaukee
California AngelsJohn O’DonoghuePitcherMontreal
Seattle PilotsGene MichaelShortstopNew York (a)
New York MetsJim NelsonPitcherPittsburgh
Philadelphia PhilliesGrant JacksonPitcherPhiladelphia

Round 15

San Francisco GiantsDick EllsworthPitcherMilwaukee
Boston Red SoxDan McGinnPitcherMontreal
Washington SenatorsPat CorralesCatcherCincinnati
Oakland A’sClay DalrympleCatcherBaltimore
Pittsburgh PiratesJesus AlouOutfielderHouston
Baltimore OriolesTom DukesPitcherSan Diego
Montreal ExposRich NyePitcherMontreal
Minnesota TwinsMike KekichPitcherNew York (a)
Cleveland IndiansJim HoltLeft FielderMinnesota
Los Angeles DodgersTom TimmermannPitcherDetroit
California AngelsTom EganCatcherCalifornia
Seattle PilotsRon BryantPitcherSan Francisco
New York MetsGerry JaneskiPitcherChicago (a)
Philadelphia PhilliesSkip LockwoodPitcherMilwaukee

Round 16

Boston Red SoxMike McCormickPitcherNew York (a)
Washington SenatorsBob PriddyPitcherAtlanta
Oakland A’sWoody WoodwardShortstopCincinnati
Pittsburgh PiratesLarry HowardCatcherHouston
Baltimore OriolesLee MayeOutfielderChicago (a)
Montreal ExposAl FitzmorrisPitcherKansas City
Minnesota TwinsSonny JacksonShortstopAtlanta
Los Angeles DodgersGary WagnerPitcherBoston
California AngelsFrank BertinaPitcherSt Louis
Seattle PilotsFred LasherPitcherCleveland
New York MetsMike KillkinnyPitcherDetroit
Philadelphia PhilliesLarry GuraPitcherChicago (a)

Round 17

Boston Red SoxRon HerbalPitcherNew York (n)
Washington SenatorsByron BrowneOutfielderPhiladelphia
Oakland A’sFloyd WeaverPitcherChicago (a)
Pittsburgh PiratesRon WillisPitcherSan Diego
Baltimore OriolesPhil ReaganPitcherChicago (N)
Montreal ExposDuffy DyerCatcherNew York (n)
Minnesota TwinsJoe GibbonPitcherPittsburgh
Los Angeles DodgersGene LamontCatcherDetroit
Seattle PilotsDenny LeMasterPitcherHouston
New York MetsJim LyttleOutfielderNew York (a)

Round 18

Boston Red SoxDick WoodsonPitcherMInnesota
Washington SenatorsSteve HovleyOutfielderOakland
Oakland A’sFred GladdingPitcherHouston
Pittsburgh PiratesTommy DavisOutfielderChicago (n)
Baltimore OriolesMike CorkinsPitcherSan Diego
Montreal ExposIvan MurrellFirst BasemanSan Diego
Minnesota TwinsRafael RoblesShortstopSan Diego
Los Angeles DodgersBilly McCoolPitcherSt. Louis
Seattle PilotsRich RenickThird BasemanMinnesota
New York MetsNorm MillerOutfielderHouston

Round 19

Boston Red SoxRay LambPitcherLos Angeles
Washington SenatorsGene BarbenderPitcherMilwaukee
Oakland A’s Dean ChancePitcher New York (n)
Pittsburgh PiratesEllie RodriguezCatcherKansas City
Baltimore OriolesBob TillmanCatcherAtlanta
Montreal ExposJose ArciaUtility ManSan Diego
Minnesota TwinsBobby BolinPitcherBoston
Los Angeles DodgersJim MagnusonPitcherChicago (a)
Seattle PilotsBob MillerPitcherChicago (n)
New York MetsJim LefevbeSecond BasemanLos Angeles

Round 20

Washington SenatorsBilly CowanOutfielderCalifornia
Pittsburgh PiratesTommy MatchickShortstopKansas City
Baltimore OriolesJim Ray HartThird BasemanSan Francisco
Minnesota TwinsNelson BrilesPitcherSt Louis
Seattle PilotsJoe LahoudOutfielderBoston
New York MetsJerry CryderInfielderChicago (a)

Round 21

Washington SenatorsJim BoutonPitcherHouston
Pittsburgh PiratesFrank LinizyPitcherSt Louis
Baltimore OriolesKen WrightPitcherKansas City
Seattle PilotsDick GreenSecond BasemanOakland
New York MetsJim BeauchampInfielderSt Louis

Round 22

Pittsburgh PiratesJoe DeckerPitcherChicago (N)
Seattle PilotsDick GreenSecond BasemanOakland
New York MetsJim BeauchampInfielderSt Louis

Round 23

Seattle PilotsJohn KennedyThird BaseBoston Red Sox
New York MetsJack DiLauroPitcherHouston Astros

Round 24

Seattle PilotsCaesar GeronimoOutfieldHouston Astros
New York MetsJoe HagueFirst BasemanSt Louis Cardinals

Round 25

New York MetsOrlando PenaPPittsburgh Pirates

Round 26

New York MetsBilly WilsonPPhiladelphia Phillies

Round 27

New York MetsPaul DoylePSan Diego Padres

Round 28

New York MetsMike PaulPCleveland Indians

And six to ten games into the season here is the current injury report

PlayerTeamLength of Injury (days)
Ron WillisPirates5
Clay CarrollPhillies4
Mike NagyCardinals3
Paul CasanovaSt. Louis3
Bill FreehanSan Francisco3
Mudcat GrantPhillies2
Sal BandoIndians1
Elliott MaddoxBaltimore1

As always if you’re interested in joining any of our Dynasty leagues either online or in person (draft is this Saturday) leave a comment here.