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Well we’ve now got our 18 teams and the Dynasty draft league for the 1970 season is starting to roll. It began with our Expansion Draft. We had four new players two of which took existing teams vacated by other players (Cleveland and SF) and two who took new franchises (California & Philadelphia). Those two teams participated in an expansion draft choosing players from existing teams. Each existing team was allowed to protect 7 players from the expansion draft and an additional five if a player was drafted from their team. Once any team lost 3 players (LA Dodgers) no further players could be drafted from it.

Here were the draft results by round

RoundPlayerPositionDrafted FromPlayerPositionDrafted From
Philadelphia PhilliesCalifornia Angels
1Mudcat GrantPSt. Louis CardinalsTommy JohnPBoston Red Sox
2Don McMahonPLos Angeles DodgersBill Russellss/OFBoston Red Sox
3Dick SelmaPLos Angeles DodgersJoe NiekroPWashington Senators
4Clyde WrightPMinnesota TwinsSandy Alomar Sr2BSan Francisco Giants
5Pat DobsonPCleveland IndiansCarl MortonPNew York Yankees
6Luke WalkerPCincinnati RedsDon Money3BSan Francisco Giants
7Tom PhoebusPPittsburgh PiratesBob LockerPOakland A’s
8Clay CarrollPPittsburgh
George MitterwaldCSeattle Pilots
9Ron KlimkowskiPMontreal ExposMatty AlouOF Los Angeles Dodgers
10Dick DragoPNew York YankeesLou PiniellaOFBaltimore Orioles
11Jim RookerPMontreal Exposn/an/an/a
12Tony TaylorInfAtlanta Bravesn/an/an/a

Having drafted 10 players in the expansion California will draft 16th in the full scale version ahead of Seattle & Behind LA. Because they took the full 12 players allowed the Philadelphia will draft last at 18th.

The Final Draft order for the 1970 continual draft league:

  1. Atlanta Braves
  2. NY Yankees
  3. San Francisco Seals (Giants)
  4. Cin City (Cincinnati Reds)
  5. St Louis Cardinals
  6. Boston Red Sox 
  7. Washington Senators 
  8. Oakland A’s
  9. Pittsburgh Pirates
  10. Baltimore Orioles
  11. Montreal Nos Amours (Expos)
  12. Minnesota Twins
  13. Cleveland Indians
  14.  LA Dodgers
  15. California Angels
  16. Seattle Pilots
  17. New York Day Traders (Mets)
  18. Philadelphia Phillies

Given that the actual draft will be 18 players from all over the country from NY to CA it will take at least a couple of weeks. I expect us to get started by the end of may or beginning of June, sooner if I can manage it, but we’re playing 162 this time and it’s going to be fun.

And if you like what you see, well we can always go to 20 teams next season.

UPDATE The rules for keeping players after the next season are as follows:

  1. World series winner 4 players
  2. World series runner up 5 players
  3. Division winners who don’t go to the series 6 players
  4. Division winners who don’t make the Pennant round 7 players
  5. Wild card teams who don’t go to the series 8 players
  6. 11th and 12th best records 9 players
  7. 13th and 14th best records 10 players
  8. 15th and 16th best records 11 players
  9. 17th and 18th best records 12 players

With 18 teams the divisions are going to be as follows

AL EastAL CentralAL WestNL EastNL CentralNL West
Seattle PilotsCleveland IndiansBoston Red SoxAtlanta BravesNY Day TradersLos Angeles Dodgers
New York YankeesCalifornia AngelsOakland A’s
Philadelphia PhilliesCincinnati RedsPittsburgh Pirates
Baltimore OriolesMinnesota TwinsWashington SenatorsMontreal Nos Amours (Expos)St Louis CardinalsSan Francisco Seals (Giants)
Bold indicates defending division winner from last season Bold Italic Pennant winner Bold italic underline World Series Champion

Divisions were set up with the following priorities in order

  • Division winners not to be put in the same division
  • Whenever possible players are placed in divisions with opponents living in the same time zone
  • If not possible traditional rivals are put together
  • Actual geographic location of the franchise

Thus since the Red Sox (Colorado), the A’s (Arizona) and the Senators (Nevada) all live out west they were put in the same division since with an unbalanced schedule (18 in division, 12 out of division 6 interleague) so alas the Redsox and Yankees will not share a division as the Yanks live in the east

two of the three AL central teams live in the central time zone while four AL team managers live in the east. California and Seattle were the obvious candidates to go to the central but as Cleveland is defending a division title and so is Seattle California was the default as it was the closest geographic choice.

The NL was more complicated four NL teams live in the east, four in the central and only one (Pittsburgh) on the west coast. Thus one eastern player and one central player had to go west. The obvious choices were the Giants and the Dodgers as they are both actual west coast teams and are also traditional rivals.

Five Sports Thoughts Under the Fedora

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Is it just me or has the left side of the Boston Red Sox infield suddenly learned how to field their positions? Xander Bogarts (SS) and Raphael Devers (3b) are great and feared hitter but not known for their glove work but over the first couple of weeks their level of defensive play has risen considerably.

Part of it might be Trevor Story now at second, part might be rather young Devers finally maturing as a player but a lot of it also might be the opt out clause that Bogarts has and the extension that Devers is seeking.

Either way it’s something to see.

Yesterday the Boston Celtics beat the Brooklyn Nets 115 to 114 in an exciting game where after a Three Pointer gave the next a 3 pt lead with under a minute to go, the C’s drove down, scored to make it a one point game, managed a defensive stand and without calling a time out rushed back down the court were after a series of great passes the winning basket was laid in with no time left on the clock.

To me the big story was the decision to drive down the court, rather than take a time out to get a set play. Ninety nine times out of 100 with a time out remaining a team uses a time out in that situation inbounds on a set play and goes from there. The decision to not call the time out was a gutsy one but demonstrates the value of not letting an opponent prepare a set defense or get a heads up from their coach to watch for a particular thing.

Of course if they didn’t get the winner shot the only story today would be “Why didn’t they call that time out?”

Oh speaking of the Celtics game two more things concerning the narrative. There was a huge debate in the local sports talk radio about their winning their last game forcing them to meet the Nets vs losing it and facing a weaker opponent. The game bolstered both sides of the argument.

You can make the case that this was one of the most competitive games of the first round and they would have been better off with a different opponent. They were one second away from a loss. On the other hand it showed the advantage of home court as a side story was Irving the former Celtic flipping off a heckling fan which generated a whole lot more talk than his spectacular game.

Give me the home court any day.

There is a ton of talk about the NFL draft around here and what the Patriots will do in it but the bigger subject here is year two of Mac Jones at QB with an offensive coaching by committee and how he is expected to do without proper coaching now that Josh McDaniels is gone. Three things:

  1. Belichick has not one but two ex head coaches on staff below him, if a former head coach can’t coach a 2nd year QB let alone two then you’ve got real trouble here.
  2. The AFC competition has significantly improved all around both in division and out. Even if McDaniels had stayed the Patriots and Jones would be hard press to repeat their record of last season
  3. This illustrates once and for all the value of Tom Brady and how much he skewed the field in the past. If you took this same lineup with the same coaching staff but put 45 year old Tom Brady at QB does anyone doubt they would be the favorite to win the AFC east? Signing Brady was the single best move this franchise ever made, letting him go was the worst.

The Hockey Season is almost over and the Bruins face their first post season without Tuukka Rask in a decade.

Rask was an excellent goaltender who played his entire career in Boston but was unable to take them over the top and he got a lot of heat for that and there was plenty of talk that he wasn’t tough enough to do so.

With two younger goaltenders on the ice this time around it will be interesting to see just how far the team goes. If they manage to go all the way in the next few years the trash talk about Rask will only get louder.

Finally some members of the Red Sox will not be heading north for their series against the Blue Jays because they are unvaccinated against COVID 19 and trucker convoys not withstanding Canada still has strict rules on the subject. There is some speculation that this is the reason why the Celtics didn’t want to face Toronto in the 1st round as well.

It seems insane to still be playing this game but Canada is their own country and if that’s what they want to do so be it. Frankly given Trudeau I wouldn’t put it past him to keep this stuff up just to give Canadian teams an additional home field advantage.

For only the 4th time since 1985 and the first time in the 21st century I’ll be heading to the World Series in our face to face league as my Washington Nationals will face the well rested Colorado Rockies for all the marbles.

The Rockies who won their division by winning the final series against me two games to one made short work of the Cardinals sweeping them in three.

My path to the big game was more complicated.

Finishing in a three way tie for the two wild card berths as the B team I defeated the NYY 7-2 with Max Scherzer dodging bullets the entire way to get me the home spot in the wild card game. In that game Yu Darvish who was acquired at the cost of a 1st round pick early in the season pitched a complete game shutout to give me a chance at a pennant against a NY Mets that had only swept the season series against me this year but one that I had only managed two wins against in the three years since the league was revived.

It was a classic series

In game one I jumped to a 4-0 lead after two but starter Lance Lynn who had lost the wild card game the previous year was jumped on for three runs in the 5th to make it a one run game. Mets relivers Valdez shut me down the rest of the way while my bullpen bent but didn’t break TJ Antony getting out of a bases loaded one out jam in the 7th and after a 9th inning leadoff walk two big defensive plays kept the tying run on first.

Final Washington 5 Mets 4

Game two was a scoreless pitching duel into the 7th until Nolan Arenado singled in Anthony Rendon and a Molina Sac fly scored Lindor to give me a 2-0 lead. In the bottom of the 8th Mookie Betts completely misplayed a Ramirez liner putting him on third where he scored on a Trey Turner ball that went to the warning track to make it a one run game. In the bottom of the 9th Jeffries allowed a one out walk and followed that with a two out walk a single loaded the bases bringing up Ramirez. With Washington about to go up 2 games to none he hit a shot deep into the hole at short that was just out of the reach of the diving Lindor and just like that the series was tied at once each

Final Mets 3 Washington 2

Game three in Washington started well for the Nats, Merrifield singled home Guriell in the 1st and promptly stole 2nd & 3rd with nobody out but Zac Gallen retired Betts, Rendon and Abreu in order to get out of the jam. Meanwhile Max Scherzer who dodged a bunch of bullets vs the Yanks was not so lucky giving up five runs in 2 2/3 innings including a monster 3 run shot to Trey Turner who had an incredible series. Meanwhile Valdez came in again with one outs in the 5th and after giving up a single that made it a one run game retired the next 14 in a row to make the Mets insurance run in the 6th superfluous.

Final New York 6 Nationals 4

Darvish came back for the do or die game and thanks to another big hit by Merrifield was staked to a 3-0 lead until Trey Turner once again hit a 3 run shot to tie things up in the 5th. That’s how it stayed till the top of the 12th when with runners on 1st & 3rd and two outs manager Gionet surprised everyone calling for the suicide squeeze. Josh Bell laid it down perfectly and everyone was safe so even when Washington turned the 6-4-3 double play to end the inning, the Mets were still only 3 outs away from a trip to the series.

They would only get one of them, Rendon and Betts would both walk to start the bottom of the 12th and with one out and the runners going pinch Hitter Didi Gregorius would smash a double down the line scoring them both and tying the series at 2

Final Nationals 5 NY 4 (12)

The rain clouds looked ominous for game five but they decided to try to get the game in anyways. That decision looked poor for NY when Betts and Hosmer went back to back to give Washington a 3-0 lead (they scored first in every game of the series) but with Lance Lynn finally finding his pitching groove giving up only one hit in 4 innings the sky opened up and the rain didn’t stop. The Game was called to be replayed the next day.

Washington surprised everyone by throwing Scherzer who had been roughed up the last time on three days rest while the Mets did the same with Gallen. Washington scored first on a single two wild pitches and another single to make it 1-0 but Acuna Jr.’s two run shot (his only big hit of the series) was enough to chase Scherzer in the third. The Mets went back to Valdez who had shut down the Nats in game 3 but it didn’t work out that way this time A solo shot by Abreu tied the game up and a critical error by Jeff McNeil led to another two run double by Gregorius followed shortly by a 3 run shot by Betts made it 7-2 and it looked like it was all over but the shouting .

It wasn’t Tejay Antone who had been excellent in relief came in with two on and one out in the 7th and after coaxing a force out to third gave up two walks and a double for three runs before the 3rd out was caught against the left field wall just short of giving away the lead.

Down by two the Mets started the 8th with a leadoff single when McNeil an excellent bat handler trying to make up for his 5th inning miscue hit a liner with the runner going that looked destined for left field but Lindor remembering the ball he couldn’t get to dove to his right to spear the liner and managed to get the ball to first to double off the runner. This turned out to be a critical play as the Jeffries arm stiffened up and he had to come out Rosentall was rushed in and threw a fat pitch for his first offering which was promptly deposited into the left field stands. 7-6.

Washington went quietly in the 9th and Trey Turner who already had 7 rbi’s in the series came up and put a 2-1 pitch into the gap to lead off the 9th. Alas what would have capped a sure MVP award for the series never happened as Trevor Rosentall decided to prove the wisdom of deadline trade that sent him to DC retiring the next three batters in a row for his 2nd save of the series and completing the biggest playoff upset in years.

Final Washington 7 Mets 6

Well my pitching staff isn’t well rested and Colorado who leads the season series against me 4-2 is but on the bright side my starting center fielder who was injured on the final day of the regular season has been cleared to play adding both power and defense to my lineup.

I’ll need it.

Lots going on in the Dynasty Baseball leagues

The All time great league was won by the 1985 Cardinals who after staring the season slow roared into first and after beating the 1975 Reds in seven Swept the 2001 Arizona Diamondbacks for the NL Pennant and the 2010 Rangers who beat the 61 Yankees in Seven for the AL Pennant

Josh Hamilton of the Rangers led all the majors with a .365 Avg while Willie McGee of StL led the senior circuit at .361 while also leading the majors with 238 hits. Derick Jeter of the 2009 Yanks led the AL with .232

Roger Maris hit 54 HR five more than Mickey Mantle to lead the AL, Hank Aaron’s 46 HR led the NL. Johnny Blanchard of the 61 yanks also had 46 HR and led the majors with 153 RBI’s while George Foster of the 75 Reds 140 RBI led the NL

On the mound John Tudor led the majors with a 1.83 ERA on his way to the NL Cy Young and while the 1999 Boston Red Sox finished last in the east at 71-91 Pedro Martinez won the AL Cy Young still lead the league in ERA 2.04 Wins (23 tied with Mike Cuellar of Balt, Greg Maddux led the majors with 24) strikeouts with 428 (Randy Johnson had 396 for Arizona to lead the NL) avg against .198 (Tudor led the majors at .195) and WHIP 0.90 with Tudor leading all with 0.88

Mantle took the AL MVP while McGee won NL honors.

the 1969 Continual Draft league is in its 1st season. We are playing 126 and things are pretty much settled in the NL but the AL things may be coming down to the wife here are the standings:

AL East

Cleveland Indians6248.564—–
Baltimore Orioles5651.5234 1/2
Washington Senators 5159.46411
New York Yankees4067.37420 1/2

AL West

Seattle Pilots6646.589—–
Minnesota Twins6448.5712
Oakland A’s5552.5128 1/2
Chicago White Sox4661.43017 1/2

NL East

New York Mets (daytraders)7636.679—–
Montreal Expos (Nos Amours)6149.55514
Pittsburgh Pirates5458.48222
Atlanta Braves3872.34537

NL West

Los Angeles Dodgers6743.609—–
Cincinnati Reds (cin city)5258.47315
St. Louis Cardinals 4663.42220 1/2
San Francisco Giants (Seals)4366.39423 1/2

The season will be finishing in 4 weeks and we are accepting expansion teams for next season if anyone is interested.

Our face to face 2020 league is a 30 game season and the final games are tonight

Lynn Division

New York Mets2010.667—–n/a
St Louis Cardinals1812.6002+ 1
New York Yankees1713.56720 1/2——
Tampa Bay Rays 525.16715elim

Dan Division

Washington Nationals 1611.593—– + 1/2
Colorado Rockies1611.593—–+ 1/2
Seattle Mariners1713.5671/2—–
San Diego Padres822.2679 1/2elim

Five teams make the playoffs, the two division winners and three wild card teams

The worst division winner faces the first wild card team with home field advantage

The best division winner faces the winner of a wild card playing game with the 2nd wild card team hosting the 3rd.

The Mets have clinched the Best Division winners spot and will host the winner of the wild card game

The Cardinals have clinched the 1st Wild card team and will face the winner of the Dan Division.

The Yankees and the Mariners have clinched at least a change to play in a wild card A-B-C round

There are three games left with the Nationals facing the Rockies tonight

IF Either Washington or Colorado sweep the other THEN

  1. the Winner wins the Dan division and hosts St Louis in round one of the playoffs
  2. The Yankees Host Seattle in the wild card game holding the tie breaker (2-1 regular season adv) with the winner facing the Mets in Round one.

If there is no Sweep THEN

  1. The winner wins the Dan Division and hosts St. Louis in round one of the playoffs
  2. The Loser is in a 3 way tie for the two wild card spots and an A-B-C system is used to determine who goes to the wild card game

the ABC system works like this

  • Team A hosts Team B The winner advances to the wild card game as the home team
  • Team C hosts the Lose The winner is the away team in the wild card game and the loser doesn’t make the playoffs

If Washington wins the series Colorado is Team C in the ABC game Team A is Seattle (5-3 vs others) team B is NYY (3-3) Col (4-5)

If Colorado wins the series Washington is team B in the ABC game Team A is NYY (4-2) Team C is Seattle (2-7) Washington (6-3) is tied with NYY but becomes team C because NYY won the season series 2-1.

It’s going to be a really exciting finish. I’m Washington Wish me luck.

Expansion teams are welcome for next season