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Sarah Hoyt completely nailed the problem with the entire Trump vs DeSantis argument in twelve words


I suspect the primary reason Trump won is because Dems who had been stealing these states for years figured they didn’t have to that time around

I remember an old skit from the pre-python show “Do Not Adjust Your Set” where everybody in a criminal gang turned out to be an undercover policeman. I thought of this when I saw this piece at Hotair:

The FBI had more people in the Proud Boys than the Proud Boys

Clearly this Administration’s demand for violent opponents of this administration from the right clearly exceeds the supply. So the idea is “do it yourself”

And of course who cares about the norms of evidence when there are political opponents to defeat.

Former soldier Kurt Schlichter notes trust in the leadership of the Military continues to sink as the mission is now wokeness

Why the hell should anybody join the military right now? Don’t tell me that it is “to defend the United States” because that’s not what the military’s primary occupation appears to be anymore. Let’s review. We just had former admiral and current Biden Baghdad Bob, smarmy State Department Spokesperson John Kirby, announce that a “core part” of United States foreign policy is “LGBTQ+ rights.” You know, not a lot of normal people particularly want to suffer and bleed for that blue coastal fetish. Maybe they do in the rich liberal neighborhoods where Kirby’s masters live – actually, they are happy for your kids to suffer and bleed for it, not their own.

I guess Remy is right on China not needing to worry

At Don Surber’s substack today he notes how Trump played Allen Bragg and the media like a fiddle concerning an indictment. The best part of it is this:

NBC said, “Law enforcement agencies are prepping for a possible Trump indictment as early as next week.”

As early as next week!

Politico said to Trump, I’ll see your Tuesday and raise you a Monday.

Reuters reported early last Monday, “Former U.S. President Donald Trump is expected to be indicted by a grand jury late Monday or on Wednesday in a hush payments case involving a porn star, Politico reported on Monday, citing three unidentified people involved in the deliberations.”

The walls are closing in!

When the walls had not moved on Monday, Politico changed its story

It seemed that the media had plenty of sources ready to say the indictment was coming this day or that day or some other day but it just never came.

Yeah maybe Trump tried to game Bragg but every media outlet was ready quickly had sources to say something that didn’t come was coming.


Finally former Magnificent Seven Writer Juliette Baldilocks Ochieng has the must read piece of the day on her substack on what she saw in CA during the early days of the “lockdowns” :

That first day when I went I out and headed east on I-10, I knew. 

I-10 West was pretty much at a dead stop. Taking brief glances over the median, I could see that the traffic consisted mostly of work trucks. Construction workers, gardeners, handymen, plumbers, pool service. Free agents and companies. You name the type of worker, and they were chilling at 0 MPH on the I-10 at 6:30 AM on February 3 March 19, 2020. Bumper to bumper. 

I-10 West leads to the 405, and obviously to all points west of that like Santa Monica, Venice Beach, and Beverly Hills. And the 405 North leads to cities where people of means live: entertainment professionals, actors, producers and the like – in other words, rich people. So, all these fine, working gentlemen were heading out to service the houses of these people – to cut their grass, to service their swimming pools, to fix any construction and plumbing issues, and so on. You have to remember how afraid everyone was back then – that some kind of new, virulent disease was destined to kill us all. But the rich did not believe it, and neither did I.  

Juiliette might not be writing here but she’s just as worth worth reading as she’s always been.. Go over and subscribe if you haven’t yet.

One might be amazed how many reporters on the left spent yesterday on twitter attacking Musk and Matt Taibbi for releasing these documents, at least one would if you didn’t realize that these folks paychecks depend on them objecting.

This goes to show the difference between social media and standard media. For standard media a Friday night dump would be all about burring a story. However for a story that will spread via social media a Friday night weekend dump means more regular people will be free to read and spread it around, which is the whole point.

All that Musk has done has been about raising the profile of twitter. This document dump will do the same. That’s good news for all those advertisers who didn’t heed the left’s call to leave the platform but bad news to all who played along and lost their exposure to all those eyeballs.

This combined with the under oath testimony of an FBI agent being deposed is Missouri on their attempts to use big tech to swing the last election goes a long way in explaining why they went all in on stealing that election. If they fail and Trump wins then it’s bound to have been leaked to someone in the admin which might have resulted in a special prosecutor and/or investigation that would have been damning.

It’s very much worth noting that there were Democrat members of congress worried about this but their primary worry was what it would mean to section 230 defanging the friendly tech folks elsewhere at Facebook and Google and Youtube. In other words they were worried about not the acts but the Consequences they might lead to. A real test of the new GOP congress will be how deep they investigate this. If I’m McCarthy worried about getting the speakers chair I’d put out a statement at once saying I would name a committee at once and promise to load it with fire-eaters on the right.

Then let the consequences flow.

Well Elon Musk has followed through and via Matt Taibbi the most honest leftist left in the building the Twitter files on Election 2020 are being released. You can see them from the start beginning with this tweet.

The good news of course is that the truth is being revealed and all of us who were saying for years that twitter was manipulating facts for the left

(and I know all about that having been locked out of my account repeatedly for tweeting about Benaford’s law before election 2020 was certified while being accused of tweeting out “intimate content without consent”, each time I appealed, each time Twitter said it was a mistake and then immediately locked me out again when I tried to tweet it. By an odd coincidence this cycle stopped as soon as speaker McConnell congratulated Biden, but I digress…)

The bad news of course is that the few people on the left who were still insisting that this was not taking place and it was all a conspiracy theory don’t care because they believe the ends justified the means. Their reaction to this would be “thank you” to all those involved.

You see once you abandon Christianity the whole “bearing false witness” business does not become a problem.

Put simply until there are consequences for these acts by the actors who commit them they will continue.

Thanks to Musk we now have truth, now let there be consequences

Romney didn’t win did he?

Harry Reid Justifying his blatant lies concerning Mitt Romney after election 2012

Detective Gregory: Is there any other point to which you would wish to draw my attention?

Sherlock Holmes: To the curious incident of the dog in the night-time.

Detective Gregory: The dog did nothing in the night-time.

Sherlock Holmes: That was the curious incident. Arthur Conan Doyle: The Adventure of Silverblaze 1896

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle: The Adventure of Silverblaze 1896

As I contemplate my soon to be banning from Youtube for daring to say and maintain publicly that election 2022 was as Crooked as the Houston Astros last World Series title I’d like to mention one more give concerning not just the last presidential election but the next one.

You might recall that I said and still think the biggest give concerning the last election was the sudden stop of the vote count in five states at once:

The Democrat bosses in Nevada, in Michigan, in Wisconsin and in Pennsylvania each knew that they were capable of stealing their own state but each of them also knew that their own state would not be enough. What’s the point of stealing Nevada and or Wisconsin with it’s 10 electoral votes or even Pennsylvania’s 20 electoral votes if it just meant narrowing the margin of the Trump victory, especially if such a victory was followed by a federal investigation that could put them away for a very long time?

No each of them had to have blood on their hands so to speak. Each of them had to be sure that the other bosses necks would be on the line. Each of the had to be sure that they would be all in on the steal (and I suspect each of them had to be sure that the media and the tech giants would back them up, I would not be surprised if there was coordination with those folks during the pause in the count.) and I suspect only when they agreed to hang together rather than risk hanging repeatedly did the counts resume.

Now we all know how this ended, with state courts playing jurisdictional games and SCOTUS punting because, in my opinion nobody wanted to deal with the consequences of the truth being known, but there is one other consideration that hasn’t been touched.

Right now there is at worst there is a majority and at best a sizable minority or even a plurality of people who think the election systems are either compromised or dishonest.

That being the case what is the obvious thing to do.

Well the media/government/tech have taken steps to address this

  • They’ve labeled them “election deniers”
  • They’ve had them suspended on social media
  • They’ve had them shunned and berate

They’ve done all these things but not the obvious thing that one would do in the face of skepticism of the honestly of the election process::

Make the system transparent to demonstrate that it is clean

Now if you are running clean elections and you want to reassure the public that the elections are clean this would normally be job one and if you’re running a clean election it’s not hard:

  • You’d demonstrate a clean chain of custody of ballots
  • You’d have an open and livestreamed count
  • You’d make sure that observers to the count and the ballots from all sides were present to make sure things were clean
  • And you’d tout these steps so that all could see that the voting and the count are open, honest and clean.

These are all the type of things that you would do very publicly to demonstrate to the world that any suggestion that the results of our elections were being manipulated are hogwash.

Yet this has not been the case, you don’t see stories demonstrating the security of the ballot or the machines or all the safeguards out there. You don’t see the media or the pols touting them nor any attempt to give the skeptical voter reason to believe any fears are unfounded.


There is one obvious answer and I submit and suggest that the answer is the left/media/tech left are not doing these things because they KNOW the process in their enclaves can not stand up to any sort of scrutiny and to make the process transparent will only show the world that they’ve been cheating for a very long time.

The lack of such offers and reassurances is is a really big tell the bigger one will be fighting tooth and nail against them.

Update: Via Don Surber Emerald Robinson is on it:

5 Big Election Fraud Stories Breaking Just Before The 2022 Midterms The 2022 elections are going to be the least secure elections since 2020!