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And this is the verdict, that the light came into the world, but people preferred darkness to light, because their works were evil. For everyone who does wicked things hates the light and does not come toward the light, so that his works might not be exposed. But whoever lives the truth comes to the light, so that his works may be clearly seen as done in God.

John 3:19-21

I don’t do as much investigative reporting as I used to but every now and then information falls into my lap that is…interesting such as:

This is one of several images provided to me as a tip concerning a workbook which is propertied to be used at elementary schools in Lawrence MA.

The images from the tipster came with a message that said in part:

All Teachers were given these workbooks to use in Circle time with students.   My friend knows of a couple other Teachers that feel exactly the same way as her, but don’t want to speak up in fear of losing their job

I spoke to the direct sources of the material who informed me that this had in fact been introduced at the start of the year and that this was part of a very “woke” bit of Critical Race Theory (relabeled as CRT has become toxic) that the system has been pushing for some time as the Valley Patriot had already reported:

Educators in Lawrence were encouraged to attend a race-based, segregated “Auditing” session being conducted by a radical left-wing, racist group called BlackPrint.

According to their website, BlackPrint teaches and encourages the teaching of “White Privilege” (that White people are inherently racist and enjoy privileges in society other races don’t enjoy).

BlackPrint first conducts an “audit” of the “feelings” of non-white teachers about race and racism, and then offers school districts “professional development” courses (teacher training) to change the “culture” in the classroom. BlackPrint is paid for their services by the district through grants.

Using the philosophy that only white people can be racist, PlackPrint calls their teacher trainings, and “audits” “anti-racism” while glorifying anti-white culture and vilifying “European colonization”.

I happen to work with a lot of people of color from Lowrance who might not be all that thrilled with folks pushing this type of stuff over reading and writing but I digress.

You might wonder why I’ve only got this cover sheet up rather than all that I have, nor have I mentioned any further details or the specific school in question that I’ve been informed this has been used in. This is because, not being a member of the MSM whose primary goal is ambush journalism I thought I’d give the school a call and confirm that:

  1. These are in fact materials given out to teachers for use with their students.
  2. They are suggested to be used in the low elementary grades
  3. That it is the intent of the school to teach these, shall we call them “theories” to young students.
  4. And of course if the parents of the students in question are aware that this is the plan.

So I’m going to give them till say Tuesday to get back to me by email and/or phone before I run with the substance here and let them respond. After that perhaps I’ll run with a bit at a time to make it a series.

It will be interesting to see what they say but for my money it will be more interesting to talk to the immigrant moms at my work who are from Lawrence with kids in the system to find out if this is the stuff they came to America to have their children taught.

You might recall a while back I did an interview with a young woman from Iraq who told me her story of live there, fleeing the country and coming to America and what it meant to her.

Yesterday I attended her college graduation in Worcester. Her class was a cacophony of people, a majority were woman and people of color

Now bad for a land of inequality and oppression eh? Of course I suspect if you tried to make that argument to Hanna she wouldn’t buy it.

From refugee in fear of her life and oppressed because of her sex and religion to college grad in the US.

Here is the base interview from 2018

Her graduation is not a bad ending for that story but of course the story of this young lady is just beginning.

Postscript: Speaking of happy ending when I got home from the Graduation guess what I found at my house:

Happy Birthday to Me

Maybe that’s why DaWife wanted me out of the house on my Birthday. So two happy endings in one day!

Between COVID restrictions and a full time Job It’s getting a tad rare for me to get out to cover events, however yesterday I managed to get to the Catholic Men’s conference at Assumption College where I recorded this week’s Your Prayer Intentions Show for WQPH 89.3 FM (Every Saturday at Noon and Midnight) and managed to get a few of my old fashioned short interviews in that I’ll be posting on and off for the next week or two.

Today’s interview is with folks from Thomas Aquinas College which provides that rarest of products, an actual Catholic Education at a Catholics College.

I would venture to bet that if you send your offspring to be educated there. They will not only graduate with a solid opinion on the existence of natural rights but will be able to define what a woman is in one try even without a biology degree.

The sentence?

My mistake. I’m bumping this up so that people will see the correction. And thanks, Dean Caron!

We’ve seen how the MSM will at best make “errors” and then quietly issue a correction or stealth edit a piece. Glenn Reynolds shows how to do a correction properly:

Earlier yesterday he put up a piece on how the ABA is allowing law schools to use the GRE vs the LSAT for admission and suggested this was a way to dodge the standards to get students. He got feedback from Paul Caron noting his implication was incorrect:

ERROR-CORRECTION UPDATE: I’m wrong above — this has already been taken account of. Paul Caron writes: “Your comment isn’t right — U.S. News takes GRE scores into account.” Here’s how:

Median Law School Admission Test and Graduate Record Examination scores (0.1125; previously 0.125): These are the combined median scores on the LSAT and GRE quantitative, verbal and analytical writing exams of all 2020 full- and part-time entrants to the J.D. program. Reported scores for each of the four exams, when applicable, were converted to 0-100 percentile scales. The LSAT and GRE percentile scales were weighted by the proportions of test-takers submitting each exam. For example, if 85% of exams submitted were LSATs and 15% submitted were GREs, the LSAT percentile would be multiplied by 0.85 and the average percentile of the three GRE exams by 0.15 before summing the two values. This means GRE scores were never converted to LSAT scores or vice versa. There were 60 law schools – 31% of the total ranked – that reported both the LSAT and GRE scores of their 2020 entering classes to U.S. News.

Not only did he get the correction up fast but he bumped the original piece to make sure people saw the correction.

That’s how you maintain a reputation as a credible source the MSM could take a lesson here if they were actually interested in something other than pushing an agenda.

Of course if the MSM had Reynolds standards people might still trust them.

I’m old enough to remember when Instapundit was called the NYT of bloggers but Glenn took that down as that comparison was not favorable. Perhaps if they emulated his methods of corrections someone might call them the Instapundit of newspapers.