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You might recall a while back I did an interview with a young woman from Iraq who told me her story of live there, fleeing the country and coming to America and what it meant to her.

Yesterday I attended her college graduation in Worcester. Her class was a cacophony of people, a majority were woman and people of color

Now bad for a land of inequality and oppression eh? Of course I suspect if you tried to make that argument to Hanna she wouldn’t buy it.

From refugee in fear of her life and oppressed because of her sex and religion to college grad in the US.

Here is the base interview from 2018

Her graduation is not a bad ending for that story but of course the story of this young lady is just beginning.

Postscript: Speaking of happy ending when I got home from the Graduation guess what I found at my house:

Happy Birthday to Me

Maybe that’s why DaWife wanted me out of the house on my Birthday. So two happy endings in one day!

A lot of people spend a lot of time going after Western Civilization in general and White Men in particular as the cause of all the evils in the world, which I find very amusing as they are living in comfort thanks to the actions of a bunch of these old dead white men.

You have electricity in your house because of an old white man (Edison), you have a car in your yard because of of an old white man (Ford & others), you have a stove to cook with because of an old white man (Franklin), You have a flush toilet thanks to an old white man (or several), a water heater in your house thanks to an old white man (Maughan), a furnace thanks to a couple of old white man (Babcock and Wilcock) although you can give Alice Parker a black woman credit for central heating.

Bottom line there are a bunch of things that people take for granted that came from white men that their in no rush to abandon.

I bring this up today because there is a blizzard heading for my area and people are getting stocked up and ready for it.

The fact that they are able to know what’s coming and be ready for it can be laid at the feat of a bunch of dead white men. The old white men who developed the weather service and the observation stations that monitor the weather and just as important the old white men named Morse and Bell that invented the telegraph and the telephone which allowed these observations to be reported and coordinated.

If it were not for all these old dead white men we would have no clue, so if you survive this storm safe and sound give a bit of thanks to all those old white men who made it possible, and if acknowledging these facts trigger you too much to do so publicly do it privately.

Closing thought: The reality is the race of these men is not really relevant to what they did, but our friends on the left had decided that race is the most important thing in the world to consider on anything so I decided to play by their rules today.

I have to laugh when I read story after story about the left in panic that they are suddenly losing “Hispanic” voters.

I’ve already touched on the whole “Hispanic” business but the reason why I think it’s funny is that I was told the answer years ago by a woman named Maria and her translator Christian during my “Interviews with Immigrants” series (which incidentally is some of the best work I’ve ever done).

During my interview I asked Maria why she decided to move to America and here is what she said:

The key line: She feels secure every time she walks on the street she don’t have fear when she was walking alone.

Note how she talks about that moment as the thing she’ll never forget. It’s the very essence of one of the Four Freedoms. Freedom from Fear.

A lot of folks have gone though an awful lot to get to this country. A lot of effort a lot of cost and a lot of sweat. If they were all set safe and sound in their own countries they wouldn’t go though what they do to come here.

FDR, was once the template for what Democrats stood for, talked about the four freedoms. Freedom of speech, Freedom of Religion, Freedom from Want and Freedom from Fear. All four of these are under attack by the Democrat left of today, but when crime sours in cities, when people don’t feel safe in their own downtown, in their own neighborhoods. When looters and criminals go free and are not even prosecuted while those who risk themselves to protect others are demonized the freedom from fear that made America so unique in the history of the world disappears.

I haven’t seen Maria for years, but I suspect there are plenty of Marias in this country who came from dangerous places who are not anxious to lose that sense of security that they came here for.

Of course the left would know this, if they talked to anyone outside their liberal bubble

Last week when I heard about a “Let’s Go Brandon” store in MA. I thought it was funny but no big deal. One such store in a deep blue state isn’t so odd. Trump got 32% of the vote which is more than a million so yeah one store might be a fun oddity.

That one store in Massachusetts is now six:

Let’s Go Brandon retail outlets have popped up in seven locations just in time for the holiday season, offering T-shirts, hats, hoodies, mugs, magnets, stickers, flags and other merchandise inspired by the viral political euphemism.

The seven shops — six in Massachusetts, one in Rhode Island — are the brainchild of Keith Lambert, founder of New England for Trump, who said the stores are resonating with customers eager to tout their opposition to President Biden.

“Sales are very good. We’ve got a lot of support. There’s a lot of excitement,” Mr. Lambert told The Washington Times. “People absolutely love coming out. Being in the atmosphere of a store, it’s a lot of fun.”

Plus one in Rhode Island.

This is a problem for the left because a lot of their power comes from fear. One enough people in a state decide that they aren’t afraid of showing what they believe then sustaining the fictions that the left’s power is based on becomes untenable.

If these stores are still hoping after Christmas, then if I’m a MA dem I’d start worrying.