About DaTechGuy & DaBlog

I was a Computer Tech who used to blog at the HiWired blog before we were all laid off and let go.

From there I tried I now support myself with a Radio show on WCRN 830 AM. I buy the time from the station, sell ads and live off the difference. That and DaTipJar is was.

We did all right for a short time and expanded adding writers (Da Magnificent Seven) but things took a turn south.  I dropped the radio show and went to datechguyblog.com on my own domain and used this as the backup and got a full time regular job in a warehouse to pay the bills

After issues with Godaddy I moved to a provider run by a friend of mine but after his retirement things went south so in the end I’m back were I started still working the fulltime job and earning what I can with the blog.

As for the blog:

Comments are welcome, spam will be deleted, profanity will be edited. Opinions supporting and contrary are most welcome.

All comments are moderated.

Remember this blog does not exist for people to act out personal feuds if you want to do that do it elsewhere.

I reserve the right to edit posts to correct any spelling or grammar mistakes I find without an Update tag. I may also update a post within 2 min if I detect an error or mistake. I have post button-itus. I have the bad habit of hitting the post button much too fast.

If you think I’ve neglected a hat tip that is deserved then let me know and I’ll be happy to correct that. You can contact me in comments in the relevant post.

If you spot a spelling or grammar error that’s great too, sometimes when typing I see what I’m thinking rather than what I’ve typed.

 If you like what you see and want to keep a conservative blog that’s been around 13 years running please consider hitting DaTipJar