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The Indulgence Calendar for May is now Available for Download here

As always there is a completely blank version if you want to fill in your own names.

This makes a full year of indulgence calendars. I hope this devotion has been of use to you.

The sound of the red hot metal breaking and tearing was so overwhelming that even the cries of those below were for once inaudible.

Joseph could see the creatures at the gate scatter in fear unable to endure the sight of him as he entered through the opening left by the discarded gates while those inside stared in awe. Some smiling others prostrating themselves before him.

He spoke comfort to all as he passed through their midst toward him his familiar face with the joy of an arduous task completed and a more joyous reunion

“Dad, let’s go home.”

Time doesn’t mean much in eternity but the difference was striking.

For those who had been there the longest this had been a land of gloom. Not the pain and anguish of those condemned below, but of dull grays eternally unchanging .

From the Moment he had arrived all had changed. From Isaiah to Joshua, the words poured forth in anticipation prophesying to all that the great day was coming giving hope to those who came. With the Baptist’s arrival the storm of anticipation grew in all within

To those creatures lurking outside the gates however their fear was palatable.

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He didn’t know what to expect but it wasn’t this.

All around was gloom and gray. Countless souls wandering seemingly lost as he joined the endless stream of the thong.

In a few moments all changed. he was enveloped by men, dozens of them, excited, enraptured. All of the gloom of Shoel melting away at the very sight of him. They turned to each other sharing their happiness Praising God with all the excitement of men who knew their exile would soon be ended.

Joseph remembered seeing this joy once before, the night his son was born and smiled knowingly.

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