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Alas Pope Benedict will have to wait for next month to be included as the calendar had already been made by the time he had died

Of course you can always add him to a day which is what those lines in the full calendar or the blank calendar are for.

So a happy new year and many more to you all.

You can download it here

This is an excellent devotion for any Catholic looking to do something for the souls in purgatory.

Last Saturday was the Men’s retreat at St Benedict’s Abbey in Still River MA.

We have videos

The speakers for Dan Duddy and Tom Caffrey

The retreat was on the feast of St. Monica. Fr. Augustine gave the homily at the mass.

Here is an excerpt from Dan’s morning talk:

And here is a bit from Tom’s talk

If you like what you see keep an eye on the WQPH site because any announcement for a new retreat will be there first.

Meanwhile here is the indulgence calendar for September

And here is the blank version.

The New Indulgence Calendar for June is out. If you are interested in taking part in this devotion You can download it here:

If you have a loved one who has died and you wish them included in next month’s indulgence calendar you can leave their name in comments or post it as a prayer request at the WQPH Prayer wall site here.

It’s now been a full year that I’ve been doing indulgence calendars. As far as devotions go it hasn’t caught on huge, it’s not a flashy thing, there is no great controversary involved, it’s not something that produces outrage on either side of the theological aisle and there is no money involved. It’s just prayers for the dead many who get forgotten so it doesn’t get a lot of notice..

There have also been a lot of “interesting” problems that have come up since this has begun. As a Catholic I take it as a sign it’s worth my while so you can expect us to continue for another year at least.