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Rabbi: Jesus, please explain why you stopped the reading before Isiah spoke of the day of vengeance of our God, especially during a time of such oppression?

Jesus: The day of vengeance is in the future. I’m not here for vengeance, I’m here for salvation.

The Chosen Physician, Heal Yourself 2022

Yesterday my family and I were at the minor league ball park in Worcester thanks to a 4 pack of tickets my youngest won at work. There was according to a 20% chance of rain and those numbers came up so we waited 45 minutes for the game to start and very much enjoyed the heat lamps that were all around the covered to warm ourselves up.

By the bottom of the 7th it wasn’t looking well for the home team who couldn’t manage to get the key hit to drive in the tying runs when the chance presented itself so I moved up to where the heat lamps where. Most of them were still had groups of people but one of them near home plate was empty so I parked myself there as I urged the home team to throw strikes while on the mound and have a good eye at the plate.

Within a minute or two I was joined by a tall gentleman about my own age and we started talking about the game, the various players and the online league which I run (posting to come soon) etc which is the type of thing that the pace of baseball allows and is one of the joys of going to any ballpark. His son-in-law had season tickets so he often was able to catch a game and spoke highly of the various season ticket combos offered.

At one point my wife decided to refill her water bottle at the water bottle refill station. Seeing me with the fellow she walked by and made a flirty remark about me and my hat. The fellow grinned as guys do when that happens to a fellow and I explained that the flirting lady was my wife of 35 years. At that point the reason for my presence there became clear.

One of the things I talk about on my “Your Prayer Intentions” radio show and have as part of my regular prayer rotation is an offering to notice the works of God all around us and one of those works is to put people where they need to be.

At this point the man’s face became more serious and a change came over him. He told me two years ago that his wife of 38 years had in his own words “died suddenly”. I didn’t press him on what had happened but as it was near the end of the month I asked if he was catholic to offer his wife a place on our monthly indulgence calendar for me. It turned out he was and eagerly jumped at my offer and so I took her name and will be remembering her there and in next week’s radio show along with him family. When my oldest walked by he too took the name to ad it to his prayer list.

The fellow was very grateful. It was very clear that he misses her terribly and that there is a giant hole in his life from her loss, which his son in law has helped fill with the season tickets and as we were leaving found us again to thank us for our kind words and prayers which he needed desperately and that God had seen fit to put us there at that rainy game so I could be under that sun lamp to be there and offer consolation and prayer. Daily baseball is an excellent tonic and distraction for a soul in pain but sharing that pain when one might not normally do so is even better.

But that’s not all that went through my mind when this was happening.

The age of the gentleman, about my own or maybe a year or two older or younger and the “sudden death” of his longtime spouse immediately suggested the COVID shot to me. It’s a story I’ve read about and seen time and time again online and while I did have a vaccinated in-law die of COVID his many other complications before the outbreak didn’t make his death all that “unexpected”, this was the first person I had met who had experienced such an unexpected loss.

Now in fairness I don’t know if in this case the culprit was the shot as I wasn’t about to interrogate him on the matter but it hits me that there are thousands of people who like him have suddenly lost spouses, children and loved ones “unexpectedly” who CAN trace the problem to the shot and have to live every day with that loss that shouldn’t have happened and frankly didn’t have to.

When I ponder that I think of Biden and Fauci and Trudeau and every petty tyrant in government and in corporate America who made people choose between the jab and their livelihood and/or education and think of how much pain and suffering they have to answer for.

It’s in those moments that a good Catholic has to remember that Christ died for ALL sinners without exception and pray that all those involved in those events take advantage of the mercy that Christ offers while they have the chance because the alternative to Christ mercy for our sins is his justice according to our deeds.

And the clock is ticking.

Well the cards are released and the protected list are made so today we get ready to start the expansion draft for the 1971 Dynasty draft league.

Two teams will be drafting the Chicago Cubs and the Minnesota Twins. Because the twins got first choice of franchises the Cubs will get the first pick.

Expansion teams must draft a minimum of 4 players up to a max of 12. The number of players they draft will determine where they draft in the regular season from position 3 to position 20

Each existing team was able to protect a Maximum of 7 players from the expansion draft. Here are the players who were protected

TeamPlayer 1Player 2Player 3Player 4Player 5Player 6Player 7
Kansas CityRalph GarrHarmon KillebrewWillie Stargell.Bert BlylevenNelson BrilesLew KrausseBill Stoneman
AtlantaAl OliverCesar CedenoRon SantoBob WatsonMike CuellarCatfish HunterFergie Jenkins
BaltimoreJerry JohnsonMickey LolichAndy MessersmithBobby MurcerBoog PowellFrank RobinsonBilly Williams
BostonWillie DavisRay FosseFrank RobinsonRico PetrocelliPhil NiekroGary NolanRick Wise
CaliforniaTom BradleyTommy JohnSandy AlomarFelipe AlouMatty AlouGeorge MitterwaldLou Piniella
CincinnatiDick AllenJohnny BenchJoe MorganJoe RudiDon GulliettPete MikkelsenFritz Peterson
ClevelandRon ReedMel StottlemyreSal BandoDave CashTony PerezPaul SchaalJimmy Wynn
Los AngelesReggie SmithRollie FingersSparky LyleMike MarshallNolan RyanDon SuttonDon Wilson
MilwaukeeAl DowningJim RayKen SandersFrank HowardTommie AgeeTommy HarperPete Rose
MontrealTug McGrawLuis TiantJerry GroteChose notto protectany others?
NY MetsHank AaronNorm CashRichie HebnerTed SimmonsCarl YastrzemskiSteve CarltonTom Seaver
NY YankeesDave RobertsWilbur WoodRoberto ClementeThurman MunsonGraig NettlesAmos OtisRoy White
OaklandPaul BlairReggie JacksonDon MincherVida BlueJim BrewerBill HandsSonny Siebert
PhiladelphiaStan BahnsenClay CarrollLarry DierkerDick DragoLarry BowaJoe TorreFelix Milan
PittsburghJohnny BriggsRod CarewGeorge ScottDavey JohnsonJim McGlothlinGaylord PerryBill Singer
San FranciscoDock EllisDave McNallyJim PalmerBobby BondsLou BrockDon BufordLee May
St LouisVic DavalilloTommy HelmsCleon JonesCesar TovarBob GibsonReggie ClevelandClaude Osteen
WashingtonJoe ColemanPat DobsonJim KaatJuan MarichalWillie MaysJim NorthrupChris Cannizzaro

One a player is picked off a team they will be able to protect five additional players, if a 2nd player is picked they may protect five more. No team can lose more than 3 players. I will be liveblogging the picks as they are made.

1CubsSteve Garvey1BWashington
1TwinsBobby Grich2BBaltimore
2CubsRusty StaubOFKansas City
2TwinsNate Colbert1BNew York Yankees
3CubsManny SanguillenCSan Francisco
3TwinsMarty PattinPAtlanta
4CubsClyde WrightPPhiladelphia
4TwinsSam McDowellSP Cleveland
5CubsRudy MayPYankees
5TwinsSteve BlassPMilwaukee
6CubsRay SadeckiPMontreal
6TwinsJoe HornerPBoston
7CubsFreddy PatekSSLos Angeles
7TwinsMerv Rettmund OFCincinnati
8CubsJerry KoosemanPOakland
8TwinsAndy EichabarrenCLos Angeles
9CubsDave LaRoachePCalifornia
9TwinsTom Hall PSan Francisco
10CubsDiego SeguiPSt Louis
10Twins Richie Hebner3BMets
11Cubsdropped outdrafting 16th
11Twinsdropped outdrafting 15th

Teams that have not submitted a list of additional players to protect once they lose a man prior to the draft will have five minutes to list additional players to be protected. Those additional protected players will be liveblogged here

TeamPlayer 1Player 2Player 3Player 4Player 5Round
Kansas CityKen Henderson Bud Harrilson Claude Raymond Jim Rooker Duke Sims 2
AtlantaTony Oliva Tom Burgermier Ron Hunt Deron Johnson Fred Scherman 3
Baltimore Mark Belanger Ray Culp Rich Reichhart Eddie Waitt Woodie Fryman 1
Boston Jack Billingham Wes Parker Vada Pinson Ted Sizemore Jay Johnstone 6
California Bob Locker Don Money Bill Russell Don Kessinger Carl Morton 9
Cincinnati Dave Concepcion Ted Abernathy Jack Aker 7
Cleveland Al Kaline Carlos May Roger Repoz Steve Mingori Roy Foster 4
Los AngelesWillie McCovey Willie Horton Joe Pepitone Steve Renko Daryl Evans 7
MilwaukeeKen Holtzman Ron Fairly Jack Haitt Bob Miller Denny LeMaster 5
NY Metsdraft complete 10
NY YankeesJoe Gredenza Dick Dietz Gary Gentry Steve Kline Clay Kirby 2
OaklandBert Campanaras Woody Woodward George Stone Darold Knowles 8
PhiladelphiaOllie Brown Tony Taylor Bob Robertson Denny McLain Dick Selma 4
San Francisco Glenn Beckett Bill Melton Jose Cardinal Bill Freehan John Cumberland 3
St LouisBlue Moon Odom Jerry Reuss Fred Norman Hal McRae Rick Monday 10
WashingtonOrlando Cepeda Eddie Brinkman Billy CowanCookie Rojas Ken McMullen 1

If a team loses a 2nd player they may protect up to five more from their roster. Those names will be liveblogged here if necessary.

TeamPlayer 1Player 2Player 3Player 4Player 5Round
Kansas City
Los Angeles Davey May Skip Lockwood Bill Buckner Mike Andrews Tom timmerman 8
NY Mets
NY Yankees Dave Gusti Mel Queen Jim Spencer Bill Sudakis Dave Nelson 5
OaklandOscar Gamble Gail Hopkins Leo Cardanals Gene Tenace 9
San Francisco
St Louis

As teams can only retain 4-12 player you might ask: Why bother to protect any players beyond what they can keep? The answer: Protecting such players means they will go into the main draft giving said team a chance to pick them up again.

Since there are only two teams drafting I suspect it will go pretty fast. This post will be updated as picks are made.

This is the list of Players currently available to be picked on waivers in the Dynasty Draft league


Key: Name Team on Card Throws #= endurance as starter Long=Long relief (15 end) Short= Short Relief (7 Batters)

  • Jim Abbot Cal Left 25/Long
  • Scott Aldred Min Left 20/Long
  • Brian Anderson Cle Left 20/Long
  • Luis Andujar Tor Right 20/Long
  • Roger Bailey Col Right 20/Long
  • Matt Beech Phi Left 20
  • Stan Belinda Bos Right Short
  • Ron Blazier Phil right Long
  • Brian Boehringer NYY right Long /20
  • Ricky Bones NYY Right 20/Long
  • Chris Bosio Sea Right 20/Long
  • Shawn Boskie Cal Right 25/Long
  • Steve Bourgeois SF right Long/20
  • Marshall Boze Mil Right Long
  • Doug Brocail Hou Right Long/20
  • Scott Brow Tor Right Long/20
  • Jim Bullinger Cubs Right 20/Long
  • Rafael Carmona Sea Right Long /20
  • Giovanni Carrara Cin Right Long / 20
  • Bobby Chouinard Oak Long
  • Jason Christiansen Pit Left Long
  • Mike Christopher Det Right Long
  • Brad Clontz Atl Right Short
  • Rocky Coppinger Bal Right 25/Long Taken week 4 early waivers Atlanta
  • Doug Creek SF Left Short
  • John Cummings Det Left Long
  • Rich DeLucia SF Right Short
  • Jason Dickson Cal Right 25
  • Jerry DiPoto Mets Long Taken week 4 early waivers Cincinnati
  • Mike Dyer Mon Right Long/20 Waivers Claim week 6 Houston CLAIM SUCCESSFUL
  • Mark Eichhorn Cal Right Long
  • John Ericks Pit Right Long/20
  • Vaughn Eshelman Bos Left Long/20
  • Kevin Foster Cubs Right 20/Long
  • Marvin Freeman Chicago Right 20/.Long
  • Steve Frey Phi Left Short Taken week 3 waivers Chicago
  • Ramon Garcia Mil Right Long/20
  • Mark Gardner SF Right 25/Long Taken Baltimore Early Waivers Week 2
  • Greg Gohr Cal Right 20/Long
  • Danny Graves Cle Right Long
  • Jason Grimsley Cal Right 20/Long
  • Kevin Gross Tex Right 20.Long
  • Mark Kubicza KC Right 20
  • Chris Hammond Fla Left Long /20
  • Greg Hansell Min Right Long
  • Pep Harris Cal Right Long/20
  • Jimmy Haynes Bal Right Long/20
  • Mike Henneman Tex Right Short Taken week 3 waivers Atlanta
  • Doug Henry Mets Right Long
  • Gil Heredia Tex Right Long Taken week 3 waivers Pittsburgh
  • Xavier Hernandez Hou Right Long Taken week 4 early waivers Houston
  • Sterling Hitchcock Sea Left 25 Taken week 4 early waivers Baltimore
  • Joe Hudson Bos Right Short
  • Rich Hunter Phil Right 20
  • Edwin Hurtado Sea Right Long / 20
  • Danny Jackson StL Left Long/20
  • Jason Jacome KC Left Short/20
  • Marty Janzen Tor Right Long/20
  • Kevin Jarvis Cin Right Long/20
  • Doug Johns Oak Left 20/Long
  • Greg Keagle Det Right Long/20
  • Brian Keyser CSox Right Long
  • Rick Krivda Bal Left 20/Long
  • Curt Leskanic Col Right Short
  • Jose Lima Det Right Long/20 Taken week 3 waivers Baltimore
  • Albie Lopez Cle Right 20/Long
  • Mike Magnate KC Left Long Taken week 4 early waivers Baltimore
  • Joe Magrane CSox Left Long/20
  • Pat Mahomes Bos Right Long/20
  • Terry Mathews Bal Right Short
  • Kirk McCaskill CSox Right Long/20
  • Roger McDowell Bal Right Short
  • Rusty Meacham Sea Right Long/20
  • Ramiro Mendoza NYY Right 20/Long
  • Paul Menhart Sea Right 20/Long
  • Kent Mercker Cle Left 20/Long
  • Dan Miceli Pit Right Long/20
  • Mike Milchin Bal Left Short
  • Kurt Miller Fla Right Long/20
  • Michael Mimbs Phi Left 20/Long
  • Angel Miranda Mil Long/20
  • Ramon Morel Pit Right Long
  • Alvin Morman Hou Left Short
  • Rodney Myers CSox Right Long Taken week 4 early waivers Houston
  • Gregg Olson Hou Right Short
  • Lance Painter Col Left Long/20
  • Jose Parra Min Right Long/20
  • Yorkis Perez Fla Left Short
  • Chris Peters Pit Left 20 / Long Taken week 4 early waivers Chicago
  • Hipolito Pichardo KC Right Short Taken week 4 early waivers Floridai
  • Mike Potts Mil Left Long
  • Jay Powell Fla Right Short Taken Baltimore Early Waivers Week 1
  • Tim Pugh KC Right Long/20
  • Bryan Rekar Col Right 20/Long
  • Frank Rodriguez Min Right 25/Long Taken week 4 early waivers Floridai
  • Johnny Ruffin Cin Long
  • A.J. Sager Det Right Long/20 Taken week 3 waivers Cleveland
  • Roger Salkeld Cin Right 20/Long
  • Tim Scott SF Right Short
  • Zane Smith Pit Left 20
  • Steve Sparks Mil Right 25/Long
  • Dennis Springer Cal Right 20/Long
  • Dave Stevens Min Right Short
  • Greg Swindell Cle Left Long/20 Taken Atlanta Early Waivers Week 2
  • Amaury Telemaco CSox Right 20/Long
  • Dave Telgheder Oak Right 20/Long
  • Mark Thompson Col Right 25/Long Waiver Claim Atlanta Week 5 Successful!
  • Tom Urbani Det Left Long/20
  • Marc Valdes Fla Right Long/20
  • Julio Valera KC Right Long/20
  • Todd Van Poppel Det Right Long/20
  • Tim Vanegmond Mil Right 20/Long
  • William Van Landingham SF Right 25 Taken week 4 early waivers Atlanta
  • Randy Veres Det Right Short
  • Frank Viola Tor Left 20
  • Matt Wagner Sea Right 20/Long
  • Paul Wagner Pit Right 20/Long
  • Jeff Ware Tor Right Long/20
  • John Wasdin Oak Right 20/Long
  • Dave Weathers NYY Right Long/20
  • Bob Wells Sea Right Long/20
  • Matt Whiteside Tex Right Long
  • Brian Williams Det Right Long/20
  • Mike Williams Phil Right 25/Long
  • Steve Wojciechowski Oak Left 20/Long
  • Bob Wolcott Sea Right 25 Long
  • Jamey Wright Col Right 20 Long
  • Anthony Young Hou Right Short

Position Players Note players are listed under the 1st listed position on their card they may play other positions as well

Key Name, Team, Bats, Type


  • Raul Casanova Det Both Pull
  • Mike Durant Min Right Spray
  • Tony Eusebio Hou Right Spray Taken week 3 waivers Pittsburgh
  • Sal Fasano Sea Right Pull
  • Bill Haselman Bos Right Pull Taken week 3 waivers Atlanta
  • Chad Krauter WSox Both Pull
  • John Marzano Sea Right Spray
  • Brent Mayne Mets Left Spray
  • Greg Myers Min Left Pull Taken week 3 waivers Baltimore
  • Bob Natal Fla Right Spray
  • Keith Osik Pit Right Spray
  • Jayhawk Owens Right Pull Claim Boston Red Sox week 6 CLAIM SUCCESSFUL!
  • Mark Parent Balt Right Pull Claim Chicago White Sox week 6 CLAIM SUCCESSFUL!
  • Tom Prince LA Right Spray
  • Danny Sheaffer StL Right Pull
  • Joe Siddall Fla Right Spray
  • Tim Spier Mon Right Spray
  • George Williams Oak Both Pull

First Base

  • Rico Brogna Mets Left Spray
  • Brant Brown CSox Left Spray
  • Mark Carreon Cle Right Pull
  • Archi Cianfrocco SD Right Spray
  • Greg Colbrunn Fla Right Spray
  • Rene Gonzales Tex Right Spray
  • Bob Hamelin KC Left Pull
  • Bush Huskey Mets Right Pull
  • Kevin Jordan Phil Right Spray
  • Scott Livingstone SD Left Spray
  • Torey Lovullo Oak Both Spreay
  • Dave McCarthy SF Right Spray
  • Eddie Murray Bal Both Spray
  • Dan Peltier SF Left Spray
  • Roberto Petagine Mets Left Spray
  • J. R. Phillips Phil Left Pull
  • Juan Samuel Tor Right Pull
  • Gene Schall Phil Right Spray
  • J. T. Snow Cal Both Spray Waiver Claim Toronto Week 5 Counter Claim Florida! Counter Claim Successful!
  • Paul Sorrento Sea Left Pull
  • Lee Stevens Tex Left Pull
  • Jason M Thompson SD Left Pull
  • Joe Vitello KC Right Spray
  • Eddie Williams Det Right Pull
  • Desi Wilson SF Left Spray
  • Kevin Young KC Right Pull
  • Jon Zuber Phil Left Spray

Second Base

  • Carlos Baerga Mets Both Spray
  • Jason Bates Col Both Spray
  • Tilson Brito Tor Right Spray
  • Casey Candaele Cle Both Spray
  • Jay Canizaro SF Right Spray
  • Jay Canizaro SF Right Spray
  • Domingo Cedeno CSox Both Spray
  • Felipe Crespo Tor Both Spray
  • David Doster Phil Right Spray
  • Andy Fox NYY Left Spray
  • Brant Gates Oak Both Spray
  • Tony Graffanino Atl Right Spray
  • Chip Hale Min Left Spray
  • Todd Haney CSox Right Spray
  • Jason Hardtke Mets Both Spray
  • Matt Howard NYY Right Spray
  • Mark Lemke Atl Both Spray
  • Nelson Liriano Pitt Both Spray
  • Ralph Millard Fla Right Spray
  • Mike Mordecai Atl Right Spray
  • Tomas Perez Tor Both Spray Houston Claim Week 5 5-15 Successful
  • Jody Reed SD Right Spray
  • Billy Ripkin Balt Right Spray
  • Steve Scarsome SF Right Spray
  • Bill Selby Bos Left Pull
  • Craig Shipley SD Right Spray
  • Kurt Stillwell Tex Both Spray
  • Robby Thompson SF Right Spray


  • Manny Alexander Balt Right Spray
  • Rich Aurilla SF Right Spray
  • Rafael Bellard Atl Right Spray
  • Mike Benjamin Phil Right Spray
  • Mike Bordick Oak Right Spray
  • Juan Castro LAD Right Spray
  • Andujar Cedeno Hou Right Pull
  • Damion Easley Det Right Pull Taken week 4 early waivers Toronto
  • Ed Giovanola Atl Left Spray
  • Chris Gomez SD Right Spray
  • Jose Hernandez Cubs Right Pull Taken week 4 early waivers Chicago
  • Dave Howard KC Both Spray Waiver Claim Cincinnati Week 5 Successful!
  • Luis Lopez Sd Both Spray
  • Nefti Perez Col Both Spray Taken Baltimore Early Waivers Week 2
  • Tony Rodriguez Bos Right Spray
  • Alan Trammell Det Right Spray

Third Base

  • Shane Andrews Mon Right Pull
  • Alex Arias Fla Right Spray Taken week 4 early waivers Minnesota
  • Kim Batiste SF Right Pull
  • David Bell StL Right Spray
  • Esteban Beltre Bos Right Spray
  • Mike Blowers LAD Right Spray Taken week 4 early waivers Cincinnati
  • Jeff Branson Cin Left Spray
  • Mike Busch LAD Right Pull
  • Russ Davis Sea Right Pull Taken week 4 early waivers Toronto
  • Alvaro Espinoza Mets Right Spray
  • Dave Hansen LAD Left Spray
  • Scott Leius Cle Right Spray
  • Jeff Manto Sea Right Pull
  • Arquimedez Pozo Bos Right Spray
  • Keviin Sefcik Phil Right Spray
  • Andy Sheets Sea Right Spray
  • Dave Silvestri Mon Right Pull
  • Chris Snopek CSox Right Pull
  • Doug Strange Sea Both Spray
  • Todd Walker Min Left Spray
  • Tim Wallach LAD Right Pull
  • John Wehner Pit Right Spray

Left Field

  • Mike Aldrete NYY Left Spray
  • Billy Ashley LAD Right Pull
  • John Cangelosi Hou Both Spray
  • Dave Clark LAD Left Pull
  • Andre Dawson Fla Right Pull
  • Alex Diaz Sea Both Spray
  • Lou Frazier Tex Both Spray
  • Doug Glanville CSox Right Spray
  • Jeffrey Hammonds Bal Right Spray
  • Todd Hollandsworth LAD Left Spray Taken Pittsburgh Early Waivers Week 2
  • Thomas Howard Cin Left Spray
  • Brian Lesher Oak Left Pull
  • Daman Mashore Oak Right Pull
  • Derrick May Hou Left Spray
  • Billy McMillon Fla Left Spray
  • James Mouton Hou Right Pull
  • Joe Orsulak Fla Left Spray
  • Eric Owens Cin Right Spray
  • Robert Perez Tor Right Pull
  • Phil Plantier Oak Left Pull
  • Luis Polonia Atl Left Spray Taken week 4 early waivers Boston
  • Ruben Sierra Det Both Pull
  • Mike Simms Hou Right Pull
  • Chris Stynes KC Right Spray
  • Mark Sweeney StL Left Spray
  • Milt Thompson Col Left Spray
  • John Vander Wall Col Left Spray
  • Jerome Walton Atl Right Spray
  • Gerald Williams Mil Right Pull Taken Baltimore Early Waivers Week 1

Center Field

  • Jermaine Allensworth Pit Right Spray Taken week 4 early waivers Minnesota
  • Allen Battle Oak Right Spray Taken Pittsburgh Early Waivers Week 2
  • Jacob Brumfield Tor Right Pull Taken week 3 waivers Chicago
  • Alex Cole Bos Left Spray
  • Midre Cummings Pit Left Spray
  • Chad Fonville LAD Both Spray
  • Curtis Goodwin Cin Left Spray
  • Dwayne Hosey Bos Both Pull
  • Trent Hubbard SF Right Spray
  • David Hulse Mil Left Spray
  • Dax Jones SF Right Spray
  • Mike Kelly Cin Right Pull
  • Mike Kingery Pit Right Pull
  • Wayne Kirby LAD Left Spray
  • Rod Myers KC Left Spray
  • Rickey Otero Phil Both Spray
  • Orlando Palmerio Cal Left Spray
  • Duane Singleton Det Left Spray
  • Jesus Tavarez Fla Both Spray
  • Lee Tinsley Bos Both Spray

Right Field

  • Ruben Amaro Phil Both Spray Taken Atlanta Early Waivers Week 2
  • Danny Bauista Atl Right Spray
  • Trey Beamon Atl Left Spray
  • Scott Bullett CSox Right Spray
  • Jacob Cruz SF Left Spray Taken week 4 early waivers Atlanta
  • Mike Deveraux Bal Right Spray
  • Chris Gwynn SD Left Spray
  • Jose Herrera Oak Left Spray
  • Denny Hocking Min Both Spray
  • Robin Jennings CSox Left Spray
  • Chris Jones Mets Right Pull
  • Jose Malave Bos Right Pull
  • Manny Martinez Phil Right Pull
  • Orlando Merced Pit Left Spray Taken week 4 early waivers NYY
  • Chad Mottola Cin Right Pull
  • Lyle Mouton CSox Right Pull
  • Pedro Munoz Oak Right Pull
  • Glenn Murray Phil Right Pull
  • Warren Newsome Tex Left Spray
  • Melvin Nieves Det Both Pull
  • Les Norman KC Right Spray
  • Jon Nunnally KC Left Pull
  • Sherman Obando Mon Right Pull
  • Dwight Smith Atl Left Spray
  • Tony Tarasco Bal Left Spray
  • Ozzie Timmons CSox Right Pull
  • Andy Tomberlin NYM Left Pull
  • Turner Ward Mil Both Pull

I look at the Redsox lineup for opening day and the first thing I thought to my self was: “This is the lineup of a team that will finish last.”

The 2nd thing that I thought of when I saw the Red Sox Starting Lineup was: What the hell is Raphael Devers doing batting 2nd?

The guy is a power hitter with limited speed who doesn’t walk as much as he should. That’s for 4th or 5th not second. Batting him second is 100 double plays waiting to happen.

There was a lot of fuss on sports talk radio about Chris Sale not pitching opening day. I think it’s foolish for two reasons.

  1. He’s been injured so regularly lately we’re just lucky to have him pitching at all
  2. There is absolutely no reason to believe that the oft injured Chris Sale of 2023 bears any resemblance to the dominating Chris Sale of 2018.

If Sale proves himself an ace again great but anyone expecting this needs to have their head examined.

Speaking of Sale and Devers I’m looking at the 40 man roster and noticed that the two of them are the only two players left from that 2018 World Series Championship team.

Apparently the RedSox have decided to go the Connie Mack route after winning these days.

Lucky for them the Patriots aren’t going anywhere but if the Celtics & or Bruins manage to win titles this year it’s going to make them look even worse.

Finally I noticed the Draft Kings signs above the green monster and if you are listening to any sports radio you know they are constantly pushing the betting lines on the various baseball games.

And here is a press release from MLB

MLB names FanDuel a new official sports betting partner in North America

New Partnership Gives FanDuel National Broadcast Integrations, Expanded Marketing Rights, and Provides Customers the Ability to Watch and Wager on MLB Games Via Sportsbook App and OTT Platform FanDuel+

Ok so now not only is betting on baseball legal but MLB now has an official bettering partner for MLB games.

Given these facts I have one obvious question:

With Baseball Pushing Gambling Everywhere and Having an Official Better Partner How the Hell is Pete Rose Still Permanently Banned from the Game?

While I had no problem with the ban of Rose at the time it makes no sense to continue the ban for gambling 30 years after the fact with the league is pushing gambling on baseball as the greatest thing since sliced bread then it’s time for the leading hitter of all time to be welcomed back into the fold and forgiven before he dies.

If I was Fanduel I’d hire Rose on the spot.