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Here is the final report on Our All Pathetic 96 loss league has finished it’s third season Here were the division results

2009 Cleveland Indians5149.510—–
1996 Detroit Tigers 5050.5001
1957 Washington Senators4753.4704
2010 Baltimore Orioles4060.40011
Cleveland won their division by winning the final two games of the season vs Detroit despite finishing the season with a negative runs for /against ratio (-2)
1970 Kansas City Royals5545.550—–
1997 Oakland A’s 5446.5401
2021 Texas Rangers5149.5104
2021 Pittsburgh Pirates4060.40015
Kansas City won their division on their final game of the season vs Oakland

If you like tight division races you LOVED the AL this season. Both races where three team affairs going into the 2nd to last series and both were decided in the final game with the two fighting teams with identical records. One note. The 1970 White Sox were supposed to be the 4th team in the AL West but a system error took place which would have required some teams game to be replayed. Rather than cancel games I took the only pathetic team from the base year (2021) available (Pittsburgh) and moved them to the AL West to substitute.

2009 Washington Nationals7030.700—–
2002 Milwaukee Brewers5446.54016
2019 Miami Marlins4555.45025
1969 Montreal Expos4357.43027
How dominant were the defending World Series champion 2009 Nationals? The only team they had a losing record against were the 2009 Cleveland Indians (1-3). They had a .750 winning percentage or better against 9 of the 15 other teams in the league. and with a +225 Runs for/against ratio
2012 Chicago Cubs5546.545—–
1982 Cincinnati Reds5447.5351
2015 Cincinnati Reds5050.5004 1/2
1993 San Diego Padres4258.42012 1/2
The Season was decided in a one game playoff which is why the Cubs and Reds have 101 games

The National league had both the tightest and the loosest division races. The 2002 Brewers record would have put them in 1st place in any other division yet they finished 16 games back which is farther behind than any last place team in any other division. The lack of a wild card due to a 16 team league hurt them. Meanwhile not only was the NL west a three team race with six to go but it finished in a dead heat with the 1982 Cincinnati Reds winning their final two to tie the cubs forcing a one game regular season playoff game that went 13 innings before Tony Campana doubled in the go ahead runs.

League Championship Series

The Playoffs in the NL started with no surprise. The National who had gone 7-1 vs the cubs in the regular season shut then out in game one. The Cubs took an early lead in game two but nats tied it up in the 4th and it remained tied till then 8th and then the floor fell out on the Nationals season with the Cubs taking the lead and never looking back. The only time they trailed in the rest of the series was a run in the top of the first in game 3 which they answered with ten of their own closing out the Nationals in 4 games

2012 Cubs 3 games 2009 Nationals 1

In the American League you had two teams who had both won their divisions and it was hard fought. the 2009 Indians took game one 4-2 but the 1970 Royals answered back with a 7-4 win in game two but fate took a hand in game three when trying to protect a 2-0 lead in the fifth right fielder Lou Piniella injured himself diving for a ball in right. He would leave the game so when the 9th inning game and the Royals had closed within 3 due to Bob Oliver’s HR he could only watch as his replacement Bill Sorrell grounded to first as the Indians won 7-5. With Piniella’s bat out of the lineup the Indians would win game four shutting out the Royals on four hits closing out a series that could easily have gone either way

2009 Indians 3 games 1979 Royals 1 game

World Series

The last Indians Cubs world series was close and exciting and this one didn’t disappoint. Cleveland opened with an 8-2 win at Wrigley but the Cubs answered right back routing the tribe 9-4. The series went back to Cleveland and Jacobs field proved friendly as the Indians took game three 6-1 and game four 6-3. The Cubs facing elimination came back to win game five 7-5 and force the series back to the friendly confines of the ivy. Cleveland took an early 6-1 lead but the Cubs came back to make it 6-4 and a nasty feeling of deja vu came upon the denizens of Lake Erie. The tribe added an insurance run in the 7th but the Cubs put a pair of runners on in the 8th bringing the tying run at bat with only one out against Chris Perez who relieved Kerry Wood with one on and one out. Perez rose to the occasion striking out David DeJesus and coaxing a grounder from Starlin Castro to finish the eighth and after waling Joe Mather on a borderline pitch to start the ninth held on striking out the final two batters to bring Joy to Cleveland and to Lebron as the Indians finally had a World Series again!

So ends out All pathetic league 3rd season. It will take a pause as we finish the 2nd season of our draft league (1970) and start to prepare for 1971. If you have any interest in joining that league or in a special one season all year draft league that we might see in Feb let me know in comments.

Yesterday the talk of Boston Sports Radio was the Bruins signing of Mitchel Miller who was apparently quite an ass as a youth when he was 14.

The thing that really clinched the anger was the sudden “apology” just before the signing and the fellow insisting it had nothing to do with Hockey, which confirms he’s still an ass.

The whole principle of a juvenile court system is so people aren’t punished as adults for things they did as kids but re is a reason why we have a juvenile court system on the other hand you also want to provide an incentive for folks to avoid this kind of thing in the future so here is what I’d do.

He wants to play in the NHL fine, 5% of his contract should go to the kid in question and since he waited six years to apologize, that 5% should continue for the first six years of his career. And since the Bruins decided to make the signing let them match that 5% as well.

You can’t make a person virtuous who is not but you can provide incentives to make virtue less expensive than vice. I guarantee if a young jock figures this kind of thing will cost him real money it will at best stop cold or at worst produce the required contrition without a six years wait.

Kyrie Irving has been suspended five games for tweeting out a link to an Holocaust denying documentary.

Given the left’s embrace of this kind of thing and the NBA’s embrace of the left it’s almost a shock Brooklyn punished him even if the team does reside in one of the most Jewish sections of the nation.

The NBA itself has decided to leave him alone and leave things to the Nets. After all as far as the NBA is concerned he didn’t do something really horrible in their eyes, like hitting China for slave labor etc. If he had Irving would have gone the way of Enes Kanter Freedom and not see the inside of an NBA court again. Irving cost him embarrassment, Kanter cost them money.

One more thought. The idea that Kyrie actually might have bought the idea that the black race are the actual tribes of Israel is no surprise to me. It’s been 25 years since Mary Lefkowitz warned us about this stuff in Not Out Of Africa: How “”Afrocentrism”” Became An Excuse To Teach Myth As History With 25 years of this going on since the release of this book without any pushback the wonder is that it isn’t more prevalent.

Boston sports radio is all over the place on the New England Patriots. Nobody seems sure about anything except that they’re not good enough to beat Buffalo. Here is their remaining schedule:

  • vs Colts
  • vs Jets
  • at Vikings
  • vs Bills
  • at Cardinals
  • at Raiders
  • vs Bengals
  • vs Dolphins
  • at Bills

With the exception of the Bills there is not a team on the list they aren’t capable of beating nor any time not capable of clearing their clock. Given the parity in the league, the quality of their roster and the uneven play of everyone. I’d not be surprised to see them finish anywhere from 11-6 to 4-13.

It’s bad for the nerves but good if you want some mystery in how a game will go.

There has been a lot of fuss about the fact that there are no American born black players on either roster in the World Series this year. This is being pushed as a stain to baseball, but frankly it’s not a stain in terms of racism but a stain in terms of marketing.

Part of it is cost you can play football or basketball with a single ball and a small group, but you need at least 10 or 12 for baseball, plus bats gloves but more importantly both the NFL and the NBA have done a much better job of marketing of both marketing its stars, both in general and to the black community in particular. Meanwhile the Latino stars from central and south America are huge in their countries and within the communities.

Personally I think it’s crazy. MLB besides being a better game has guaranteed contracts, less physical punishment in terms of contact and the potential for a longer career if you can’t sell that and the players to kids dying to become athletes then you need another career.

A great example of this lack of marketing is the current world series. It’s been a great playoffs and a spectacular series but game four illustrated exactly why.

The Astros put together five runs in the fifth to give them a 5-0 lead in a game they desperately needed to win. Meanwhile Christian Javier pitched six no hit innings, and then was pulled with a five run lead.

Now I understand priority one is to win the game and the Phillies have a history of coming back. But there is no reason why the Astros could not have had Javier pitching in what is likely his final start of the year and a five run lead could not have come out for the 7th with Bryan Abreu ready in the pen if he gave up a hit.

There is a reason why Don Larson is remembered 66 years after his perfect game in the 1956 World series, but I had to look up who the starter was to see who pitched in the Astros no hitter.

Personally I think MLB should fire their entire PR staff of the league and start again.

Photo by Jose Francisco Morales on Unsplash

By: Pat Austin

SHREVEPORT – Random, unconnected thoughts about baseball.

I am writing this on Sunday evening while watching the Mets v Padres. It’s not looking good for the Mets at the moment. But as I watch, I am thinking about the proposed MLB rule changes for next year. And a big thumbs down to that from me.

I am by no means whatsoever the baseball expert that my friend Liz is; she is a Pirates fan from waaaayyy back and can quote stats, dates, and important events for all the players. It’s incredible. I am a different kind of fan; I just watch because I love baseball. I don’t even have a favorite team! I have some I like and follow more than others, but I’m not die-hard for any one team.

So maybe that negates my opinions on the matter. Who knows.

But I’ll express them anyway. I’m not a fan of a pitch clock. At all. Baseball is a game of strategy and the dance between a pitcher and the batter is a beautiful thing. Putting a clock on it is criminal. You think the game lasts too long? It’s not fast enough for your video-game-aged-mind? Too bad.

And another thing.

This man-on-second thing when the game is in a tie at the end of the ninth…what the heck!  I hate it. Hate hate hate. Can we say unfair advantage?! Let the teams duke it out…give me those old tie-breaker games that lasted all night! These guys are athletes, professional athletes making lots and lots of money. We aren’t talking about a T-ball game. This is professional baseball!

I really wish we would quit expecting a homerun derby every time we watch a game; batters going for the fences every time does not equate to better athleticism for me. There are merits to be found in “small ball,” in the well placed ground ball, for example. Moving the runners around the bases. You want to see a homerun derby, tune in at All-Star time and you can find one. Leave the rest of the games alone.

And this one will be really unpopular, I’m sure, especially coming from a female, but I do not like a female baseball announcer. I’m so sorry, feminists, but man, listening to some former softball player chick try to tell me what is happening in a Major League baseball game just irritates me. Fight me.

Baseball is the purest, best game we have. Leave it alone. There is no other game more American, more beautiful, than baseball. The history! The poetry! The show! I love it, even though I can’t quote stats and even though I don’t bleed team colors, I love baseball. I hate to see the season end. Spring training is circled on my calendar. Winter is long and dark.

To be honest, I love minor league baseball and even the college leagues even more. If you don’t know about the Clarinda A’s, look it up. What an amazing story!

Rule changers: sit down. Leave it alone.
Baseball is Life.

As you might have heard if you follow baseball at all Aaron Judge led off the Yankees penultimate game of the regular season with his 62 home run of the season to set a new American League all time record.

On the other hand it wasn’t enough to give the Yankees a win as the once unbeatable team dropped the game to the lowly rangers by a score of 3-2

The one mountain that stands between Judge and the triple crown (lead in HR, RBI & AVG) which would be on the 2nd of the 21st century is Luis Arraez or more specifically his hamstring which has kept him out of games since Saturday. Judge will need to go 4-4 or 5-6 to catch him. If he manages to do this then people will not just be comparing him to Maris this season but to Ted Williams who famously went 6-8 in a doubleheader to finish the 1941 season at .406 the last man to hit .400 rather than settling for .3995 if he sat and making the landmark via a rounding.

One thing that 62nd home run does is take some of the pressure off the MVP voters.

You might think that Judge, would be the clear favorite over last years’ MVP Shohei Othani if you put their triplecrown stats side by side

PlayerBatting AvgHome RunsRuns Batted In
Aaron Judge.31162130
Shohei Othani.2783495

However Othani’s has something the Judge doesn’t have, a Pitching line

PlayerGames as PitcherIPWinsLossesPctStrikeoutsERA
Aaron Judgenonenonen/an/an/an/an/a
Shohei Othani27161158.6522132.35

Judge is 1st in Wins above replacement among batters with Othani 2nd, however Othani is also 2nd in wins above replacement among PITCHERS in the AL, 4th in ERA, 4th in wins . 3rd in strikeouts and did all of this for a team that is going to miss the playoffs and not even get to a .500 record..

Othani is clearly the more valuable player but as long as he is putting up batting and pitching stats like this he would naturally win every single year which the voters don’t want, Judge reaching a thrice in 122 year milestone give the voters and excuse to place Shohei 2nd.

When Babe Ruth (the other great hitting pitcher who was converted to the OF to take advantage of his bat every day) hit his 60’s HR in 1927 he reported said:

“Sixty! Count ’em, 60! Let’s see some other son of a bitch match that!”

It took 34 years and a slightly longer season (162 vs 154 games) for someone, namely Roger Maris to do so with 61

It took a further 61 years and both a DH rule and interleague play for that American league record of 61 to become 62.

Here’s the real oddity.

The only people in American League History to hit 60 homes or more have all been Left Handed Yankee Outfielders playing in a year the Yanks finished 1st.

You have to go back to Hank Greenberg of the Detroit tigers for the next highest man at 58. Mark McGuire’s 58 were split between Oakland (AL) and St Louis (NL)

This also raises a buggaboo for me.

A lot of people are making a larger fuss over Judge because his 62 was done without “juicing” or any kind of steroids, but consider he also was not facing pitchers who were juicing as well.

Or to put it another way. Despite the steroids the number of players who have reached 60+ home runs in the National league is the same number of player who have reached 60 home runs in the American League three (AL Judge, Maris, Ruth), as there have been in the national league (Bonds, McGuire, Sosa)

The difference is quantity Bonds reached 73 home runs in 2001 but never reached 50 any other year. McGuire would manage 70 in 1998 and 65 the next year before age and injury got to him. The real Irony is Sosa who would actually manage it three times while never leading the league with 66 in 98, 63 in 99 both times 2nd to McGuire and 64 in 2001 the year Bonds broke the record.

My thought is it was just as tough to hit those HR’s in the steroid era as without them because again, Judge, Maris and Ruth didn’t have to face juiced up pitchers at the same time.

Baseball will be a lot better off admitting that white regrettable the steroids’ era was a fun time in the game, the fans loved the game of that era and the players that played it and the sooner we get over it the sooner the game will recover.