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By Christopher Harper

As Christians, Jews, and Muslims observe the important religious rites of Easter, Passover, and Ramadan, I suggest that every believer and nonbeliever read the seminal works of Russian author Leo Tolstoy and his search for the meaning of life and religion.

Born into Russian royalty in 1828, Tolstoy became one of the most influential authors in the world. War and Peace and Anna Karenina are two of the greatest novels ever written.

As a member of the Russian elite, the young Tolstoy lived a dissolute life of gambling, drinking, and debauchery.

But a crisis of conscience, particularly after his service in the Crimean War in the mid-1850, sent him into a deep depression.

His search for the meaning of life led him to a personal belief in God that also emphasized nonviolence and asceticism. Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. acknowledged the importance of Tolstoy’s writings in their beliefs.

A Confession, published in 1880, chronicles Tolstoy’s search for the meaning of life and the influence of God.

At the outset, Tolstoy admits that his life and those of the elite lacked any significant meaning except to engage in debauchery. He writes: “I asked: ‘What is the meaning of my life, beyond time, cause, and space?’ And I replied to quite another question: ‘What is the meaning of my life within time, cause, and space?’ With the result that, after long efforts of thought, the answer I reached was: ‘None’.”

Tolstoy explores the sciences for the meaning of life and finds them wanting because they can only define the mathematical explanation of existence.

He writes: “It was long before I could believe that human learning had no clear answer to this question. For a long time, it seemed to me, as I listened to the gravity and seriousness wherewith Science affirmed its positions on matters unconnected with the problem of life, that I must have misunderstood something. For a long time, I was timid in the presence in learning, and I fancied that the insufficiency of the answers which I received was not its fault but was owing to my own gross ignorance, but this thing was not a joke or a pastime with me, but the business of my life, and I was at last forced, willy-nilly, to the conclusion that these questions of mine were the only legitimate questions underlying all knowledge, and that it was not I that was in fault in putting them, but science in pretending to have an answer for them.”

For the most part, he found organized religion wanting, mainly because of the hypocrisy of those heading the Russian Orthodox Church, and that got him excommunicated from the church. Nevertheless, he found the simple faith of the working and lower classes much closer to how he thought religion should be centered on faith.

Finally, Tolstoy writes about a dream in which he is pushed out into a river and understands the meaning of his life. He writes: “The shore was God, the stream was tradition, and the oars were the free will be given to me to make it to the shore where I would be joined with God. Thus, the force of life was renewed within me, and I began to live once again.”

Tolstoy’s Confession and his later books, The Kingdom of God Is Within You and Resurrection, became more important to him than his recognized great works.

This season may be a good time to read this great man’s search for meaning.

According to a reporter to Today’s News Africa who is assigned the White House beat there is discrimination going on at the press briefings:

“They don’t take questions from any African journalists.”

Imagine the MSM outcry if this was said by a black African reporter under Trump or Bush.

This headline at Fox conserving Idaho is interesting

Idaho gov signs bill barring transgender students from using bathrooms consistent with their gender identity

Such a woke headline rather than pointing out that students will be forced to use bathrooms that correspond with reality.

Of the course the person hardest hit in Teddy Brewster whose family has been lobbying for a bill forcing people to salute in his presence and require them to address him as either “Mr President” or “Colonel”

One of the reasons why Donald Trump does not like the response of Ron DeSantis to the possibility of his indictment is it highlights something about the whole Trump/Daniels business. While the prosecution is clearly political, the “crime” at best a paperwork misdemeanor that the statute of limitations has passed on. A “crime” even the Justice department has passed on there is one adjective concerning the alleged affair and payoff of Ms. Daniels by Mr. Trump that is just as unapplicable to this case as it was concerning Bill Clinton’s visits to Jeffrey Epstein’s island.


It’s because it is so believable to the public that the left keeps bringing it up.

Of course folks like me lost the culture war where such a thing was disqualifying almost 30 years ago to the left so I find it very interesting that they suddenly think it beyond the pale.

Today I’ll be at Assumption College in Worcester attending the Catholic Men’s Conference at the WQPH booth. I’ll have copies of my book to sell and will be taking prayer requests from any who wish to make them.

Hope to see you there.

A topic that may or may not come up is the Pope’s special that will be on Disney+ addressing issue with young people.

If it was St. John Paul II or Benedict XVI I’d be excited but I shudder at what Francis might say. Of course if St. John Paul II or Benedict XVI was still pope Disney+ would have no interest in giving the Pope a platform.

Unexpectedly of course

Finally one slightly amusing oddity. I’m Car pooling to the Men’s Conference and am supposed to meet the folks I’m going with between 6:30 & 6:45 AM today.

As I normally get up at 7:30 or later and I had trouble getting to sleep last night so my wife set two alarms for 6 AM on her phone as we no longer have an alarm clock.

So naturally I woke at 5:10 with no problem and was unable to shut off said alarms to keep from waking her. Rest assured that if the Alarms were not set I would still be asleep now.

A Godsend for the Democrats

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With the whole “Trump Indictment” business turning from a welcome distraction from bank failures, Ukraine failures and economic failures to an exercise if leftist incompetence the Democrat left needs some good news.

They’re about to get some:

Now in one respect this is good and Reade is pleased to have her day

Now you might consider it odd that I would describe this as a Godsend for Democrats but you forget something.

When this stuff first began to come out Joe Biden was both hiding in his basement and running for President against an incumbent Donald Trump, The last thing the left needed was anything resembling a credible case that their candidate for president sexually assaulted anybody.

But now Democrats are scared to death of Biden running for re-election and need an excuse, ANY excuse to nudge old Joe out of the race before the primaries. This is a problem because while not much is working upstairs for President Biden these days he does still remember where 50 years of bodies are buried so people aren’t anxious to go up against him.

This however is just the type of thing that can be used to make trouble and give people a face saving excuse to look elsewhere if the Democrats choose to use it.

Watch the media closely. How they react to this story when it happens will tell you if the decision to dump old joe has been made.

When I first heard the news from President Trump that he was soon going to be arrested, I was absolutely outraged.  I knew the fury I felt would be shared by the vast majority of Conservatives and Libertarians.  I knew that instant and widespread protest by us Trump supporters would be the most appropriate way to answer this injustice.  As you can see from this Townhall article, President Trump reached the same conclusion.


I was most disheartened when I saw the following statement by the new Speaker of the House of Representatives.  It is additional proof that Kevin McCarthy is not a Conservative.

My disappointment increased to an intolerable level when I saw this American Thinker article.

President Trump has stated that he will be arrested on Tuesday and we should all take to the streets.  Don’t do it!   Stay home, and let the lawyers handle it.  This is a set-up, just like January 6.  Don’t fall for it.  Don’t go anywhere near a federal building, don’t stand with groups of people you don’t know, and don’t send threatening emails.   Stay home, and let the lawyers deal with it.  President Trump has good lawyers, he has great lawyers…he even has had Alan Dershowitz as a lawyer.  Trials are meant to be won, by rich people.  President Trump is rich.  Let him fight his battle.  He has proven more than capable. 

It’s okay to be angry about things.  And we are supposed to have the right to protest peacefully.  However, they will sabotage that right.  They will inject fake bad actors for the express purpose of charging you with a crime. This will be an attempted Charlottesville and January 6 mass-arrest false flag operation.  Sometimes the best response is no response at all.

Both Speaker McCarthy and the author of the American Thinker article demonstrated remarkable cowardice.  Peaceful protest is not only our most effective weapon to fight tyranny, it is one of our most important God-given natural rights, one that has been enshrined in the First Amendment. To abandon that right just because the Left might attempt another false flag operation, such as January 6th, is unconscionable.  If Trump is arrested we must absolutely take to the streets in massive non-violent protest.  We must also be on our guard.  When the left does, in fact, try to entrap us again, we must expose the plot.