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I love this tweet and my response:

Think about it for a second. If “immigrant activist” groups thought that places like DC or cities like Chicago and NYC and other places run where the Democrats have huge majorities were so wonderful they would be cheering that illegal immigrants (what they call ‘migrants’) would be settling there for a good life.

Instead they are angry and upset that the Governor of Florida or the Governor of Texas would send them there.

Apparently these activists believe that those Red States offer a higher quality of life and a better potential for these poor souls than the blue states do and given blue states attempts to turn said states into crime ridden hellholes I suspect these activists are right.

If I was DeSantis or Abbot I’d be making this point very loudly, frankly I’m surprised Christina Pushaw hasn’t yet

If she’s good enough to sleep with she’s good enough to marry.

Dominic James Ingemi (1921-1987)

I’ve been saying for many years that the Sexual Revolution is over and men won and the time has come when some young women are figuring it out too.

I’ve also been saying for years that the primary cause of this insanity has been the 60’s generation, unlike every generation before them never growing out of the idea that they were smarter than their parents and thus rejecting literally millennia of trial and error in how to raise kids and maintain a society.

Feminist Bari Weiss (born 1984) is a product of that generation and would have reflexively rejected the advice my very Catholic father (born 1921) and my even more Catholic mother (born 1924) would have given on how woman should carry themselves as being patriarchal tripe from a repressed society (ironically while at the same time referring to them as part of the “Greatest Generation” which is a device used to excuse all generations that follow from reaching their levels of success) however she was so impressed by 30 Year old Louise Perry arguments on the subject that she gave her space on her site to repeat them:

I’m not a religious conservative. I’m a feminist, and I’ve spent my entire professional life working on the issue of male violence against women—first in a rape crisis center, and later as a journalist and a media relations director for a legal campaign against sexual violence.

Ah reality, what lessons it teaches

It’s precisely because I’m a feminist that I’ve changed my mind on sexual liberalism. It’s an ideology premised on the false belief that the physical and psychological differences between men and women are trivial, and that any restrictions placed on sexual behavior must therefore have been motivated by malice, stupidity or ignorance. 

In the piece Ms Perry goes on to give advice to young women, advice which sounds rather familiar to my nearly 60 year old ears. Here is a smattering of it:

  • Distrust any person or ideology that pressures you to ignore your moral intuition.
  • Chivalry is actually a good thing. We all have to control our sexual desires, and men particularly so, given their greater physical strength and average higher sex drives.
  • Sometimes (though not always) you can readily spot sexually aggressive men. There are a handful of personality traits that are common to them: impulsivity, promiscuity, hyper-masculinity and disagreeableness. These traits in combination should put you on your guard.
  • A man who is aroused by violence is a man to steer well clear of, whether or not he uses the vocabulary of BDSM to excuse his behavior. If he can maintain an erection while beating a woman, he isn’t safe to be alone with.
  • The category of people most likely to become victims of these men are young women between the ages of 13 and 25. All girls and women, but particularly those in this age category, should avoid being alone with men they don’t know or men who give them the creeps. Gut instinct is not to be ignored: It’s usually triggered by a red flag that’s well worth noticing.
  • Monogamous marriage is by far the most stable and reliable foundation on which to build a family.

Any of those things could have come right from the lips of either of my parents and she throws in a few more that Mom would have had mom nodding her head in agreement with a caveat or two.

  • Get drunk or high in private and with female friends, rather than in public or in mixed company. (mom would have suggested avoiding getting drunk or high period)
  • Holding off on having sex with a new boyfriend for at least a few months is a good way of discovering whether or not he’s serious about you or just looking for a hook-up. (They would agree but suggest holding off sex period)
  • Only have sex with a man if you think he would make a good father to your children—not because you necessarily intend to have children with him, but because this is a good rule of thumb in deciding whether he’s worthy of your trust. (that’s basically my dad’s advice to me with the sexes reversed Mom would have said wait till you’re married, but should would tolerate, with overt disapproval waiting till a wedding date was set.)

This next paragraph produced a wide grin from me:

None of this advice is groundbreaking. It’s all informed by peer-reviewed research, but it shouldn’t have to be, since this is what pretty much most mothers would tell their daughters, if only they were willing to listen.

The source of said grin is that all of this had already been known thanks to many centuries of experience and reality informed by trial and error, the best type of peer reviewed research there is which was handed to the 60’s generation on a silver platter and tossed away.

Nor did we have to go back to folks born in the 1920’s to hear said advice. Stacy McCain who has been writing and blogging on this subject for a decade is only a couple of years older than me but if Ms. Weiss had read these words from Stacy written in 2015

Pardon the deliberately provocative clickbait headline, but the campus “rape culture” discourse keeps avoiding this issue. There is an obvious connection between (a) claims that sexual assault is an “epidemic” among college and university students; (b) the phenomenon of binge drinking among students, most of whom are below the legal drinking age; and (c) the adamant insistence of feminists that it is “slut-shaming” and “victim blaming” to suggest how (a) and (b) are most likely related.

She would have immediately rejected him as a misogynist and cheered as Twitter banned him for daring to quote feminists in their own words online, yet when the 30 year old Ms. Perry suggests that a woman should not get drunk or high in public or in mixed company it’s a revelation worthy of her site. That of course is the cynic in me for in the 18th Century Ben Franklin wrote

Experience keeps a dear School, but Fools will learn in no other, 

Poor Richard’s Almanack 1743

and the belated relearning of these lessons proves his timeless wisdom once again. There is however more to life than cynicism. The Catholic Church teaches about redemption to understand the the joy and value in it

In the end the fact that Ms. Perry has managed to relearn the lessons her parents and grandparents rejected from history is a commendable thing and the fact that Ms. Weiss is able to see the wisdom of these lessons from her and pass them along to others who need them is even better, something to be celebrated because it’s by relearning these lessons and applying them that we can avoid the costs that three generations have and are paying for the insanity that is modern feminism.

Or as Jesus Christ himself said when the disciples told him that others outside their company where driving out demons in his name:

For whoever is not against us is for us.

Mark 9:40

Hi Ho Hi Ho Off Disney’s Tax Breaks Go…

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If you’re not old enough to buy a Margarita you’re not old enough to decide to become ‘Margarita’

My Pastor at Breakfast yesterday

E.K Hornbeck: Tell me, uh, what do you think. of all these Monkeyshines?

Hotdog Vendor:  Got no opinionsirOpinions are bad for business.

Inherit the Wind 1960

Think about it.

Just sixty days ago if anyone had said there was even the slightest possibility of Florida Pols voting away Disney’s State tax breaks they would have laughed you off the face of the earth. After all as Breitbart noted in their article on the subject:

It should be noted Disney employs 38 lobbyists in Florida and has a strong hold on state Democrats and establishment Republicans.

Yet within 24 hours both the Florida Senate and the Florida House passed bills revoking the Ready Creek Agreement that made Disney a self governing organization within the state.

How could this be? Well the 1st cause of this was the bubble. That’s one of the few advantages of being a conservative Catholic living in one of only four states that give Joe Biden a positive approval rating. You can’t insulate yourself things that are right in front of your face.

Alas for Disney this is not the case for their board. They live in the liberal, twitter LGBTQ bubble and within that bubble the rules are very strict and if you don’t jump when you are told you risk being pushed out of your comfortable space within said bubble.

So when the left decided that they could not abide 5-8 year olds not having Queer theory pushed on them and dubbed Florida’s law on waiting until at least age 9 before such things were taught to kids they framed their narrative in such a way that CEO  Bob Chapek feared retaliation for saying nothing:

Mind you he didn’t fear retaliation from stockholders or customers, nor did he fear retaliation from employees or the people of Florida who MSNBC contributors not withstanding both supported the bill in question (a full 58% of Florida democrats did) no he feared personal retaliation and being others within his own social group.

But in the end no matter how bad it gets for Disney shareholders, no matter how much things tank, no matter how much it costs the company and or their employees, Bob will know that the people who matter, the leftist elites will still invite him to the right parties.

And for leftists and those who fear them who live in the land of the bubble that’s what really counts.

In peace we can make many of them ignore good and evil entirely; in danger, the issue is forced upon them in a guise to which even we cannot blind them. There is here a cruel dilemma before us. If we promoted justice and charity among men, we should be playing directly into the Enemy’s hands; but if we guide them to the opposite behaviour, this sooner or later produces (for He permits it to produce) a war or a revolution, and the undisguisable issue of cowardice or courage awakes thousands of men from moral stupor.

C.S. Lewis The Screwtape Letters #29

One of the most interesting side effects of the war in Ukraine is the sudden shift in the left on several things.

Last week the left was telling us that armed citizens are dangerous and no regular person needs a gun

This week the left suddenly deciding that civilians armed with military weapons as a good thing.

Last week “Toxic Masculinity” was a curse that universities needed to purge using tools like Critical Race Theory to get this poison out of society.

This week the Masculinity of standing up to Tanks, Air Bombings and Fleets demanding surrender is something to produce awe and admiration.

Last week running away from Truckers who were honking horns at people was a good thing as US democrats overwhelmingly supported Trudeau

This week not running away from bombs etc and declaring “I don’t need a ride I need ammunition” is the template for how leaders should act.

This week you see everything from the Simpsons to Hollywood stars to members of congress celebrating the brave Ukrainian people.

But last week if you took the average Ukrainian now fighting the Russians, a white Christian who doesn’t believe in gay marriage, defines a woman by her sex and if asked tells you there is only two genders in the US, those same people celebrating them today would demand they be cancelled and or fired from any public position they hold.

The optimist in me would like to say this is because reality tends to trump woke stupidity and the realty of an actual war causes one to brush aside all the foolishness that people insulated from danger embrace.

But the realist tells me that the left understands that the fall of Ukraine would be a disaster politically for the left and their message worldwide and so they will jump with enthusiasm to defend them. That is defend them rhetorically, not in person of course That’s just as well a person who needs counseling for microaggressions is not likely to cope with battlefield conditions.

BTW if you are a true believer in the whole woke canon and are shocked and disgusted by this sudden volta face of the elites and their followers have no fear. Once the war is over and the danger to Ukraine the left’s political viability is past, all of those things that they are now celebrating will once again be beyond the pale.

Unexpectedly of course.