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Well yesterday didn’t see Dan’s high score fall so under my “blogging will be light” meme let me suggest you read what might in terms of our cultural history both the saddest and in fact the least surprising story I’ve seen (via Don Surber)

“I didn’t go into this thinking I was going to hear these really shocking things,” said Dean, who originally had no interest in launching an investigative dig through the erotica tycoon’s dirty laundry. “I figured it’d be fun, but kind of lightweight.”

Dean had just wrapped production on Paris Hilton’s gripping “This Is Paris” documentary in early 2020 when she was tapped to probe Hefner’s previously impenetrable kingdom at the dawn of the pandemic. 

“But as I started to have these conversations [with the survivors of Hefner], the project transformed 180 degrees, from lightweight to super-critical,” she said, deeming the documentary the crown jewel of her career. 

I’ve been saying for a long time that men won the sexual revolution hands down. We went from a culture where a man was expected to marry a girl if he wanted to sleep with them (As my dad taught me and as I taught my sons “If she’s good enough to sleep with she’s good enough to marry”) to one where women are taught to put out and now even in schools we are encouraging kids in this direction.

“The women were telling me what they’d been through, and why it was important for us to re-examine who Hef really was,” Dean continued. “Our ideas of emancipated womanhood, sexuality and sexual freedom are all wrapped up with Playboy. But is a man like Hugh Hefner fit to define that?”

We went from the vice squad and porn being something tough to find to something so prevalent that they were unable to do a study on its effect because they couldn’t find a control group that hadn’t been exposed to it. Hefner was the man their pried this door open and many who wanted the benefits of making perversion socially acceptable ran right though it.

Theodore clinched the coveted post as Hef’s main squeeze for five years during the late ’70s through the early ’80s. And his unending supply of cocaine and “leg spreader” Quaaludes helped her dull the pangs of being coaxed into orgies five nights a week, being ordered to have sex with a revolving door of men and women while Hef watched voyeuristically and she caught him engaging in sexual activities with her pet. 

Multiply this by all the different women who went though that mansion over 4 decades and the “revolving door of men and woman” who they serviced and you might get the scope of what this was. This was Jeffrey Epstein on steroids.

I submit and suggest that that the war on Christianity was all about enabling this.

Closing thought:

Speaking of Epstein on steroids, does anyone really believe that there were not camera rolling while all those people were in those rooms?

Via Wikipedia

The Oscar winning 1941 Movie 49th Parallel was available on Amazon Prime this month for free. Despite it being a famous movie and a WW 2 picture I had never seen it. The Basic plot is a German U-Boat is sunk in Hudson Bay but a landing party had been sent ashore to get supplies and so five sailors and an officer are stranded in Canada. It’s 1941 and the US hasn’t officially entered the war so if they can get across that 49th parallel they are safe. The story is about how they encounter Canadians on the way from a Trapper (Laurence Oliver) to a group of German immigrants of a religions sect including a young girl who lost family when a U-Boat sunk their ship ( Glynis Johns ), to a Professor studying the Blackfeet Indians (Leslie Howard) to a Canadian Soldier who has stayed behind his leave (Raymond Massy).

It’s a commentary on the character of Canada and free government vs the Nazi way.

As I watched this picture the portrayal of the Canadian national character that was portrayed was very familiar to me but I was surprised at how familiar the portrayal of the Nazi character was because it was what the Canadian, Australian and in many states run by Democrats, American character is becoming.

What’s horrible is that these nations that stopped Nazism have fallen so far and are so ignorant of what they were and are that they would not likely see what I saw.

What’s even worse is that I suspect a lot of people actually would see how far they have fallen but are too cowardly to acknowledge it because it would require them to act.

That’s the real tragedy here.

Closing thought along that line Manchin and Simena saved the filibuster yesterday in the teeth of their party.

The Wonder isn’t the Manchin and Sinema were willing to save the Filibuster the wonder is that the democrats have fallen so far that two were publicly willing to stand up for it.

Update: OK maybe not such a shock:

Nearly Half of All Democrats — Who Claimed to #Resist Fascism — Support Actual Internment Camps for the Unvaccinated

Today is the anniversary of Ashli Babbitt a US Airforce vet, being killed by a Capital Police officer in the US capital building.

I want you for one moment to imagine that Ashli Babbitt was not a supporter of Donald Trump and a person who, like me, believes the election of 2020 was stolen.

Imagine for a moment that instead she was a black Democrat who was protesting the elevation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court and picture just for a moment what the narrative would be on ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, the AP, Reuters , Newspapers like the NY Times the Washington Post and being pushed on every tech platform out there.

Today would be a day of mourning and remembrance, there would be glowing articles in the papers about her service to her country, her family would be on all the cable and morning shows, activists would be beating their breasts about the injustice of an unarmed woman slain for the mere crime of trespassing on the Capital that is in effect her property as an American. Her face would be everywhere and activist would especially decry that the Capital officer who pulled the trigger was never charged. None of us would be made to forget this name.

But alas for Ashli Babbitt and her family she did not have the right political opinions and thus her death as well as the death of several other protestors will be memory holed today because none of these deaths fit the narrative that our betters wish to push.

So there will only be those like Sarah Hoyt who will remember this day for what it is and mourn for the America that people like my Father and Uncles fought for that has been thrown away by those seeking power for their own ends.

Closing thought; I suddenly find myself thinking of Molly Norris the Seattle Cartoonist who is still in hiding over Islamic death threats. The non reaction to this twelve years ago to the targeting of a liberal cartoonish was a precursor to what we are seeing now.

I wrote a while back about the conflict about being Sicilian and being Catholic plays out on occasion and the more I see of the left lately the stronger that conflict becomes.

That’s when I remember the parable of the workers in the Vineyard and remember those who were hired with one hour to go in the day and a sermon that my priest gave reminding us that if we met Matthew the Tax Collector, Mary Magdalene or Saul of Tarsus the day before they encountered Christ we would not like what we saw.

We are dealing with a lot of really bad people right now but they are one encounter with Christ from change. If God’s willing to wait on them who am I not to?

One of the single hardest things about Christianity is the idea of loving your enemies, particularly when they don’t feel that obligation.

We’ve seen a lot of that lately from our friends on the left, a lot of it on the assumption that the good Christian folks on the right will just keep taking it.

They should be aware that Christians sometime slip, after all that’s what confession is for. So I’d be wary of pushing people to that point.

Nobody is going to convince me that all of the “don’t get together for Christmas” and “Cancel Christmas” for your own safety is about the virus.

As Don Surber noted: ” WHO didn’t tell the Saudis to call off the Hajj.”

Most of what the left does frankly is all about hatred of Christianity so I don’t see why this would be any different.

Speaking of tactics to hamper Christians the New DC Vaccine Passport rules go into effect two days before the March for Life.

I think with hundreds of thousands of people there it will be tough to enforce such rules but I don’t see the correlation between Christianity and not getting the vaccine, except for the fact that many Christians are able to get a religious exemption, but then again so can any other religion.

Plus I wouldn’t be surprised if more than a few non-religious suddenly found religion when looking for an exemption. After all during prohibition a lot of folks suddenly starting going to mass to receive the cup.

Finally I see the the group pushing trans priests in the Lutheran Church has suspended the 1st openly trans Lutheran Bishop over unspecified: “harm done by the Sierra Pacific Synod Council and Bishop Rohrer to the Latinx community in Stockton, CA.”

Of course some Spanish speaking people might consider the term “latinx” harmful in itself but it just goes to show you that wokeness is an unforgiving God and no matter how high in the woke hierarchy you are, you’re always one step away from being cancelled.

Me I think they should have stuck with Christ myself.