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One of the problem with the woke world and giving into it is that if you are in an industry where the use of your product is voluntary people may choose to go elsewhere.

Take Aunt Jemima Pancake mix

For over 100 years that Aunt Jemima brand and image sold pancake mix all over the country. It was a good pancake mix (I prefer Hungry Jack myself but it’s not available locally).

Then a few years back the woke mob decided that the Aunt Jemima image with the kerchief on her head was too slavish so the company gave in and removed the kerchief from the label.

Then a few years later the image itself was deemed offensive because God forbid people buy pancake mix with the image of a black woman on it, so the image went away and just the Aunt Jemima brand remained.

Then finally last year the company noting that the woke mob was still unsatisfied (imagine that!) just took the name Aunt Jemima off the box and replaced it with Pearl Milling Company.

I can’t speak for others but that was the last straw for me. I haven’t box a box of it since. Fortunately there are plenty of other brands of pancake mix available so when I want pancakes that’s what I buy.

Well apparently plenty of other people must be doing the same thing because when I went to the store today knowing I needed pancake mix I was looking though my choices when I noted that the Pearl Milling Company box had a little addition in the lower right corner. A small section that declared it was the same mix as Aunt Jemima.

It was a very thing, couldn’t be more than a couple of inches but there were those dreaded words Aunt Jemima for all the world to see.

I’m guessing that the good folks at Pearl Mill are slowly figuring out that for the sake of the woke mob, who is likely buying organic mixes anyways they tossed aside a trusted brand name that had built said trust for generations and alienated a bunch of people who are sick of cancel culture and folks who declare that righteousness at the expense of others.

It’s a small start, but you can’t walk before you run I look forward to the day when they decide they want my business back and the Aunt Jemima brand name is back on the box where it belongs.

I suggest they don’t wait too long however. Because once we folks who took a hike develop a brand loyalty to a different mix it’s game over.


Do You Feel a Draft in the Air?

Posted: July 27, 2022 by datechguy in News/opinion
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Bernard Wooley: Prime Minister isn’t conscription a rather courageous policy?

PM Jim Hacker: Courageous, oh my God is it? No No no well in times of full employment it would be but now it will give unemployed young people something to do, tech them trades and skills. It might even teach them to read, the Army never discharged anyone who was illiterate. it could make them wash! We can give them a comprehensive education, to make up for their comprehensive education

Yes Prime Minister The Grand Design 1986

Do you know what happens when your military goes woke and you get stories like this:

The army of the past is almost nonexistent today and most branches of the service – particularly the Army – are missing their recruiting goals badly. Morale is down and attracting qualified recruits is getting harder. And the services may have to begin significantly reducing standards 

and this:

the Pentagon has become a political institution, one that has prioritized woke culture, diversity, equity and inclusion. This is not a reflection of those who wear the uniform, have fought in foreign lands or those who joined as their patriotic duty to protect our nation – instead, it is a damning indictment of Pentagon political leadership and the generals and colonels who enforce it, as clearly reflected in the latest and unprecedented recruitment and retention failures, where even the small percentage of Americans able to serve, aren’t interested in doing so. As of June, with only three months left in the fiscal year, the Army only met 40% of its enlisted recruiting numbers.

10 years ago I would have been proud if my sons joined the military, now I wouldn’t have them touch it with a ten foot pole.

And of course it doesn’t help when you’re discharging tens of thousands more

All of the U.S. military services have now begun disciplinary actions and discharges for troops who have refused to get the mandated coronavirus vaccine, officials said, with as many as 20,000 unvaccinated forces at risk of being removed from service.

The problem here is all those woke officers and those greased pols who make $ on weapons need a large army or their position and/or power isn’t sustainable, and that means only one thing.

A draft.

If you can’t get people to volunteer, even in a recession and even with large bonus’ being paid, you’re going to have to fill those numbers somehow and that means a draft.

I’m sure that’s going to play well with all those young kids who are outraged if their teachers or professors use the wrong pronouns who suddenly find themselves under the Uniform Code of Military Justice, even if they are made to wash.

I must confess it would almost be worth all of it to see the looks on their faces of the youthful woke left when it happens.

Closing thought: If you were an enemy of the US in 2020 where even with COVID we had a strong economy a powerful military and we were feared by our enemies and the prospect of this continuing unabated wouldn’t you have given anything to get us into the state with an economy in shambles, unrest and lawlessness in the cities and a military in shambles that we are in now?

Wouldn’t you even contemplate stealing a national election?

Closing thought two: Maybe the Army can redefine their recruiting numbers.

Question: What is the difference between a woke movie for kids and a non-woke movie for kids:

That is the difference between the take of the Movie Lightyear and the take of Minons the Rise of Gru

Let me point out that when Lightyear started slow excuses were made about the timing and of COVID etc etc etc, but Minions was released just two weeks later and has managed to out preform lightyear by hundreds of millions with two less weeks to do so.

A more significant fact is this one:

The general rule of thumb is a movie has to earn double its production budget in order to break even. By that metric, Lightyear needs $400 million globally to recoup its costs. Going by Pixar’s history, it should be able to cross that figure without many issues. Prior to Onward’s pandemic-shortened theatrical run, Pixar’s Toy Story 4 and Incredibles 2 both hit $1 billion. The studio’s original film Coco grossed $807 million globally. While Pixar does have some notable duds on their résumé (Cars 3 and The Good Dinosaur), it’s extremely rare for one of their films to perform poorly at the box office. Given Lightyear’s ties to the Toy Story franchise, it should prove to be a hit. Box office projections point to a modest (by Pixar standards) $70-85 million debut, but it could always surpass those expectations a la Top Gun: Maverick. It’s facing minimal competition for its target demographic.

So by these standards Lightyear is 185 million in the red as of 7/23/22

IMDB estimates for Minions on a free site the estimated budget via IMDB is $80 Million. Even if we figure another 80 million in promotion in 14 less days Minions has not only turned a tidy profit but had done so on its domestic take alone. That makes the $342 million overseas take all gravy.

That my dear friends is the difference between making a movie “Woke” and making a movie for Children.

Sooner or later studios will decide losing 180+ a shot is a bad idea.

I still enjoy going to the theater for a movie. My last in-theater movie was Dune, and while I have a good sound system at home, nothing can compare to giant theater speakers making your chair shake as a sandworm travels across the screen. Theaters have had to up their game compared to when I was a kid. Back in my day, you were lucky to get hot popcorn with something resembling butter and a seat that was cleaned a few hours ago. Now your seat is cushy, was reserved in advance (no rushing to the theater), and at my local theater you can order alcohol and dinner from your seat!

Movies are finally starting to up their game as well. We went through a drought of movies after Avengers: Endgame that just seemed didn’t inspire spending the money to go to a theater. On top of that, the movies went both woke and China-censored at the same time (which ironically often conflicted with itself). But times are changing, and Hollywood seems to be waking up to the realization that it should make solid movies and worry less about pleasing the Chinese or the woke mobs.

Apparently, its big enough that even CNN is recognizing it.

Look at the Top Gun sequel. Rather then make a movie about a sad Tom Cruise now working as the top DEI enforcement officer at the Pentagon, or cut out the Taiwanese flag on his iconic jacket, Hollywood decided to just make a solid movie. And it sold, bigly, now well over 1 billion dollars. Or look at Spider-man: No Way Home, another solid movie that just focused on being a movie. Or Dune, which took complicated source material and pieced it into an action-packed film.

My point is, if you make a solid movie, more often than not you’ll make money. That holds true across many other disciplines: make a solid product, and you’ll make a solid profit.

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