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The Trans-Cultural Mindfulness Alliance is only 1/3 right

Posted: January 25, 2023 by datechguy in comedy

On Twitchy the “Trans-Cultural Mindfulness Alliance” revealed itself to be a parody account and berated news organizations for being fooled about their story concerning demands to cancel Aretha Franklin’s song “Natural Woman”

I think they were maybe 1/3 right:

While they might be correct that a news organization should have contacted them being “stunned” that the lazy journalists of today didn’t bother is on them. That shouldn’t stun anyone familiar with the business at all, disappoint maybe stun, never.

But the real problem is is this line:

“Based on the Sheer ridiculousness of the content of this page, how could JOURNALISTS not comprehend that this is parody/satire.”

I laughed at loud at this. Sheer Ridiculousness? Have you actually seen the trans movement in action? The men have periods and the protests and the claims?

I submit and suggest that if sheer Ridiculousness was the standard to judge stories on the transgender movement then practically everything we hear would be considered parody. If you doubt me go to the Babylon Bee and search for the phrase “prophecies fulfilled” Then tell me how “Sheer ridiculousness of the content” should be the standard used on judging if a story about the left is parody or not.

Stoogakalev, Moehowardavich & Findgoldalov Russia’s Finest!

Delaware: A trio of elite Russian Agents assigned to acquire classified documents for Russian use turned themselves into US authorities when they unexpectedly discovered that President Joe Biden kept the garage housing these classified documents locked:

“I could not believe it” moaned Igor Moehowardavich at his arrangement. “A decade of training, four years undercover in America and all our plans foiled because President Joe Biden anticipated us by locking his garage.”

The trio having heard about the documents in the garage through sources moved to acquire the classified material, but confronted with the locked door and seeing no way around such a formattable defense Moehowardavich and his associates Lev Findgoldalov and Chary Q Stoogakalev surrendered to FBI agents who came across them accidently after being alerted by a tip suggesting there might be parents objecting to CRT in the area.

Democrats such as Adam Schiff praised the foresight of the President’s steps to secure the documents in his possession while the Administration took this opportunity to attempt to open talks in the hope of trading these agents for US citizens held in Russia but at last report Putin is quite content to allow America to keep them.

11th Doctor: I never forget a face

The Curator (4th Doctor): I know you don’t and over time you might revisit a few, but just the old favorites eh?.

Doctor Who Day of the Doctor 2013

As you might know I have not watched a new episode of Doctor Who since the last scene of Peter Capaldi run

Jodi Whitiaker’s Doctor was a disaster for the ratings, for the sales of the show, for the merchandizing and according to my oldest who did in fact watch those episodes was an era with the writing so bad that according to him, A Doctor Who fan all his life, only three episodes of the run might be recognized as Doctor Who Episodes.

Like the Sylvester McCoy era it was all about the agenda and ignoring the fans even to the point of rewriting the canon of the series. In fact it was so bad that they decided that when the current showrunner left with Ms Whitaker they would bring back Russell T. Davies who was the original showrunner of the revival in the hope to get people to start watching again.

But a lot of people like myself still weren’t interested. I understood that Davies would while still writing woke (and believe me his era was plenty woke but it wasn’t in your face and with the exception of the whole “President Obama is going to fix the economy” BS in his final episode “woke” took 3rd place to providing fans with good writing and good characters.

Thus I had absolutely no intention of bothering to watch what was to follow and was content to, in my mind, have Capaldi’s Doctor decide to die, and I suspect a awful lot of those who left the series behind likely had the same idea. So what do you do to gain the interest of those who walked away and took their eyeballs and wallets with them?

Well apparently you do this: (Rather large spoiler)

I didn’t watch the episode so I had no idea this had happened that until I saw something on Youtube.

This was a complete shock to me as it likely was to everyone else who wasn’t in the know. I think it’s in terms of marketing, rather smart. It’s an attempt to get people like me who didn’t want anything to do with the Jodi Whitaker era to give it a shot.

How bad did they want to get away from the Jodi Whitaker era? They wanted to get away from it so bad that for the very first time ever the Doctor’s Clothes regenerated into David Tennant’s clothes so that there would be absolutely NO reminder of the Jodi Whitaker on screen when Tennant, the favorite Doctor for most fans of the new era (Mine was Smith) returned.

In fact think about the episode itself assuming you’ve watched it. Apparently the only thing anybody is talking about concerning the series was cameos by the 1st, 5th, 6th, 7th & 8th doctors which was a good idea in terms of drawing some eyeballs but was a really bad idea because all those cameos underscored just how much better each one of those characters were as the Doctor than Whitaker’s.

I must admit I find myself wanting to see the three David Tennant Episodes they are planning but I may not be in the majority. The good folks at Nerdrotic did a livestream reviewing the show and their reaction in the fan world seems otherwise.

As Nerdrotic put it at the start of his Doctor Who Livestream on the finale:

This is obligation and we’ll certainly talk about the VERY long episode made longer because I was stealing the iplayer and I had to refresh it every five ten minutes for it to work. Yeah she’s gone, it’s over. I know everybody’s going to be excited about David Tennant and then Russell T Davies coming back in two years but I’m not. There were some nice little moments, none of them included Jodi Whitaker the first female Doctor played by Jodi Whitaker Who will now be the last female doctor played by Jodi Whitaker who we will lovingly called Dr. Karen SHE DEAD so now that’s good finally gone.

And that was pretty much the nicest thing they had to say about it in two hours.

Dave Cullen had nothing better to say on his show either.

In conclusion I believe it doesn’t matter if they bring back one of the most popular Doctors in the form of David Tennant. In my opinion the damage to Doctor Who’s lore and it’s legacy is already done.

Will the gamble work. Will it be too little too late and will they decide that the 1st Doctor is William Hartnell after all?

And of course the Doctor as Mr. Cullen reminds us after Tennant the next doctor is going to be portrayed as a Gay Black Doctor with a Trans companion. I kid you not.

Well that’s going to bring the folks back who didn’t want to have an agenda shoved down their throats is it? In fact the whole idea that you will have three episodes of Tennant with Catherine Tate returning as Donna (and hopefully Bernard Cribbins too if he’s physically able) recreating the glory days will, in my opinion draw an even bigger contrast to the in your face gay/trans agenda pushed on a show that was a nationwide English icon.

Given that the woke is dying and losing all over the world maybe they will change their minds. Perhaps this is to give the BBC time to see if the shift is permanent and settle for the first black Doctor rather than pushing a LBBTQRSTURWXYZ card in 2024 and attempt to make the show right again.

I doubt it, the show. No matter how much the country rejects this agenda, the folks in charge at the BBC have embraced it fully and unless and until their own jobs are in jeopardy the agenda trumps all.

I think Nerdrotic & Dave Cullen are right, I think the Tennant gamble will fail to save the show but I’ll give the three episodes a shot to see if it’s Doctor Who or if it’s the Woke agenda delivered by a familiar face.

I have a feeling it’s the latter.

Update: Was not aware that Bernard Cribbins had died in July but it is possible that he shot scenes before his death.

Scripture talks about Jesus sending out his disciples to preach the good news. Here is the passage in Luke:

He summoned the Twelve and gave them power and authority over all demons and to cure diseases, and he sent them to proclaim the kingdom of God and to heal (the sick). He said to them, “Take nothing for the journey, neither walking stick, nor sack, nor food, nor money, and let no one take a second tunic. Whatever house you enter, stay there and leave from there. And as for those who do not welcome you, when you leave that town, shake the dust from your feet in testimony against them.” Then they set out and went from village to village proclaiming the good news and curing diseases everywhere.

We are informed that season 3 of the Chosen depicts this and shows the disciples preaching on their own. Since scripture does not specify WHICH disciples paired off during this time Dallas Jenkins was able to choose his own pairings. This is how he did it.

  • John and Thomas
  • Peter and Judas
  • Matthew and Simon the Zealot
  • Big James (John’s Brother) and Little James
  • Nathanael and Thaddeus
  • Andrew (Simon Peter’s Brother) and Phillip

The parings are interesting. It is in John’s Gospel where Thomas’ doubting is mentioned, John is portrayed in the show as very emotional while Thomas is very calculating. That clash will be interesting as will Thomas’ and John’s reaction when they start healing people and driving out demons.

Peter and Judas is an even more interesting paring in the sense that both are huge at the time he was crucified. Both of them betray Jesus after the last supper, Judas by delivering him to his enemies and Peter by denying him before others. The Gospel specifies that Judas realized what he had done and it drove him to suicide, while it doesn’t specify what happened with Peter in terms of going back to the disciples. Imagine if Peter had simply run away in shame or if Judas had, like Peter gone back to the disciples and repented. There would be cathedrals to “St. Judas the repentant” all over the world while Peter would be considered a coward. For the two of them working together gives the chance to emphasize that any of us could go in either direction.

Simon Z and Matthew is, next to Judas and Peter the most interesting pairing. The Zealot deep into scripture who would have killed a tax collector without a second thought and the Tax Collector who at the call of Christ left it all to follow him. The interactions between the pair has great dramatic potential and like Thomas Matthew’s reactions to miracles when he himself performs them has drama written all over it.

The contrast between Big and Little James physically has a lot of potential. The idea that both will be healing people while Little James has a malady (one not mentioned in scripture btw) is another potential for drama the whole “physician heal thyself” but the real story is going to be John’s brother who we will be seeing for the first time without John. Those interactions should be interesting.

Nathanael and Thaddeus will be interesting simply because we haven’t seen a lot of either. This gives plenty of leeway for the creative team. An architect and a stone mason should get along like a house afire and complement each other quite a bit. Add to that Thaddeus being one of the first disciples (at least per the show) and Nathanael being 10th coming in only before Simon the Zealot & Judas and you have a lot to work with.

Finally we have Andrew and Phillip which would seem to me the least interesting pairing of the group. Both were followers of John the Baptist, both were well known to each other and in terms of this kind of preaching they would be the two most experienced. Of course Andrew has been portrayed as very high strung while Phillip is portrayed as the calmest of the crew and most comfortable in this life. Given that we’ve already seen previews of Andrew and Philip being kicked out of at least one village it does have potential, specifically in terms of trusting the message.

We don’t know how many episodes these travels will entail, I would think you would need at least two or three to cover it all and that doesn’t even talk about:

  1. The interaction of the women who are not traveling
  2. What Jesus is doing during this time

Again none of this is specified in scripture so how it is played should be interesting to see. What I want to know is how they are going to handle Jesus sending out the 72.