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The conservatives at Disney

Posted: April 23, 2022 by navygrade36bureaucrat in Uncategorized
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Only in Florida…California Disney requires a four year degree from a liberal school!

I just came back from a family visit to Disney. Yes, yes, I’ve been watching the news about Disney’s stupid comments about Florida’s anti-grooming laws. Yes, I know some people totally went on a Disney boycott and canceled their vacations. But that’s not me. I’d been planning a Disney trip since March 2020, and now two years later I wasn’t going to tell my kids we couldn’t go.

So we drove the nearly 12 hours to Disney, stayed at a nearby Marriott and went to Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios and Epcot.

Did I see any crazy wokeism.


I was looking for it to. Sure, the guy handing us our parking pass to Epcot had a really, really nice manicure (although black really isn’t his color!), but otherwise I didn’t see anything overt. All of my kids interactions with characters were…normal. Elsa didn’t try to persuade my son he was really a girl, nor did Alice in Wonderland try to talk my daughters into kissing other girls. Heck, we even heard “Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls!” when we were at Magic Kingdom.

Even stranger was the interaction I had with a security guard. Since I was pushing the stroller with two little kids, I went in a separate line to get screened. The guard noticed the Navy command on my hat (which is not obvious, so he was paying particular attention to me) and asked if I was in the service. After I told him I was, he asked me a strange question:

“Are you a fan of the former President?”

To which I replied “In fact, I am.”

Then he knocked me to the ground with a chop across my back, handcuffed me and yelled “F%^&ing J6 insurrectionist!” right in my face!

Just kidding, that didn’t happen. Instead, he reached into his pocket, pulled out a coin and handed it to me.

Yup, I was not expecting that. That coin is now proudly displayed in my coin rack at home.

Now, I’m not making excuses for Disney’s actions. They’ve had a woke problem for years. It’s sad because Walt Disney himself was a pretty great American. At the parks there is a museum devoted to Walt Disney’s artistic talent, and I was surprised by the large number of war related propaganda and cartoons he drew. The man was truly American, and to have to watch lesser men take his company and its legacy and flush it down the toilet to please a bunch the alphabet people is just sad.

But perhaps there is some hope for Disney. Removing their special governance was a solid shot across the bow. Perhaps we’ll see more conservative shareholders and more conservative employees voice their displeasure, and maybe Disney will get back on track. If nothing else, there are far more fellow conservatives at Disney than I would have given it credit for.

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Hi Ho Hi Ho Off Disney’s Tax Breaks Go…

Posted: April 22, 2022 by datechguy in culture
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If you’re not old enough to buy a Margarita you’re not old enough to decide to become ‘Margarita’

My Pastor at Breakfast yesterday

E.K Hornbeck: Tell me, uh, what do you think. of all these Monkeyshines?

Hotdog Vendor:  Got no opinionsirOpinions are bad for business.

Inherit the Wind 1960

Think about it.

Just sixty days ago if anyone had said there was even the slightest possibility of Florida Pols voting away Disney’s State tax breaks they would have laughed you off the face of the earth. After all as Breitbart noted in their article on the subject:

It should be noted Disney employs 38 lobbyists in Florida and has a strong hold on state Democrats and establishment Republicans.

Yet within 24 hours both the Florida Senate and the Florida House passed bills revoking the Ready Creek Agreement that made Disney a self governing organization within the state.

How could this be? Well the 1st cause of this was the bubble. That’s one of the few advantages of being a conservative Catholic living in one of only four states that give Joe Biden a positive approval rating. You can’t insulate yourself things that are right in front of your face.

Alas for Disney this is not the case for their board. They live in the liberal, twitter LGBTQ bubble and within that bubble the rules are very strict and if you don’t jump when you are told you risk being pushed out of your comfortable space within said bubble.

So when the left decided that they could not abide 5-8 year olds not having Queer theory pushed on them and dubbed Florida’s law on waiting until at least age 9 before such things were taught to kids they framed their narrative in such a way that CEO  Bob Chapek feared retaliation for saying nothing:

Mind you he didn’t fear retaliation from stockholders or customers, nor did he fear retaliation from employees or the people of Florida who MSNBC contributors not withstanding both supported the bill in question (a full 58% of Florida democrats did) no he feared personal retaliation and being others within his own social group.

But in the end no matter how bad it gets for Disney shareholders, no matter how much things tank, no matter how much it costs the company and or their employees, Bob will know that the people who matter, the leftist elites will still invite him to the right parties.

And for leftists and those who fear them who live in the land of the bubble that’s what really counts.

The AP reports noted teenage climate activist is putting her time her month is and crossing the Atlantic in a “high tech sailboat” rather than flying to cut her carbon emissions.

Forgetting for a moment all the carbon that was produced in making the ships stores that she will spend days or weeks consuming on her trip, if she was really looking to cut the carbon for this conferencewhy not have the entire conference done by teleconference? That way nobody has to travel at all. Think of all the carbon that would save!

Alas Greta does not yet understand that such events, like climate change hysteria itself, exist for the perks not for the cause.

Another person has been injured by a charging Bison in a national park.

Officials at Theodore Roosevelt National Park say the 17-year-old girl from Colorado was on a trail Saturday and walked between two bull bison that had been fighting. One bison charged the teen who was struck in the back, gored in the thigh and tossed about six feet in the air

I blame Disney. Before they started portraying animals as cute harmless things people knew and understood that animals, particularly wild ones are dangerous but generation of Disney movies and the lack of real knowledge of animals in the wild means that fools are going to have to learn about reality the hard way.

Remember the lifestyle pushed by the show Sex in the City that convinced a generation of women that despite centuries of experience teaching otherwise women didn’t need families to be fulfilled. Well guess what the very wealthy 60 year old creator of the series says now:

Her best-selling book and the racy TV series it inspired taught a generation of women that they could ‘have it all’.
But Sex and the City creator Candace Bushnell, 60, has admitted that she regrets choosing a career over having children as she is now ‘truly alone’.

She’s very rich and can console herself with her millions and botox but alas a lot of women who fell for that spiel and aren’t as wealthy as here aren’t going to be able to do the same.

One of the things I’ve been saying for the last decade is that as Christianity becomes more persecuted and more ostracized by the culture we are going to find out who really believes and who doesn’t. A prominent protestant pastor has now fallen away very publicly and Stacy McCain has some thoughts:

What happened to Josh Harris? Honestly, I don’t know. He quit the pulpit in 2015, and by 2017 was promoting himself as a consultant offering businesses “branding and content strategy.” He announced his separation from his wife in sensitive blue-pill language (they “will continue our life together as friends . . . to create a generous and supportive future for each other and for our three amazing children”). We don’t know what we don’t know, but we may speculate that his wife — who had fallen in love with him when he was a evangelical superstar — lost interest in her husband once he ceased to be a celebrity. The Mahaney scandal must have inflicted collateral damage on Josh’s reputation and status as a leader, and what is the church to such a Christian celebrity except a source of status, an adoring audience for his performances? Necessarily, the celebrity pastor’s wife becomes part of the performance, playing the role of Perfect Christian Wife, and what happens when the show is over? What happens when the pastor leaves the pulpit and there is no longer an audience for this performance?

PJ media describes this as a celebrity culture in evangelicalismwhich makes Christ the means to the end of celebrity and that never ends well.

We should pray for this man because for the rest of his life the left/media culture will celebrate him, fete him and give him all the celebrity that he was no longer getting from faith. I’m sure that they will honor support and laud him for the rest of his natural life…

…after that however, he’s on his own.

Newsbusters wrote about Evan McMullin on MSNBC opining on the dangers of a Trump re-election with Joy Reid a few days ago and I could not help but remember being on a bus in Denver with a group of conservative bloggers covering a school choice conference were a very sincere fellow spent his time on our trip back to the hotel from a school we were visiting trying to convince me that Donald Trump would be a disaster for conservatism and urging me to throw my support to McMullin.

Recently I got another raise at work. My pay counting employee contributions to a medical savings account has gone up over 52% in the 32 months since the day of the election of Donald Trump after having dropped 55% over the Obama years. If my wage continues to rise at this rate during a 2nd Trump terms I will be back at the wage I was making when Obama was elected (not adjusted for inflation) just before the 2022 midterms.

I wonder where by pay rate would be if enough people had taken the advice of that earnest conservative on that bus?

Morning Joe vs Enchanted today?

Posted: July 2, 2010 by datechguy in fun
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Given the choice between Morning Joe and the amusing Disney movie Enchanted staring Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey. I’m sorry Enchanted is going to win every time.

It’s the July 4th weekend so I think we should lighten up a bit.

Plus it’s just plain fun. When times a bad you need some plan optimistic fun.