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…moving back to the old Jew Hating days of yesteryear.

There is a pretty clear pattern here–again, assuming that the five nearly-simultaneous sales of shares in Israeli companies were not coincidental. Harvard is happy to do business with oppressors–real oppressors, that is–as long as there is enough money in it. China and Saudi Arabia have, in sheer monetary terms, a lot to offer. But taking a “principled” stand against Israel, still the Middle East’s only democracy (unless you count Iraq, on which the jury is still out) and the only country in the region with a Western human rights sensibility, is cost-free. Sort of like banning military recruiters.

The difference between courage and cravenness is being willing to stand up when it actually costs you something. “Standing up” to Israel costs Harvard on money or reputation among the elites, it risks no anger to among those who shower them with money, yet it allows them to think of themselves as “moral”.

Alas this decision costs nothing of Harvard, except Honor, and it has been a long time since Harvard valued that word.

That fact even more than the disinvestment is the true tragedy here.

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