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This 2nd sunday after Christmas is where we celebrate the coming of the wise men (traditionally Jan 6th also known as “little Christmas” ) who came from the east to see the Christ child.

This Sunday feast also marks the final full week of Christmas under the current calendar. Under the old one the Christmas season ran a full 40 days.

The coming of the wise men is a big deal for several reasons:

  1. The Wise men were not Jews (likely Zoroastrians) yet they saw the star in the east and traveled to Bethlehem to worship the Christ child. As such a trip would be long and arduous this means that other than Mary, Joseph, Elizabeth and Zachariah they were the first people who were aware of the coming of the Lord.
  2. Since such a trip carrying valuables was a time consuming and dangerous prospect the wise men had to be wealthy enough to make such a trip, have security for such a trip and to have the valuable gifts that were given to the Christ child. This flies in the face of many leftist Christians who uniformly attempt to give a Marxist spin on Christianity.
  3. It a notable contrast that these three wise men or kings not only humble themselves before God but follow God’s inspiration to avoid king Herod when heading back home while Herod with the knowledge of Jewish scripture and prophesy instead rebels against God with the slaughter of the innocents in order to circumvent what he sees as a threat to his rule.

So when people try to spin Christianity in general and Christmas in particular remind them of the wise men who confound their agenda but also confirm what is often said, that God works in mysterious ways.

This year Pintastic NE was the week before thanksgiving rather than in late June and while it meant a very long wait for its return it paid pretty big dividend for me. During our “Peak” period in the warehouse we tend to work 6-7 days a week till Christmas. Even before the supply chain issues people started ordering gifts early in the last few years so instead of peak beginning Black Friday it’s now starts for us as early as the first two weeks of November which used to be pretty dead.

That late Pintastic provided a welcome break just before the crazy week began and as I’ve often said NOTHING relieves stress like a pinball machine.

So imagine my surprise when a familiar face turned up at the door on Boxing Day an hour before Mass.

Brian was bearing the game Diner which was never one I really mastered but I guarantee you that with a month of play if there is a tournament including said machine I’ll be ready to go.

It was not a gift that I was expecting and I’m flattered that my sons were thinking of me. I’m even more flattered that this game out of his personal collection as the newer games were all out.

As of today a Diner goes for between $5200 & $8000 it’s a pretty good deal to get it for a month. For those who missed the interview from Pintastic NE 2021 here it is

Ironically when I interviewed Brian I said that while my wife would never let me buy a machine she might let me rent one and now it’s here for the rest of the Christmas season and two weeks beyond.

If I may suggest it might make a great Birthday gift particularly if you’re not born in December or January since the volume will be higher during those months and thus the availability of the newer games might be a little more iffy.

I’m going to have a lot of fun

You can find the Bushey Brothers facebook page here.

The 3rd Day of Christmas a COVID Christmas Story

Posted: December 27, 2021 by datechguy in covid
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Christmas day in the DaTechGuy House was first rate. It started with mass the previous night where the family got together and managed an updated picture:

That would be a good Christmas Card if we did Christmas Cards.

Anyways the boys crashed over our place, we all slept a tad late Watched the George C. Scott Version of A Christmas Carol (one of the best in my opinion) Cooked a solid late Breakfast and had a late ham dinner.

I had called my brother Dominic and it turns out that he was at home rather that with his son and grandson on Christmas. It seems both he and his wife had the sniffles and everyone decided it was best they stayed up just in case.

And that’s where the COVID came in.

My first instinct was to invite them down for dinner as it didn’t seem serious enough to warrant them being home alone for Christmas but under the rules where my wife works she is tested daily. If she ended up with a positive test, even if completely asymptomatic, she would be out 10 days and has only one sick day to play with and under the rules of my place if she was out with COVID I’d be in quarantine as well.

It wouldn’t matter if we were actually sick the test for the virus would have been enough to lose us work.

Because of this I reluctantly didn’t invite my brother and sister in law over and they spent Christmas with each other. Not a bad thing when you’ve been married 36+ years I’m sure but I think it’s a crying shame.

If this was 18 months ago when we knew a lot less I could see it, but with where we are and what we know it’s a crying shame. They’re not spending Christmas alone because of COVID they spent Christmas alone because under the current rules our income would be jeopardized.

Don’t get me wrong, my wife had long COVID and I’m very aware that for some it can be rather nasty, just like the flu can be nasty, but we’re reached a point where we’re cutting our throat out of irrational fear and or politics.

It’s become a lie that people are living and in a sense that’s appropriate, because by it’s definition a post Christian society is going to advance the cause of the father of lies.

Merry Christmas!!

Posted: December 25, 2021 by ng36b in catholic
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Make today a positive day. Don’t bother reading the news, or browsing social media. Enjoy Christmas for what it is: a time to spend with family and friends. All that bad news and fighting social media posts will be there tomorrow for you to scroll through and waste your time on.

Plenty of people will want you to spend your holiday in fear. Fear for the future, and whether you’ll leave a better place for future generations. Or fear about the present, and between inflation and the latest Wu-Flu variant, there is plenty to stoke fear over. Or even fear of the past, judging past actions out of context in order to shame us about crimes we never committed ourselves.

Don’t give in to that fear. Celebrate Our Lord’s birth today. Call your friends and wish them a Merry Christmas. Gather with family and friends. Cook up a tasty feast. Push off any fears until tomorrow…they will still be there, like fears always tend to be. Positive feelings are the first to leave under the fire of those that think they know better. Resist those urges today and enjoy the holiday.

While these views don’t represent the views of the Department of Defense, Department of the Navy, or any other government agency (obviously, since most agencies want you to cower in fear today or submit to a battery of tests to just enjoy it with friends), it does represent my views and hopes for you today. Please accept my wishes of Merry Christmas to you and your family today.