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It’s the same old story, same old song and dance, my friend

Aerosmith 1974
Bloom County by Berke Breathed Feb 15th 1987 via

I’m old enough to remember the AIDS Epidemic’s beginning.

When it started out there was a full court press by the left and many elites to make sure this disease was not identified with Gay sex.

This was despite the fact that the primary spread of this disease was through gay and bisexual men.

Now the easiest way to stop this disease was of course for

  1. Gay Men not to have gay sex with strangers and multiple partners
  2. Women to not have sex with bisexual men who had multiple partners.
  3. For people of either sex or any sexual orientation not to sell or purchase sex from people
  4. For people of either sex or any sexual orientation to practice monogamy

But of course for the future customers of Jeffrey Epstein’s in government and entertainment and academia this option white effective would not and could not be advanced as it was too close to the Commandments of God and the teaching of Christianity so instead a wise program of

  • Encouraging Gay men, the primary target of the disease to avoid dangerous sexual contacts
  • Promoting monogamy among adults and abstinence among youth to avoid crossover infections
  • Spending money on research to find a way to control or eradicate said disease

This would have saved lives but would not have served the cultural desires of the Hollywood, Academic and Washington elites so instead we had a program of

  • Attacking anyone who suggested that promiscuous gay sex was the primary spreader of the disease
  • Promoting the idea that this disease was a major threat to the general population when it was not
  • Encouraging the use of condoms as a solution to the problem
  • Spending money on research to find a way to control or eradicate said disease

It’s worth noting that it was during this time that the religious began to drift toward the GOP and started to became unwelcome in Democrat circles who began to embrace the Gay agenda bigtime.

Treatments were eventually discovered which meant that AIDS is no longer an automatic death sentence, It’s still a disease that spreads through sexual contact with someone infected that can screw you and your immune system up very badly for the rest of your life but your odds are surviving are pretty high.

Which brings us to the Monkey Pox scare and this from NBC

“Even as Covid-19 restrictions have loosened, for many gay men, an uninvited guest called monkey pox has threatened to spoil long-anticipated festivities.

“Of the 6,924 confirmed monkey pox cases in the global outbreak, the vast majority have occurred among gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men, or MSM, various health authorities report. Skin-to-skin contact during sex, experts assert, has likely been the primary driver of the virus’s global spread thus far.”

Via Don Surber who like myself is old enough to remember AIDS but was in the newspaper business at the time while I was just getting out of college, he writes:

Here we go again.

It is AIDS 2.0.

Shut the bathhouses down.

Do NOT shut the economy down.

Do NOT require everyone get a vaccine.

Do NOT frighten children by saying anyone can get it.

Now this is solid advice but if the AIDS epidemic was the start of the Democrat’s move toward the Gay agenda today the party is a wholly owned subsidiary of the LGBTQ+-etc etc etc crowd and the odds of this advice being taken by a party that has gone full groomer (it would have been unimaginable that the Democrat party would have embraced drag queen story time in 1987 or even 2007 for that matter) are slightly less than the Red Sox firing Alex Cora and replacing him with me as their interim manager for a few weeks

However we are also in an era where the gatekeepers of the press can be completely bypassed so the odds of Democrats selling shutting down the economy and pushing this as a big public health issue for all is likely pretty small too.

The wild card? If the idea of discouraging anonymous gay sex was not an option of choice in 1987 for the elites any such suggestion today will likely get you banned from social media, labeled a Nazi, a bigot and any other epithet they can come up with at best or the target of physical violence at worse.

As a general rule those who fail to learn the mistakes of the past are destined to repeat them, we will find out shortly. I don’t have high hopes.

On the plus side if we don’t learn our lesson Berke Breathed will be able to rerun this Sunday Strip on Feb 11th 2023 and take a day off.

Yesterday I concentrated on my team in the 1970 Draft league, if anyone is interested I managed to win game 3 as Mike Torrez pitched a complete game shutout and Ron Fairly added an insurance run with his first HR of the season for a 2-0 win, but Minnesota came to town and Willie Mays, Tony Perez, Cito Gaston and Duke Sims all homered against me which more than compensated for Pete Rose’s first blast of the year off Luis Tiant who remains a Pilot killer as Minnesota delivered a devastating 12-5 defeat in our first meeting.

However while that loss will have a minor effect on the standings of a 162 game season the State Farm “Like a Creepy Neighbor” story has had a stronger footprint as Don Surber notes:

when the week began, GenderCool had 23 corporate sponsors who funded the purchase of LGBT-friendly books and materials for kindergarteners and other kids in public schools. As of this afternoon, there are 13.

State Farm was the first. It was outed on Monday. An uproar ensued and forced the SJWs running the company to act like a good neighbor instead of the neighborhood pervert.

And what a difference a bit of sunlight makes:

After Wokenfreude hit State Farm, 9 other corporate sponsors either dropped GenderCool like a hot rock or asked that their sponsorship be placed on the QT.

The sponsors quietly distancing themselves are the USDA (Biden loves kids and in a sick way), General Mills, Adobe, Oracle, Capital One, Sprout Special, Bank of America, NBC Universal, Prudential and Indeed.

But it’s not all bad news for the groomers, The Allstate foundation has jined the groom crew and they managed some fundraising over the attention. Moreover the groom crew is getting some help from the Biden Administration:

K-12 schools must allow boys into girls’ private areas to obtain federal funds for lunches, breakfasts, and snacks, the Biden administration announced this month. A U.S. Department of Education spokesman told The Federalist the Biden administration’s press releases from several agencies announcing this policy will be followed by formal rulemaking in June.

So let boys into the girls bathroom in your kids school or no federal lunch programs for you!

I remember ten years ago when my co-host on the radio John Weston said this was the endgame of the Obama Years and people didn’t believe him. Events have proved him prophetic.

It’s the 2nd day of Christmas and because it falls on a Sunday the feast of St. Stephen the 1st Martyr is trumped by the feast of the Holy Family.

Oddly enough according to the calendar of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops it didn’t get moved to a later day in the week (the 1st open one is the 29th as St. John the Evangalist gets the 27th and the Holy Innocents slaughter by Herod the 28th).

St. Stephen’s feast is an important one as it reminds us that while we celebrate the birth of Christ we remember that it’s his death that created “God and Sinners” reconciled.

I saw this on Christmas day (via Instapundit) and thought it was absolutely hilarious:

Of course if France WAS Bacon it would be a lot more popular

The English language is so much fun because of the way you can play with words. Groucho Marx made an entire career out of it.

A perfect example of playing with the English language in that way for December 26th.

Riddle:  Why is the feast of Stephen very big in the Gay Community?
Answer:  Because that's the day good King Wenceslas came out.

There is a reason why I don’t quit my day job.

Speaking of Running Gags Don Surber is constantly talking about wanting a Bentley. For the fun of it I searched online and look what I found:

Don Surber’s Dream Car

Hey Under $20,000 for a car with under 42,000 miles? That not only a pretty good deal but might even be in his price range.

I wonder if he can generate the cash via his tip jar? After all there are twelve days of Christmas and he has 11 left to do so.

Finally I was about to write that the old site is finally dead as it went blanks a few days ago. But this morning I tested it out as I was writing this and it came right up.

This seems to fit my theory that all of this has been running automatically for quite a while.

I’m not going to worry about it. My record of cancelling the account is still saved and has been stated publicly so I don’t anticipate some guy coming after me with a big bill in a few years but you never know.

Either way there is where I am and where I’ll stay and eventually I’ll get to point here too.

The Lord certainly works in mysterious ways.

Saw this at Don Surber’s site this morning on the assignation of the president of Haiti:

Why do I get the feeling the Clintons and their fake foundation are entangled in this mess?

Maybe it wasn’t an assassination.

Maybe it was Arkancide.

My best friend at work is a 70 year old Hattian man who is a naturalized citizen. When I asked him about the assassination last week he offered a similar opinion on what happened over there.

My first employer out of college was Raytheon and I worked there with secret clearance for three years during the climax of the cold war (until I opened my comic book store). now I’m thinking that I might want to take that off my resume after this:

ATTENTION EMPLOYEES, MOVE OUT OF THE WAY BY GETTING ANOTHER JOB NOW:  Raytheon CRT Training: White Employees “must work on ‘recognizing [their] privilege’ and ‘step aside’ for minorities”.

The company will then go the way of every company that hires for reasons other than competence. And they deserve it.

As this is a defense contractor as long as the left has power their bottom line is not endangered but I’ll bet a lot of 80 year old Russian spies are wishing they had managed to pull this off 30 years earlier.

My favorite show when I was seven years old was the Richard Greene series The Adventures of Robin Hood which was televised on WMUR about 30 minutes before I had to wake up for school. While they had it on the air I never was late getting up.

I was reminded of the show or rather a particular line I saw this story out of Boston:

Judge William Young has just announced in court that he is withdrawing the Opinion he issued dismissing the case brought by a Boston parents group over the so-called Boston “Zip Code Quota Plan.” For background see our posts:

The key bit:

“This was my opinion, my signature’s on it, I was misled”

“The opinion is wrong, it’s wrong because the facts on which it was based … an opinion I issued under my signature is factually incorrect”

“I’m inclined to withdraw the opinion, I’ve never done that [before in 35 years]”

“I work very hard on my opinions, and this one’s no good.”

The clerk will enter the note: “The opinion entered in this case is withdrawn on the ground the court is satisfied it is factually inaccurate in certain material effects.”

Any judge appointed in Massachusetts over the last 35 years is likely a liberal but a person of that age might not like the idea of their personal honor being tarnished. In the old days even a villains didn’t want to be seen as breaking their word in public.

Give it a few years more and I’m sure the state with only those brought up woke to choose from will not have to worry about this problem again.

One of the things I constantly argue is that things will not change until there are consequences for the left, like this:

Anthony and Barbara Scarpo noted how the Academy of the Holy Names in Tampa even named its auditorium “Scarpo Family Theatre” after their huge pledge in 2017, saying they were helping it raise $9 million in total.

But now the parents want their money back — including tuition paid for their two daughters — in outrage at how the school turned its back on Catholicism to go “woke,” their 13-count, 45-page lawsuit claims.

The Scarpos claim they were betrayed by the school suddenly “embracing the new, politically correct, divisive and ‘woke’ culture where gender identity, human sexuality, and pregnancy termination among other ‘hot-button issues,’ took center stage,” the lawsuit said.

I couldn’t help but remember when my oldest had been offered a big scholarship at the Anna Maria College but when we visited it it turned out to be “Catholic” in name and fundraising only (although the president in response to my letter to the bishop claimed otherwise. Which thanks to this story turned into yesterday’s lead post twelve years later.

A lot of catholic institutions make a lot of money off of donors who don’t know that their Catholic identity is only visible when asking them for checks.

Finally I just got this link via email concerning Long Haul COVID-19 Syndrome (LHCS) a sample:

The Long Haul COVID-19 Syndrome (LHCS) is an often debilitating syndrome characterized by a multitude of symptoms such as prolonged malaise, headaches, generalized fatigue, sleep difficulties, smell disorder, decreased appetite, painful joints, dyspnea, chest pain and cognitive dysfunction. The incidence of symptoms after COVID-19 varies from as low as 10% to as high as 80%. LHCS is not only seen after the COVID-19 infection but it is being observed in some people that have received vaccines (likely due to monocyte activation by the spike protein from the vaccine). A puzzling feature of the LHCS syndrome is that it is not predicted by initial disease severity; post-COVID-19 frequently affects mild-to-moderate cases and younger adults that did not require respiratory support or intensive care.

The symptom set of LHCS in the majority of cases is very similar to the chronic inflammatory response syndrome (CIRS)/myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome, although in LHCS, symptoms tend to improve slowly in the majority of the cases. Furthermore, the similarity between the mast cell activation syndrome and LHCS has been observed, and many consider post-COVID-19 to be a variant of the mast cell activation syndrome. LHCS is highly heterogenous and likely results from a variety of pathogenetic mechanisms. Furthermore, it is likely that delayed treatment (with ivermectin) in the early symptomatic phase will result in a high viral load, which increases the risk and severity of LHCS.

This describes what happened to my wife (who is still out of work since March and things are starting to get tight around here) perfectly. But I note that some people who have gotten this because of the vaccines.

Now I don’t blame the developers, these vaccines were done in a hurry because of the emergency and this was a new disease but it’s one more thing to consider when deciding if you want to get the shot or not.

Having already had COVID I don’t see the need myself, I’ve already got the antibodies.