The Real Problem For Bud Light/Anheuser Bush is They’re Just Too Easy to Boycott

Posted: April 17, 2023 by datechguy in business, culture
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Apparently the Anheuser-Busch / Bud Light brigade decided to go all in on patriotic ads this weekend:

The radio of views to likes speaks volumes but not has much as this one does

And this illustrates the problem that the Bud Light/Anheuser Bush people have with this business.

No matter how much they fear the Human Rights Campaign and getting on the bad side of the left in the end their product is bought by regular people and the regular people who buy this product do it at a location where they are a ton of alternatives to their product for sale.

It takes no effort to grab a case of Miller Lite or Coors lite or a dozen of other beers when you’re at the package store.

And even if you’re at a bar or a restaurant, almost nobody sells Bud Light Exclusively.

Take Longhorn’s steakhouse. They offer both Bud light AND Miller Light as a discount beer. It takes no effort to grab a Miller lite instead of Bud.

Like it or not as Budlight is now, as the wags are putting it: “tranny fluid” and while there will always be kids who will buy a cheap beer to get drunk on But has a choice.

  • They can either publicly disavow their actions and fire the manager involved


  • They can settle for a smaller American market share permanently

No amount of flag waving is going to fool people, they’ve chosen to take a public side in the political /cultural debate Now they have to decide whose favor they want.

Closing thought:

The moment Donald Trump’s son called for conservative to forgive Budweiser the DeSantis for President crowd must have been high fiving themselves. This is a losing issue for the Trump campaign and I’ll bet real money you won’t see the Donald repeating that mistake.

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