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There are a lot of sad things that the left obsession with Donald Trump and the NeverTrump crew’s obsession with justifying their support of an administration that has brought us from power, prosperity and energy independence to impotence, rescission, shortages of basic items and soon to come rolling blackouts.

But the saddest was seeing people I had once respected looking at yesterdays testimony and acting as if it was the epiphany of a lifetime that proved Donald Trump unfit for office.

The claim itself that the president was grabbing the steering wheel to try to steer his limousine to the capital to join the crowd entering it was patently false on its face as any person who doesn’t get their info from TV movies would know even before word that the secret service was ready to testify that it wasn’t true.

But it didn’t matter, the usual suspects and the NeverTrump crowd were declaring the “bravery” of the witness and that people would “remember where they were” when she testified etc etc etc.

The real comedy was this:

For those who don’t know the “Uncle Gus Show” was a TV show on WMUR Manchester when I was six or seven which had a game were there would be a line of kids who would whisper a message to each other and then compare how it started to how it ended.

That there was a huge build up to this and secrecy around this testimony suggests after the fact that the secrecy was to keep people from laughing her off the stage before the act began.

Now this this was an actual normal congressional committee with proper representation of both sides of the aisle this witness and this testimony would not have made it past the planning stage as the majority would not that it could not stand up to anything resembling scrutiny.

But this is not such a committee, the only two GOP members allowed on it were NeverTrumpers who have been denounced by their own party and neither of who will be serving in the next congress. It’s job was never to produce facts, it had two purposes in mind:

  1. To damage the Trump brand to the point where he would not be a viable 2024 candidate for President
  2. To distract the nation from our current situation and to provide justification for the nevertrump establishment for supporting the conversion of the United States from a prosperous energy independent world power to an impotent nation with an economy in recession, with shortages of basic items from Tampons to Baby formula whose energy situation is so critical that we have to entreat other nations for help

The really sad thing is the people in Washington, in media etc all actually understand that all of this is show and games, because they know that the targets of this drama, the people who fancied themselves as the “Resistance” during the Trump Years who will shortly be facing rolling blackouts, who can’t find basic items that were once common, who can’t pay for gas and whose retirement savings have gone away so want this to be true, in fact they need it to be true because the alternative is to acknowledge that they did this to themselves, cue Niven & Pournelle:

“First we must cross the river,” Benito was saying.  “Do you believe me now when I tell you that you must not attempt to swim it, or even get wet from it, or must you try that too?”

“What happens if I just dive in?”

“Then you will be as you were in the bottle.  Aware and unable to move.  but it will be very cold, and very uncomfortable, and you will be there for all eternity knowing that you put yourself there.”

Larry Niven & Jerry Pournelle Inferno 1976

The alternative to this show for the left is knowing that they put themselves and our country in the mess it’s in. That frankly is too much for them.

Closing thought via instapundit:

 “If the Ds are doing so awesome with the abortion issue, why did they change the news cycle with the bogus Trump steering wheel stupidity?”

Via Kurt Schlichter I saw this thread concerning responding to this Washington Post story about these anti Trump republicans efforts to find a primary challenger to Donald Trump. My answer to the thread is that not only does it not surprise me in the least but I’d be shocked if they gave it up.

At first I was going to compare them to Dick’s sporting goods dumping guns, after all if you have a different customer base there is no point it trying to cater to the old one but on sober reflection this is more analogous  to this question as to why dissident Catholic groups and theologians remain in the church. 

Someone once asked a famous dissenting theologian why she remained in the Church if she found so much of its doctrine and practice so detestable.

She answered, “It’s where the Xerox machine is.” In other words, she remains b/c the Church butters her bread and pays her rent. The Church provides her with the resources she needs to undermine the Church.

as I put it in another post about a dissident group of protestants:

If they join other denominations they’re just another face in the crowd and are no longer significant, if they form independent churches they become a small congregation that won’t last a generation but as long as they remain dissenters within the the UMC then they are assured of getting attention, fawning press and financial support from outside organizations opposed to this vote and anxious to redefine sin for their own purposes.

As long as they are still nominally republican they remain newsworthy, once they decide to leave the party then they aren’t worthy of coverage or financial support from the left.

…that within three years of Donald Trump’s election we would see this:

The Planned Parenthood abortion business announced today it will officially withdraw from the Title X program — costing it $60 million in taxpayer funds because it refuses to follow a new Trump administration rule that requires it to segment out its abortion business from legitimate health care if it wants federal funding under the program.

Because the abortion giant is withdrawing from Title X, the $60 million in taxpayer dollars i received annually can be redistributed to groups that engage in legitimate women’s health care.

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals late Friday rejected a request from more than 20 states, Planned Parenthood and the American Medical Association to block new pro-life rules that Planned Parenthood is refusing to follow. Leading pro-life groups have praised the Trump administration for prioritizing women’s health ahead of abortion.

…they would have called you at best delusional and at worst insane.

Let’s also remember that before this Planned Parenthood funding was saved by a Republican Senate that had the chance to defund them but refused to do so, leaving it up to President Trump to do the heavy lifting.