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Always look on the bright side of life

Eric Idle

You know the Hatred of America and the institutions that make it great has become such a standard part of the American left and it’s allies that when I saw this at Instapundit from Sarah Hoyt about the NYT “cancelling” the Declaration of Independence

THEY’RE STILL TRYING TO INSERT ‘HE HAS DENYIED ABORTION’ AND ‘COLLUDED WITH RUSSIA’ INTO THE LIST OF KING GEORGE ABUSES:  NY Times ‘forgot’ to print Declaration of Independence for the first time in 100 years.

I was not in the least surprised. That was until I actually clicked the link and read the NY Post story on the subject. The “excuse” given for this omission in this story was no shock:

New York Times spokesperson Danielle Rhoades Ha explained that Times employees simply forgot to put the Declaration of Independence into print this year. 

She said, “We have a longstanding tradition of printing the Declaration of Independence in the July 4th print edition. Due to a human error, it wasn’t printed this July 4th so was included in the July 5th edition.”

Shades of classic Steve Martin:

It was no “shock” at all, all of these mistakes by the left media only go in one direction, however as unsurprising as the story was in general the second line of the piece was a complete shock to me:

After disgruntled readers voiced concern, the paper printed it on July 5.

Now admit it, If somebody told you the NYT had enough readers who would be “disgruntled” by the omission of the Declaration of Independence in the 4th of July edition of the paper that they would decided to print it on the fifth rather than just leave it out would you have believed it?

I wouldn’t have.

Perhaps there is still hope for America.

Emily de Rean on How to End up Alone with Cats

Posted: June 7, 2022 by datechguy in culture

Well yeah she says it’s actually: “I quit my job to be a full-time girlfriend: Get fit, cook and you can too” but the reality is this is basically being a kept woman:

Emily de Rean, 37, previously worked as a financial analyst, but now lives off her boyfriend’s money after realizing she was unhappy climbing the corporate ladder.

“You don’t have to just be a stay-at-home mom, you can aspire to be a young child-free woman and not work,” the Dallas beauty declared in an interview with Southwest News Service. “I spend my hours doing what I want and have time to look after my body, cook nice meals and spend quality time with friends.”

Note what she is saying here, don’t become a mother, don’t be a wife, just say fit enough and a man will keep paying your way.

her top tip to becoming a stay-at-home girlfriend is to date a man who can afford to fund that lifestyle.

“There is nothing wrong with a man who wants to be a teacher but if your goal is to be a stay-at-home girlfriend then he’ll never be able to provide for that,” she claimed. “You have to be choosey and only date from pool of men that meet your requirements.

“They need to be financially viable for your needs,” she continued. “You don’t know how a man is going to end up even if he has potential. You should date the finished product.”

All of this is rather hilarious to me because she is forgetting one key point.

In a relationship like this with no commitment nor any family to solidify it means you are expendable. There is always a new crop of 20 somethings who have decades in front of them who can replace you and the law of diminishing returns combined with the natural aging process means you have to work twice as hard to try to maintain yourself to the standard he has become accustomed to.

It reminds of an old class get together a decade ago. There were three woman who in high school would have been considered out of my league sitting with me and my wife (also from the same class). The were complaining that they couldn’t meet a man to their standard and got upset when a classmate came in with a woman 20 years younger.

All of this is transitory. And eventually she will find herself discarded and alone, no kids, no family just another 40 or 50 something woman whose biological alarm has rung it’s final chime

Of course she may find a rich 70 something man who would rather have a compliant 50 something with experience than a 20 something who doesn’t but the supply of 50 something women who are alone is likely vastly greater than the supply of 70 something rich men looking for one.

May she be happy in the life she has chosen but I wouldn’t advise you to follow it.

Via Sarah Hoyt at Insty who notes

Listen to the advice of someone who has read a lot of historical biographies: before you give up the day job, make sure you have a ring and a license. Or at least a contract. Not only didn’t you invent this, your reinvention of the wheel is square.

Both I , my wife and my sons have to work today so I made the mother of my children a nice blueberry pancake breakfast for Mothers day.

I don’t know what our friends on the left are calling today as they are so afraid of offending someone but I suspect that away from others they are calling it “Mother’s Day” because they should be damn well afraid of offending their mothers.

But then again given their promotion of abortion, and transgender stuff that makes people unable to procreate and their apparent embrace of sterilization…

Eleanor is one of many women ramping up their efforts to get sterilized, or even newly considering the procedure in light of the possible countrywide rollback of America’s abortion rights. After the Supreme Court draft was shared by Politico on May 2nd, scores of women took to social media to express newfound interest in sterilization, lament misogynistic doctors who refuse the procedure to women — “because you could change your mind and sue,” read one tweet — and share resources about providers. Over on Reddit’s r/childfree subreddit, a trending post about sterilization information got nearly 1,000 upvotes and over 100 comments. 

…I suspect that within a generation they won’t have to worry about celebrating Mothers Day at all.

FYI if you’re wondering why the left sees the need to steal elections killing off your voting base is it.

When I was in college, I had enough time to pick some sort of extra curricular activity outside of ROTC. Instead of something geeky like using 3D printers, the chess club or computer gaming design, I chose to compete in ballroom dance. That got more than a few snickers from my other male friends, until one of them came to watch a local competition, and realized that all of the Latin ballroom dances (think cha-cha, rumba, etc.) were basically excuses for women to wear tight fitting clothing (and very little of it at that!) and dance in front of a bunch of judges…and with me! It was pretty glorious, especially as a shy male in my early twenties that needed a bit of help talking to women.

Ballroom was enough of a good time that I even ended up taking a ballet class at college to finish off an odd non-technical degree requirement that the university required for engineering students. I was one of two guys in the class, and since the other guy was about 100 pounds overweight, so I got all the female attention.

Ballroom and ballet have changed significantly since then, and unfortunately not in a good way. In college, it was obvious that there was a big push for women to wear more revealing clothing and for much more sexualized movements. Ballroom, with its focus on executing a set of movements in the same way each time, was a bit of a bulwark against this, but at advanced levels the rules sort of disappear and its all in how you want to interpret it. But at least the stodginess is there, and there is some modesty, however slight.

Ballet though…nope. Not even close. Even at the younger levels.

My daughters are currently at a Christian ballet studio, which I used to think didn’t matter all that much, until I went to a “ballet” competition to watch them dance. I put ballet in quotes because over the 2 hours we were there, I think maybe 30% of the dances could be considered ballet. The rest was an ugly mix of girls moving in very sexualized motions, wearing very little clothing and dancing to music that while it omitted swearing, left nothing else left to the imagination. It was a bit shocking.

I thought it was a one-off. I was wrong.

Last weekend at another competition, a girl that couldn’t have been older than 11 danced to the Janet Jackson song “Black Cat.” Now, a throwback to Janet Jackson could be pretty cool, but that wasn’t this. She was dressed like a stripper, and danced like a stripper. All she needed was a pole. While she was the worst one I saw, I looked at the song list and there were definitely others competing in that race to the bottom.

What the heck happened to kids ballet?

How did we go from dancing Swan Lake and The Nutcracker to little girls practicing moves that should be relegated to R-rated movies?

And all to parents applause! How on earth are people applauding this, and then shocked when their teenager engages in risky behavior later in life. Like, duh, where do you think they learned it from?

It doesn’t have to be that way. There were plenty of performances to more modern songs that still used all the ballet techniques. There were plenty of upbeat and fun performances that didn’t require girls to dress like they were auditioning for the world’s oldest profession. There is no excuse for this, and yet it seems like that is all that is taught at most dance studios.

When we wonder later in life why our young women make risky choices with their sexual behavior, we’ll need to remember when we clapped to them acting those decisions out on a dance stage. And then maybe we’ll make some better decisions of our own.

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