South Africa, the Future of Chicago

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Sir Humphrey Appleby: [discussing a candidate for a Bishopric} And he’s also against oppression and persecution in Africa.

Prime Minister Jim Hacker: So are we

Sir Humphrey Appleby: Yes, but he’s against it when practiced by black governments as well as white ones.

Prime Minister Jim Hacker: Oh, you mean he’s a racist.

Yes Prime Minister: The Bishop’s Gambit 1986

A while back Robert Stacy McCain wrote about where the state of South Africa under the ANC was doing wrong

Property rights are the basis of all economic advancement. People will not work to create wealth unless they can be sure that they will own what they have created. The protection of private property is therefore one of the most basic functions of government. If a government begins to threaten the “rich” with expropriation (or confiscatory taxes), this will cause a shortage of capital, as those with wealth will leave the country, and foreign investment will dry up. Within a short time, a relatively rich country can be plunged into poverty, as has happened in Venezuela. The consequences of Ramaphosa’s anti-white policies are predictable: The white minority in South Africa will flee, tourism and foreign investment will decline, and South Africa will descend into poverty and violence.

About 20,000 white South Africans leave the country every year, and white people are now less than 9% of the country’s population. The Ramaphosa government’s idea that it can help black people by seizing the property of whites will yield little benefit to those it claims to “help,” since the value of farmland will decline because whites will no longer be willing to buy farms, when their purchases might be seized from them. And as net out-migration by whites can be expected to increase as a consequence of the government’s anti-white hostility, there would be fewer potential white buyers for farms anyway. Real estate values in South Africa are likely to plummet. But if socialists were capable of understanding the consequences of their policies, they wouldn’t be socialists, would they?

And where it was was heading:

James Madison here describes the origins of political division as a matter of people freely pursuing their own interests. The basic job of government is the protection of property rights, and notice that Madison assumes that “different and unequal faculties” will result in people having “different degrees and kinds of property.” No matter what the government may do, this cannot be avoided in a free society. The problem we see in South Africa is that too many people there (as here) were led to believe otherwise and, nearly three decades after the end of apartheid, the failure of the false promise of “equality” produces an irrational rage among those who feel they have been cheated out of something.

Well its five years later and and here is the report of an expat returned to South Africa after a decade and didn’t like what he saw was not pleasant

Besides no airlines, no postal service and no trains, there is a dwindling electricity supply. They have rolling blackouts, euphemistically called “load shedding” which can last as much as 10 hours per day in Cape Town. Johannesburg is worse. People survive by always keeping their thermos flasks filled with hot water, using small gas camping stoves and using rechargeable lanterns for light and a healthy supply of batteries and candles at all times. Food rots in refrigerators so one needs to purchase small amounts of groceries just for a day. Few people can afford to have a generator, let alone the exorbitant cost of diesel fuel. Without electricity there is no viable economy. Retail stores, restaurants, businesses and factories cannot operate. The employees are idle and cannot do their job. As a result they are unable to earn a livelihood. The lack of electricity is a complex topic. In a nutshell, a history of huge financial losses, mismanagement, sabotage and corruption is evident.

Well at least there is equality…of misery:

There have always been people begging on the streets; mostly blacks. Now however, they are joined by ever-increasing white beggars. I did see an entire family including small blond haired children with crude cardboard signs saying “Please help – God bless you” .

According to some reports, over 50% of South Africans live in poverty on less than $2.00 a day. Some have no access to sanitation, water or electricity.

Where is this heading? Well when Zimbabwe did the same thing you actually had people pining for the days of white rule, but the problem here isn’t race, as Insty pointed out years ago:

It’s not black rule. Botswana next door is well-run. It’s rule by leftists, which always makes everything suck. And they always use race as an excuse for their failures. You can see that in the deep-Blue parts of the United States.

It’s the type of stuff that happens when people ransacking stores in Chicago and the mayor elect is unwilling to condemn it or describe it as “A mass protect against poverty and segregation”

And it’s not just majority black cities in the US heading in this direction, Portland Oregon is going there too.

The once idyllic city has descended into chaos, and all the happy talk from 2020 has led to this. Rather than affirming the rule of law and the norms of civilization, the leaders of Oregon and Portland decided to cede the city to the savages, and the savages accepted the invitation and moved in to build their version of society.

Marxism, whoever and wherever it’s tried, the result is the same

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