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It has been many decades since actual civics was taught is schools here in the United States.  Instead, school students were taught social studies, which is nothing more than a watered-down Marxist indoctrination scheme.  This was done to make Americans far more malleable.  If Americans are ignorant about the true nature of the United States Constitution, it is far easier to strip away their rights, and we are way less likely to stand up against a tyrannical government.  Today American students are taught a more insidious and despicable form of indoctrination.

Here are four Constitutional truths that have been erased so completely from school curriculums that even many conservatives are confused about.

1. Just because some individuals may “abuse” a right, it is absolutely wrong to strip that right away from everyone else.

At all levels, individuals are constantly prevented from doing things that they have every right to do.  The rational for this trampling of everyone’s rights is the claim that certain individuals may, or may not, do something wrong, or harmful, with a particular right.  That is a form of collective guilt.

Our constitutional system is founded on individual guilt.  Collective guilt goes against everything our nation was founded on.  Only those individuals who are guilty of a particular crime may be punished for that crime, and only after they have been found guilty in a court of law.

2. The Constitution only restrains the federal government and states.

The US Constitution does not reach down to individuals.  It is a document that only binds the hands of the federal government.  The Constitution also prevents the states from squabbling with each other.  Progressives have perverted the Constitution into an instrument that grants the federal government the authority to trample on the rights of every individual.

3. Supreme Court Precedents are nothing more that the opinions of Supreme Court Justices.

Supreme Court Precedents are treated as the supreme lay of the land.  They have been elevated above the plain text and meaning of the Constitution itself.  According to the Constitution, Supreme Court Precedents have absolutely no legal merit or weight at all because they are not mentioned in the Supremacy Clause, which is is Article 6 Section 2 of the Constitution. 

4. The United States is a Constitutional Republic, not a Democracy.

Probably twenty times a day I hear or read some talking head state that the United States is a Democracy. That is absolutely false.  The Framers of the United States Constitution hated and feared the form of government known as a Democracy.   They knew that Democracies are nothing more than mob rule where the rights of individuals and minorities are trampled on by the majority.

In a Democracy the acts of Parliament are the Supreme Law of the land.  In our Constitutional Republic the Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land.  The rights and property of individuals are protected by the Constitution.

The Federal Government is divided into three distinct branches, which check and balance each other.  The Prime Minister and courts of Democracies are weak offshoots of Parliament.

Democracies are top down nations where provinces are just minor administrative districts.  The States here in the United States were meant to be mostly sovereign nations, tied together by a weak and limited federal government.

In a Democracy, Parliament wields the ultimate political authority.  In our constitutional republic, all political power rests in we the people.

The political left are a rather humorless and mean spirited lot. They are not satisfied making themselves miserable, they try very hard to ruin things for everyone else. 

Holidays particularly draw the ire of progressives and other cultural Marxists.  Thanks to the politically correct mob, Christmas is treated very much like a swear word.  Nativity scenes have been removed from town squares, Christmas tree lightings are now called tree lightings, and schools even ban candy canes and Christmas napkins.

There is a major move amongst progressives to replace Columbus Day with indigenous people’s day. They are now working very hard to replace Thanksgiving with A National Day of Mourning.  Articles such as this NPR article are popping up across this nation.

Members of Native American tribes from around New England are gathering in the seaside town where the Pilgrims settled — not to give thanks, but to mourn Indigenous people worldwide who’ve suffered centuries of racism and mistreatment.

Thursday’s solemn National Day of Mourning observance in downtown Plymouth, Massachusetts, will recall the disease and oppression that European settlers brought to North America.

Sadly, these Native American activists parrot the usual progressive revisionist history, which they no doubt learned from college.

“We Native people have no reason to celebrate the arrival of the Pilgrims,” said Kisha James, a member of the Aquinnah Wampanoag and Oglala Lakota tribes and the granddaughter of Wamsutta Frank James, the event’s founder.

“We want to educate people so that they understand the stories we all learned in school about the first Thanksgiving are nothing but lies. Wampanoag and other Indigenous people have certainly not lived happily ever after since the arrival of the Pilgrims,” James said.

“To us, Thanksgiving is a day of mourning, because we remember the millions of our ancestors who were murdered by uninvited European colonists such as the Pilgrims. Today, we and many Indigenous people around the country say, ‘No Thanks, No Giving.'”

The latest liberal anti Thanksgiving talking point is captured in this Breitbart article.

A recent Washington Post essay faced backlash online after listing common Thanksgiving foods and their “climate impact” in order to inform readers which of the festivity’s staples can be consumed “with a clear conscience.” 

The Thursday article by food columnist Tamar Haspel, titled “The climate impact of the Thanksgiving meal might surprise you,” begins with the author admitting that “tallying the environmental impact of a holiday feast” does not seem to be in the holiday spirit.

We must stand firm against this progressive assault on Thanksgiving.  We must stand firm now before this insanity gains steam.

Democrats have long anointed themselves to be the compassionate party, the ultimate protector of women, children, and minorities.  The media plays right along with this farce, trumpeting the Democrats claims incessantly, as loud as possible.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

Democrat core policies are egregiously harmful to all those they are meant to help, and produce an unacceptable level of collateral damage. Unfortunately Democrats have a overwhelmingly large and submissive public relations department.  This public relations department, or course, consists of the mainstream media and social media giants.

No Democrat policy is more harmful than abortion, which is championed as an institution to liberate women from the scourge of pregnancy and the unseemly burden of having to raise a cliild.  It has been long documented that abortion causes significant emotional and psychological harm to a noteworthy percentage of women who have one.  Abortion is most tragically harmful to the unborn child murdered during the procedure.

A generation of children are being brainwashed into believing they are transgender.  Then the children are subjected to heinous medical treatments which include breast removal, chemical castration, actual castration, given puberty blockers, and hormones to permanently alter their bodies.

For decades progressive indoctrination has warped the minds of college students so much that half actually believe socialism is superior to capitalism.  Now progressives are destroying the minds of high school and grade school students with Critical Race Theory, Emotional and Social Learning, and endless climate change propaganda.

The Democrat strategies to fight the Wuhan Flu were extremely harmful to children.  School closures set the educational development of children back years.  Mask mandates caused mental and emotional trauma to children.  Vaccine mandates have caused far more harm because of the extreme level of side effects produced by them.

Allowing biological boys to compete in girls sports is completely unfair to girls.  The vast majority of girls do not want boys in their bathrooms, locker rooms, and showers.

Republicans desperately need to go on the offensive.  They need to frame the issues just as I have done in this article.  They need to stop being such wooses.  Republicans are far too afraid about the mean things the media will say about them.

For the past several decades the political left here in the United States has been waging a guerilla style war on individualism.  That side of the political spectrum believes in collectivism, which is a belief system where individual humans have no true value.  Collectivism is the defining issue of the political left.

Individual identity, individual rights, and individual liberty have all been the very bedrock the United States was built upon.  Ever since the 1960s, the Democrat party has veered further and further to the left. Most Democrats today embrace collectivism, rather that individualism. 

Unfortunately, the most rabid collectivists infected American colleges and Universities back in the 1960s, turning them into centers of indoctrination, rather than centers of learning.  From these indoctrination centers, collectivism has spread like a cancer across the United States.

Collectivists here in the United States worked particularly hard to infect the education departments of colleges and Universities, turning them into mills that produce collectivist high school and grade school teachers.  Particular emphasis was placed on creating collectivist school administrators and principles.  Teacher unions also became institutions of collectivist indoctrination.

Collectivist educators worked tirelessly to create clever sounding collectivist indoctrination schemes in order to stealthily indoctrinate American children, right under the noses of their parents.  Two of the most common schemes are Critical Race Theory and Social and Emotional Learning.

Until I read this article, UN Program Teaching Kids ‘SEL’ Really Seeks To Kill Individualism (, I was unaware that one of these schemes originated with the United Nations.

School districts around the world are racing to implement Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) programs in the name of improving their students’ social and emotional skills. In fact, according to the global purveyor of SEL standards, 27 states so far have adopted K-12 SEL competencies, and all 50 states have adopted SEL competencies for pre-K students. But where is this massive push for SEL coming from, and what are the motives behind it?

The answer to this question is becoming clear: The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) is a primary force behind the SEL movement worldwide. A major way UNESCO advocates for SEL is through UNESCO’S Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Education for Peace and Sustainable Development. The Gandhi Institute produces an online publication called The Blue Dot, which features articles from SEL experts and others around the globe that highlight “the relationship between education, peace, sustainable development and global citizenship.” Invoking Gandhi’s name in the title of this United Nations entity is meant to pull at the heartstrings of anyone who hears it. But should our heartstrings be pulled?

But why? What is it UNESCO wants to instill in children? UNESCO’s materials make it clear that SEL is intended to foster not only kindness between students, but cooperation with a global agenda rooted in the doctrine of collectivism. Nandini Chatterjee Singh, a program specialist for the Gandhi Institute, says “SEL skills are powerful competencies” that have been shown to “instill pluralistic thinking.” The institute’s website further says it is seeking to teach children to “exhibit prosocial behavior for … a peaceful and sustainable planet.”

In short, proponents of the sustainable development goals and SEL want to instill “pluralistic thinking” in your child in the name of global peace. They want children to be taught to value the “collective good” over individual liberties, rights, and property despite the fact that the freest, most prosperous nations in the world are founded on individual liberties, rights, and property.

The United Nations has long been an international institution devoted transforming the globe into a Socialist one world government.  As you can see from the following quotes from the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization website, Social and Emotional Learning is a key to making this collectivist hell happen.

At UNESCO MGIEP, we recognize the urgent need for Social Emotional Learning (SEL) to be mainstreamed into education systems to transform education and shape a future that is geared towards providing peace and human flourishing. SEL can be described as learning that allows all learners to identify and navigate emotions, practice mindful engagement and exhibit prosocial behaviour for human flourishing towards a peaceful and sustainable planet

Central to envisioning and shaping a more sustainable and peaceful future is youth. The mass mobilisation of youth towards sustainable development requires empowering youth with information and involving them in policy’s development, promotion and implementation. At UNESCO MGIEP, we work with youth organisations and young people worldwide by supporting their initiatives and curating youth action towards kindness and transforming education.

UNESCO MGIEP’s efforts in prevention of violent extremism include the development of an entirely youth led guide that puts forth youth-centred actionable recommendations for a wide range of stakeholders as well as capacity building for youth in SEL.

UNESCO MGIEP aims to mobilize the world’s youth to achieve the 17 SDGs through transformative acts of kindness. This campaign attempts to create a positive culture of kindness, in which every young person’s selfless act matters!

The Global Collective for SEL and Digital Learning is a multi-stakeholder alliance mobilized to promote Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) and digital learning as critical new dimensions in achieving the Sustainable Development