MSM in retreat, Braxton Braggs of the Right hardest hit

Posted: January 12, 2017 by datechguy in media

Taken aback, Longstreet at last saw what the trouble was. Bragg was miffed because his design for herding the blue coats into McLemore’s Cove had gone astray…In other words, if he could not win in just the way he wanted, he did not care about winning at all, or anyhow he wanted no personal share in such a victory

Shelby Foote The Civil War A Narrative Fredericksburg to Meridian p 744

If there has been one constant in the story of the rise of the alternate media it’s that the mainstream media outlets have been biased against conservatism and have served as defacto media arm of leftists in general and the Democrat party in particular.

The MSM’s unwillingness to report honestly burying stories unfavorable to liberal memes like

while pushing and defending thin or false stories to advance said memes

is what made folks like Matt Drudge, Instapundit and me  what we are today.

In fact the bias of the left is so bad that not only does Newsbusters document it daily but their annual dinner highlighting journalism worst abuses of the year is practically the nerd prom of the right.

So I’m slightly surprised when I see tweets like this upset at some of the POTUS’ tweets about press ethics or lack thereof

Matt used to be at Newsbusters concerned by things like this The irony is palatable particularly given this

and this

and of course this

I understand that some of my fellow conservatives don’t like or trust Donald Trump but this doesn’t require pity for the dishonest media. I’d say Iowahawk puts it very well as always in two tweets

Personally I don’t understand the frustration of any conservative, even one who hates Trump over all this. Consider this lament from the Baltimore Sun

Trump lashed out at BuzzFeed in his press conference today, calling it a “failing pile of garbage.” He also refused to take a question from a CNN correspondent Jim Acosta.

“I’m not going to give you a question,” Trump told Acosta. “You are fake news.”

I wish he had saved all his wrath for BuzzFeed, which clearly deserves it.

Thanks to BuzzFeed, all of us in the press are diminished.

or the Sight of reports on CNN cutting and running from Buzzfeed:

CNN distances itself from BuzzFeed, says Trump is using the website ‘to deflect from CNN’s reporting’

or the joy of Chuck Todd suddenly deciding that Buzzfeed isn’t a great news source:

and NBC undermining CNN

Less than 18 months ago every conservative I know would have given their eye teeth to discredit the dishonest and dishonorable MSM and break their power. Now that it’s happening because of Trump some conservatives are suddenly worried about this kind of thing.

Let me remind everyone that there is an easy way for the MSM to stop bleeding it’s credibility by acting like a bunch of Democrats with bylines:

Stop acting like a bunch of Democrats with bylines!

That’s it, do who what when where and why, confirm your stories and make sure you have at least one or two people with a different ideological bent who can see the bias you can’t before you publish and you’ll be fine but I suspect for the left that’s too high a price to pay for credibility.

As for me I suggest rather than bemoaning Trump I suggest sitting back and enjoying the MSM crashing and burning around me.

Closing Thought, as I recall part of the phony Buzzfeed story was a suggestion that Donald Trump has an affinity for some sexual practices that some might find deviant.

Can anyone really any time in the last 8 years when any critique, let alone condemnation of deviant sexual practices did not elicit a cry of Bigot from places like Buzzfeed why did they consider the idea, false that it was, that Trump enjoyed such practices a cause for celebration and loudly condemn anyone who said otherwise?


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