More Under the Fedora Election Thoughts Still clueless GOP, one seat shy of fraud prevention, incentives in Minneapolis, Mandates and a loss for someone

Posted: November 4, 2021 by datechguy in Uncategorized

A very good point was made by Tammy Bruce yesterday. Isn’t it the job of the GOP to KNOW that NJ is in play rather than being happy that they had a relatively good showing?

I was going to lead with a post suggesting that the VA GOP get a strong Voter ID law and provisions to keep the left from cheating passed as soon as they take office, but it appears they are still shy one seat in the Senate. If and when that chances they need to get this done. The cheating won’t end until there is a cost to it.

As for Minneapolis the left angry about the police not being abolished is threatening to start torching police stations again.

Like election fraud this type of stuff isn’t going to end until there is a real cost to those who do it.

Now that the election is over the Biden admin is moving forward with mandates. There is a history of heart issues in my family and I’m not inclined to take a risk exacerbating them.

Assuming I’m not granted an exemption, it likely means I will lose my job and the medical benefits that cover my wife.

Finally I’m still upset about how so many people are painting this as a defeat for Joe Biden. Joe Biden isn’t in charge, he’s not making the decisions (see for reference the his answer over the $450k for illegals business) and we need to stop pretending he is.

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