Post Election Day Thoughts Under the Fedora: Wishful thinking, Scott Brown redux, NJ, a scary Minn Results and MLB comish chopped to size.

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If you want to know why Terry McAuliffe didn’t concede outright last night, it’s for the same reason it took forever to call Trump’s victory in 2016. That is McAuliffe was still unsure that it couldn’t be stolen. In 2016 the left wasn’t ready for the steal and waited till they were sure it couldn’t be done before giving in. Youngin numbers were comfortably beyond the margin of fraud but given the bold openness of the steal on 2020 McAuliffe didn’t want to close the possibility that they left/media would go all in on the same in VA

Alas it’s much harder to do with a large margin and everyone watching.

I unfortunately had to work last night and saw nothing of MSNBC’s Scott Brown like meltdown but the most interesting part of it was how they went all in on the whole “White supremacy” business even as a Black Woman was elected Lt. Governor of the state.

Apparently historic firsts don’t count without a D next to it.

The real story of the day is that as of this writing (7:28 AM EST) with 88% reporting the NJ Gov race currently stands at:

  • Ciattarelli (GOP) 49.65%
  • Murphy (D-Inc) 49.60%

That’s clearly within the margin of fraud, even last minute fraud but the fact that it’s this close tells you all you need to know both about the Biden Administration and the popularity of vac mandates.

There as also some crowing about results in Minneapolis where a ballot measure to get rid of the Police lost 57-43%. While that’s a resounding loss for the bad guys am I the only one astounded that after all the city has suffered since the phony beatification of George Floyd a full 43% of the people still thought it was a good idea to get rid of the police force?

That fact should scare the shit out of you.

While I head nothing of the Election I DID hear of the Braves victory in the World Series. I was hoping they would win and I was pleased that the Commissioner got the reception he deserved while presenting the trophy. I only wish it could have been Monday in Atlanta

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