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Major Hogan: [tosses a coin to Sharpe] What’s that, Sharpe?

Richard Sharpe: A shilling, sir.

Major Hogan: The King’s Shilling, Sharpe. Our last shilling. London’s late, the Army’s broke, and we owe the lads two months’ wages… What do you do when you’re out of cash, Sharpe?

Richard Sharpe: Do without, sir.

Sharpe’s Rifles 1993

Spent a day and a half with friends crashing over for a birthday (very odd to do so without DaWife, it almost never happens) so I’ve not been close to events over the last 48 hours so I was rather surprised when I walked into DaHouse this morning just after midnight, turned on the TV and saw this ad:

It’s a very clever ad and I endorse the sentiment expressed. A lot of other people must as well since they apparently sold 100,000 bars within 12 hours so I headed over to their web site to see what they were offering.

And that’s when I saw that their base chocolate bar was $6.99

$6.99? In contrast at my local market basket a Hershey’s bar goes for about $2.

Not to worry though you can choose to order 4 bars and pay$25 or $6.25 a bar

or if that’s too much you can buy 10 bars and pay $45.99 or $4.59 a bar

but the real bargain is a 24 pack which sets you back $100. So not only are you only paying a 25% premium to tweak Hershey but you get free shipping unlike those previous orders that don’t get to the $80 free shipping threshold.

You know I’m not a fan of wokeness but most normal Americans can’t afford to spend $100 on chocolate. That’s three water bills, or 3/4 of an electric bill or 2 1/2 fill ups of my car. I’m not going to blow that amount on candy just to poke these guys in the eye.

Apparently a lot of guys can and if Jeremy’s can find people in this economy who can, more power to them that’s free enterprise.

Me I’ll just buy a different brand without the 350% premium or do without. Just as effective but without the capital outlay.