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Guys worth remembering

Posted: November 30, 2008 by datechguy in Uncategorized

One of the last remaining Doolittle Raiders has died:

World War II hero David “Davey” M. Jones — one of the famed Doolittle Tokyo Raiders — died Tuesday in Tucson at the age of 94.
Jones, a University of Arizona alumnus, retired from the Air Force as a two-star general in 1973 after a long and decorated military career. He received the Distinguished Flying Cross, Purple Heart and numerous other honors.
He was one of the raiders who used B-25 bombers to hit targets in Japan in April 1942, a few months after Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor.

However his spirit lives on in guys like this.

People who think that US combat soldiers are a bunch of barbarians likely know very few of them.

Fear and unemployment

Posted: November 30, 2008 by datechguy in Hiwired

One of the problems when a company closes down without warning is the fear it produces.

Yesterday in the still active chat room where company members sit it was mentioned that one of our co-workers paychecks bounced.

This produced a bunch of worry since that meant that some bills would have to wait a while as Massachusetts has you wait three weeks before you can start to collect, (my first collection won’t be till 12/19).

Lucky for us there is a thing called e-mail and the person in question replied that the check in question was an old one that is even now resolved for deposit on Monday.

I have yet to hear of anyone getting a new job yet. It has only been 10 days as of this morning but it would be really nice to hear that somebody found something of comparable pay.

Anyway later this morning is the first “call in the claim” day. Sometime after mass I’ll call in to let them know I don’t have anything yet. Last time I was laid off (also when a location totally closed) it was nearly 6 months before I found something permanent, I sure hope it doesn’t take that long this time.

Part of the job description

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Well I promised some politics so here is some:

I was thinking of the attacks on Mormons in California after Proposition 8 won by about the same margin that the President Elect won. There is an awful lot of self justification on the left for their actions and a lot of outrage on the right over the treatment of people. Why gets me is why anyone is surprised by any of it.

First of all consider before the election we were given the mantra that if (then) Sen Obama lost the election there would be rioting. Thus the legions of the left telegraphed that they would not be good losers.

Second of all the lack of attacks on Black Churches and too some degree Catholic Churches are due to the political ally rule. As the Black church is part of the democratic coalition it can’t be attacked or protested, the Catholic Church particularly in LA is left leaning and also highly Hispanic. The left’s history shows that any behavior of a person or group can be excused if it is a political ally. See Congressman William Jefferson D-LA and President William Jefferson Clinton misogyny of.

Third of all the lack of attacks on Islamic Mosques are simple cowardice. See the Mohammad Cartoon of South Park where the network had no problem going after Jesus in the episode but were afraid of having their throats cut if an image of Mohammad was shown being handed a helmet with a fish on it by Peter Griffin. Cowards never attack those who will fight back.

Finally although my fellow Catholics in general and Christians in particular may dispute the definition of Mormons as Christians, no believing Christian should be surprised at the attacks on Christians in general and/or Mormons in particular and the tact support of the media on said attacks. This is part of the job description of Christianity see John 13:16 and John 15 18-22. Any Christian who doesn’t understand this doesn’t understand what Christianity is.

This doesn’t mean that one shouldn’t opposed this behavior. One of my rules of life is the right thing is generally the smart thing too. Our friends on the left should refrain and condemn this behavior because it is wrong but if they won’t for that reason they should oppose it because if it smart to do so. They only need a swing of 4 percent in a future election and they have the media and most of the culture on their side. They are forgetting the lessons of history and will only turn people against them particularly in the privacy of the ballot box. People who feel repressed concerning their opinions tend to get their release in their voting booth. The left’s “fairness” argument is their strongest argument that should be their primary one.

Job description or no we on the right who supported prop 8 should take every opportunity to take the over the top behavior and intimidation of the left and hold it up in the light for all to see. The justifications of such behavior out there would make those at any Nazi, KKK, National Party of South Africa pre 1990, Know Nothing or Al-Qaeda member proud. Fair mined people will see that.

Two new Dr Who reviews

Posted: November 29, 2008 by datechguy in amazon reviews

My reviews of the Big finish Doctor Who adventure 113; Time Reef and the Companion Chronicles 2.4 The Catalyst are now up at Amazon.