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…when she can write stuff like this:

(6) Are gay rights part and parcel with basic conservatism? If so, why are so many elected Republicans so skittish/unsupportive about the subject? If not, tell me why.

No, we don’t generally care for identity politics of any sort, much less hearing about people’s sex lives, even Nino Scalia’s. (And judging by the number of children he has, it’s pretty active.) Conservatives believe in individual rights, low tax rates, fighting terrorism and punishing criminals — so do gays! They also happen to believe Judy Garland was the most underappreciated and misunderstood person in the history of show business. I don’t think most gays care about gay marriage; they like going to the gay marriage meeting because it’s a good way to meet other gays.

I wish I wrote that

…people swarmed the Sarah Palin impersonator and the Rent is too damn high fellow here at CPAC?

When she walked in I was in the lobby and she was IMMEDIATELY swarmed by every person and camera in sight. Media camera hit her as well. What are these people thinking?

I know what I was thinking, poor Dana Milbank, even Palin impersonators generate memeorandum stories. Somebody pull him away from the bridge.

Another "celeb" and another swarm

Another fun thing to do is ask reporters if they want to be interviewed they generally decline which is very funny because as a rule they make their living asking people questions.

I understand that Stacy McCain was making conversation with Maureen Dowd while she was trying to get in and that Maureen Down was in full “who are you talking to be talking to me” mode. That doesn’t speak well of Miss Dowd.

Anyway that’s what’s running through my head right now.

Update: I forgot about the video:

Ladd Ellenger nails it in CA-36

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Ladd Ehlinger looks at California 36 and sees the chance to rectify a mistake that was made in the last cycle:

As I noted previously, Mattie Fein had a good showing against Jane Harman when the elections finally came. Of all the Republican candidates that were destined to lose in California (through Republican malfeasance), Mattie had one of the best showings.

This, despite having a campaign budget under $50k.

This, despite local Republican traitors like Richard Montgomery (Mayor of Manhattan Beach), Frank Scotto (Mayor of Torrance), and John Parsons (former Redondo Beach Councilman) endorsing Jane Harman. Endorsements not made for philosophical reasons, but for cronyism – legal but unethical.

This, despite the national establishment sitting on its hands, or even actively undermining their own candidate.

This, despite the majority of the national media ignoring the race almost entirely. And why did they do so? As one conservative blogger told me after the election, “Harman bought Newsweek. Harman bought The Daily Beast. She’s a vindictive woman. I might find myself applying for employment at a Harman-owned company one day. I’m not putting my neck out.”

Ah but now Harmon is gone, Mattee Fein is now the more recognized candidate, there is a republican majority that looks like it isn’t going anywhere and no other GOP races to take up national funds.

The district now has every incentive to elect Mattee and the GOP has every reason to support her. Ladd continues:

If there were two years to generate name recognition for a newcomer in the 36th district, then sure, be my guest. But this election will be held quickly in the next few months. There is no time for starry-eyed dreams of electing a dark horse tea party candidate. I hope saying so doesn’t make Katz withold one of his cigars from me this evening.

And if the conservative media – large or small – had any guts, they’d rally the troops for a win in a blue state. There is no excuse now to not do so. There are no other elections at the moment to distract from this one. There are no big news stories except for Egypt, which is in Mattie Fein’s backyard area of study and expertise.

This is a test for the national GOP and a test for the party insiders. Will they do what needs to be done? Will some of the new GOP congresswomen stand up for a find lady trying to make a difference?

Reince Priebus you are now in charge. Let’s see what you’re made of.

Quick CPAC thoughts Thursday morning

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The one advantage to not staying in the CPAC hotel is the internet connection.

The idea that Maureen Dowd couldn’t get into this room but I was able to get Marty Lamb is was appeals to me.

When Newt Gringrich came into the room the MSM waved around him, When Herman Cain came into the room the bloggers waved around him, that tell you an awful lot.

Next in the bloggers lounge

There are an inordinate amount of charming young women here that I would like to introduce to my sons.

Herman Cain is a hit

If you want to be noticed by the media, dress in colonial garb.

How Tabitha Hale manages to keep all the blogging stuff going is beyond me. The more you talk to her the more impressed you get.

Stacy McCain’s ability to find the combination of a Camera and a beautiful woman continues to have no equal:

Stacy McCain continues to make his wife jealous

I never knew midnight blue is a local elected official.

Saw Renee Ellmers at the blogger bash last night, she continues to be awesome, NC is very lucky to have her:

Renee Ellmers with Katy

the Largo hotel internet was faster but its kinda lonely being the only cpac guy there.

There was a very ironic moment with the Atlas movie last night, I pitched my show and advertising to reach my audience that would be into the movie. They indicated they were look for non-paid publicity. Considering the movie and the topic I found it very funny. What would John Galt say?

I was very flattered that Victoria Jackson remembered me and said hello first.

victoria Jackson and Pam Geller

Today I’m going to spend a lot of time flogging the show. Wish me luck this is the big thing for me here.