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Gateway pundit is reporting from the rallies in Madison Wisconsin and notes something interesting:

UPDATE: Doctors have set up a booth to sign scripts for work absences.

So let me get this straight: Medical professionals are knowingly signing their names to a document attesting to an illness that is false in order to allow these workers to collect taxpayer money from the state.

I’m not a lawyer and don’t even play one on TV but wouldn’t this be fraud and an actionable offense?

Perhaps Ann, Glenn or William can answer that.


I’d drop that off to the DA stat

Update 2: The lonely conservative is all over it and Stacy now has something up.

Update 3: Little Miss Attila has an update as well consisting of other updates.

Update 4: Hey we are the left and the ends justify the means:

I just got off the phone with Luke Bacher. Luke is a staffer for freshman State Representative Tyler August (R) and was attending the event with his family on his day off today. Bacher was near the sound system when a man in his late 20s came over and just started yanking out wires. When Bacher attempted to put the wires back into the sound system, the man pushed Bacher back and started getting violent in his shoving as if trying to provoke a physical confrontation. Then he started pulling wires again before the police finally arrested him.

And of course Crooks and Liars lives up to their name, playing little truther games, because of course it can’t be true that democrats and liberals might do anything dishonest, oh and this Breitbart video must have been faked too. And Ann Althouse must be in on it too of course isn’t she?

The far left desire to justify itself requires far more faith than Christianity. This is quickly going to reach the point where even the MSM won’t be willing to continue to cover for these people.

Update 5: Speaking of Faith here is the Anchoress and more Stacy.

Update 6: Had a conversation with a liberal in twitter, after some time they finally admited the video was genuine and did not approve but quickly turned to Breitbart/Sherrod/Planned Parenthood. That more than anything else tells you why they go after Breitbart. They need to be able to ignore what he says so they attempt to Alinsky him. Like I said, liberalism has become a religion.

The last vendor I talked to were the people in charge of The Tea Party Dot Net:

Their site is here, the full advocate list is here

…it would take for this.

Is there a point where if the lawmakers leave the state long enough that their offices could be considered vacant?

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