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Meanwhile in Ca-36

Posted: February 24, 2011 by datechguy in congress, opinion/news, politics
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I thought that politics in Massachusetts was Byzantine, then I read this piece by Ladd Ehlinger Jr. on the special election in the 36th. A sample:

They are professional politicos, and make their living off both sides of the aisle. Ordinarily they screw things up for local constituencies in California, but they’ve got their beady eyes turned to the 36th district, too.

As you may know, Ron Nehring was (supposedly) the California Republican Party fifth columnist Chairman last year. He helped lead the Republicans to utter defeat and shame in California in 2010, with help from the Willie-Brown run database PDI.

Databases are crucial to running campaigns. Voter outreach and communications are key. You want your information to be good, and you don’t want your opposition finding out who your volunteers are, or even what sort of queries you are running on the database. So naturally, you wouldn’t want your database to be run by Willie Brown political hacks, the very people who want you defeated. Unless, of course, you are Ron Nehring.

No, if you’re Ron, instead you work with Meg Whitman to force as many local, state and federal Republican candidates in November 2010 to use the opposition’s database, so you can be damned sure everyone gets lost in the fog of war and is defeated.

Thanks Ron! You’re a true chum to liberty.

Read the whole thing to try to untie the knot that is California.

Ladd Ellenger nails it in CA-36

Posted: February 11, 2011 by datechguy in congress, politics
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Ladd Ehlinger looks at California 36 and sees the chance to rectify a mistake that was made in the last cycle:

As I noted previously, Mattie Fein had a good showing against Jane Harman when the elections finally came. Of all the Republican candidates that were destined to lose in California (through Republican malfeasance), Mattie had one of the best showings.

This, despite having a campaign budget under $50k.

This, despite local Republican traitors like Richard Montgomery (Mayor of Manhattan Beach), Frank Scotto (Mayor of Torrance), and John Parsons (former Redondo Beach Councilman) endorsing Jane Harman. Endorsements not made for philosophical reasons, but for cronyism – legal but unethical.

This, despite the national establishment sitting on its hands, or even actively undermining their own candidate.

This, despite the majority of the national media ignoring the race almost entirely. And why did they do so? As one conservative blogger told me after the election, “Harman bought Newsweek. Harman bought The Daily Beast. She’s a vindictive woman. I might find myself applying for employment at a Harman-owned company one day. I’m not putting my neck out.”

Ah but now Harmon is gone, Mattee Fein is now the more recognized candidate, there is a republican majority that looks like it isn’t going anywhere and no other GOP races to take up national funds.

The district now has every incentive to elect Mattee and the GOP has every reason to support her. Ladd continues:

If there were two years to generate name recognition for a newcomer in the 36th district, then sure, be my guest. But this election will be held quickly in the next few months. There is no time for starry-eyed dreams of electing a dark horse tea party candidate. I hope saying so doesn’t make Katz withold one of his cigars from me this evening.

And if the conservative media – large or small – had any guts, they’d rally the troops for a win in a blue state. There is no excuse now to not do so. There are no other elections at the moment to distract from this one. There are no big news stories except for Egypt, which is in Mattie Fein’s backyard area of study and expertise.

This is a test for the national GOP and a test for the party insiders. Will they do what needs to be done? Will some of the new GOP congresswomen stand up for a find lady trying to make a difference?

Reince Priebus you are now in charge. Let’s see what you’re made of.

Another chance for Mattie Fein? Jane Harmon to resign

Posted: February 7, 2011 by datechguy in congress
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I guess the minority is not as attractive as a majority:

California Rep. Jane Harman (D) will resign from Congress, a surprise announcement that will set off a special election in her 36th district.

“This is an excruciating decision because the distinction of representing the smartest constituents on earth will never be surpassed — nor will my relationships with my exceptional staff and colleagues in Congress,” said Harman in an email sent to supporters today.

Harman added that she had filed paperwork with the House to let them know she was “in discussions to succeed former Rep. Lee Hamilton as President and CEO of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars.”

The Center is expected to make a decision tomorrow.

It is fitting that the last act of yet another congressional liberal is to cause the expense of a special election for California a state already broke.

I’m sure all those who voted for her are thrilled that they managed to get almost two months of service for their votes. The question before the district is if they want a representative in the majority or in the minority and what would be better for the state?

After Glenn put up his I told you so post he notes something significant:

Now why should some professor in Knoxville be able to determine what our national reporters in Washington and New York City could not?

Do we not pay these people — through the extra pennies we pay on a product for advertisements — to know these things?

I think it’s not just a question of paying attention, it’s all about what you choose to report.

The MSM hasn’t chosen to report the failure of the One Nation rally. They haven’t chosen to show the trash photos or the comparison shots of the crowd. They didn’t choose to report on the DOJ scandal or Van Jones et/al.

Yet a vast amount of Americans knew because of social media. The MSM were irrelevant because they came late to a story that was already told in e-mail boxes, tweets and facebook pages worldwide.

Goliath might not be paying attention but it could be because Goliath would rather be ignorant about a fact they don’t want to acknowledge.

One might survive in a niche market but if your business is information and analysis and you are being scooped by people in the street you’d better look for another business pronto.

Update: Along those same lines I wonder if the Torrance Daily Breeze will find this story newsworthy?

California Democrat Rep. Jane Harman’s family business is laying off American workers – including engineering employees in California — and shifting jobs overseas.

If history is the judge I wouldn’t bet on the breeze