Can someone explain to me why…

Posted: February 11, 2011 by datechguy in oddities, special events
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…people swarmed the Sarah Palin impersonator and the Rent is too damn high fellow here at CPAC?

When she walked in I was in the lobby and she was IMMEDIATELY swarmed by every person and camera in sight. Media camera hit her as well. What are these people thinking?

I know what I was thinking, poor Dana Milbank, even Palin impersonators generate memeorandum stories. Somebody pull him away from the bridge.

Another "celeb" and another swarm

Another fun thing to do is ask reporters if they want to be interviewed they generally decline which is very funny because as a rule they make their living asking people questions.

I understand that Stacy McCain was making conversation with Maureen Dowd while she was trying to get in and that Maureen Down was in full “who are you talking to be talking to me” mode. That doesn’t speak well of Miss Dowd.

Anyway that’s what’s running through my head right now.

Update: I forgot about the video:

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