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Posted: June 1, 2019 by datechguy in blogs, Uncategorized

During my visit to Syracuse (The post of which I still haven’t gotten up yet at my regular blog) I stopped by to see Karen the Lonely Conservative and introduce her to my wife and sons.  it was a fine visit as it’s a great pleasure to let the people I met through writing meet my family.

Karen doesn’t blog anymore as life is too busy and I really understand that.  Many of the “old” bloggers have moved on as trying to keep a readership and have something to say every day isn’t easy.  That got me thinking.

There are I suspect a lot of such people I know who might have something to say once in a while, don’t want to go on twitter for it, but don’t want to maintain a blog anymore.

That’s where DaTechGuy’s home for retired bloggers comes in.

I propose to make this backup site a site for bloggers who wish to occasionally vent without the pressure of doing it full time anymore.  The membership will be limited to bloggers I know or folks recommended by such bloggers, the posts will be their own and there will no schedule or times to post.  If you feel like posting, post, and if your posts are a day a month or a year apart that’s fine too.

I only ask that you follow these rules in terms of posting.

No support of abortion, transgendersim, gay marriage or jihad.  My name is still on the site.

Don’t post porn, don’t be overly vulgar and while critique of the Catholic Church is acceptable (and with our current Pope more justified that usual) I won’t have any “The Catholic Church is the antichrist” bs here.  I’m a believing Catholic and any blog with my name on it won’t be carrying stuff like that.

If you have an interest in being invited contact me in comments or via email and subject to the restrictions above I’ll be happy to give you a space for the occasional post.

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