Fr. Leonard in Fitchburg. Video from St. Bernard’s at St. Camillus Parish Oct 27, plus Fr. Leonard Mary’s video

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Here is the 2nd of three posts from Fr. Leonard Mary’s visit to Fitchburg, Medford and Boston during his trip to Massachusetts Oct 26-30.

You can see the full playlist of videos here.

Rosary at St. Bernard’s

fyi those people on the side and in the back are getting confession

The Mass part 1

the Sermon from the mass part 2 of 5 from the mass part 1 of two of the sermon

Fr. Leonard celebrates Mass and completes his sermon 3 of 5 of the mass 2 of 2 of his sermon. I made it a point to keep the sermon separate for those who wished to watch it or listen to it independent of the Mass.

Fr. Leonard mass at St. Bernard part 4 of 5

fyi for those not familiar with daily Catholic mass It’s normally a bit shorter. This one is longer because with a visiting priest the sermon is naturally longer plus the number of people attending and receiving communion is much larger than for most daily masses which at St. Bernard’s usually runs about 20 min or 25 tops.

part 5 of 5

Following the mass was the healing service here is part 1

and here is the final part, as before the larger crowd meant for a longer service.

This week Fr. Leonard put up his video of his visit. It was an 8 minute video that had stuff from all his events including three in Medford that I could not attend.

My final post next weekend will include the events from his final day in Massachusetts including mass, the Cenacle for priest onboard ship in Boston Harbor and interviews with Fr. and his assistant Gus on the bus as we took them to the airport to go home.

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