The Price of Allowing Riots and Intimidation is Now Visible in the Rittenhouse Trial or Why Courage remains the Primary Virtue

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In many ways, you are already in the authoritarian state. You just don’t know it 

Ai Weiwei 

One of the bits of history concerning the baseball’s “gentlemen’s agreement” that excluded blacks from the game is that this wasn’t always the case. In the early days of professional baseball when Cap Anson (one of the biggest names and admittedly one of the if not THE greatest player of the 19th century) first threatened to pull his team from the field when facing another team that had a black player on the roster he ended up backing down because the home team told him bluntly that he pulled his team he and his players would not only forfeit but would not get paid. It wasn’t until teams intimidated by Anson’s fame and worried about blowback kowtowed to his demands and such kowtowing became habit that segregation in the game became the unofficial rule. If teams had told him to get stuffed consistently and not be intimated by him and his fame then one of the biggest disgraces of the game would not have taken root and Jackie Robinson would have likely played 20 years because he wouldn’t have had to carry the weight of a race on his shoulders.

Likewise in the Catholic Church if when the first signs of the abuse scandal started turning up in the 70’s if Bishops had swiftly defrocked those priests involved and turned them into law enforcement and made it clear this would be the cost of such behavior the scandal that blew up 20 years ago and is causing harm to the church both culturally and in its mission to the people would have not taken place. Instead fear of expose, loss of revenue, and a misguided conflation of forgiveness of sins (always the policy of the church) with tolerating and hiding criminal behavior (not the policy of the church) that led to this type of behavior multiplying to the point where twenty years later the church and the perception of it to the public is still reeling from the scandal’s effects.

In both of these cases there were no consequences for bad behavior and because the people involved did not have the courage to impose consequences for bad behavior it went on till it reached a breaking point.

And that brings us to the Riots of last year and the Ritenhouse Trial.

For many years we refused to fight the culture wars and allowed the radical left free reign in our institutions. Political leaders didn’t want to rock the boat content in their power so that when the idea of collective guilt for actions of people 100’s of years ago was advanced people did not slap it down as the nonsense that it was.

From there came the idea of the permanently oppressed being that if one’s ancestor was oppressed two or three or ten generations ago it meant that one was permanently and generationally oppressed meaning that one’s failures in life were not the responsible of the individual but were due to collective oppression applied to ancestors (even if such oppression and all those advancing it were long dead).

Collective “innocence” was soon to follow whereby rioting, crime, looting and arson were advanced as legitimate expressions of grievance and that any move to stop such actions were considered a form of oppression.

At each of these stages the unreality of the situation was advanced and that any object to this nonsense was pained as a sign of evil intent and equated one with all the evils of centuries ago.

At each of these stages the lack of courage as a society allowed this to progress aided by the dollars of our enemies who found it cheaper to buy people rather than weapons and by those who found that advancing a false narrative paid well.

From there it was not hard to decide it’s easier to let an election be stolen than to face critique for daring to speak out about what’s happening in front of your face.

Now we have actually reached the point where judging the innocence or guilt of a person accused of murder can not be judged by the evidence or the testimony or the clear video of same but must be judged by the fear of violence and intimidation of those who must make this decision.

And because we have a media that has pushed a narrative rather than the truth. (That is how leftists who normally live in a bubble are shocked and surprised when they actually view the trail and discover that basic face from the races of those involved to their criminal records are something these supposedly informed people did not know). It’s no coincidence that CNN & MSNBC cut away from the trial when the defense was making it closing arguments for fear it’s viewer might learn something or their paymasters might be offended.

As in all these previous cases courage is required, courage by the judge, courage by the jury and courage by the people, because if it’s established that the verdict of someone unfavored by the woke will be decided not on fact and evidence but on the threat of violence and rioting by the left supported and financed by their political allies then all bets are off and we as a nation will be, to paraphrase Benito from Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle’s Inferno: it will be very cold, and very dark, and we will be there for all knowing we as a nation u put yourself there.

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