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The title of this article is an example of extreme satire and irony.  The behavior of the proponents of abortion has been as atrocious as we’ve all come to expect.  Their behavior has not sunk to the level we all witnessed during last summer, when ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter were rioting almost nightly.  There is a good chance that could happen. I believe that they are just warming up.

Abortion has become a religious sacrament to those who inhabit the left side of the political spectrum.  The slaughter of unborn children, up until the moment of birth, is a sacred right to the vast majority of modern Democrats. Because abortion is seen as a sacred right, any threat to abortion is met with religious fervor. 

Marxism is at the very core of the political left.  Individual life has very little value to a Marxist because that family of philosophies is based on collectivism.  Violence and intimidation are the tactics most often used by the political left because they operate under the mistaken belief that the ends always justify the means.

This past Sunday, which was Mother’s Day, leftists decided interrupting Catholic Masses was an acceptable tactic to protest the leaked end to Roe versus Wade.  As you can see from this article, they mistakenly believe they have the right to interrupt a church service.

After interrupting Mass, the protesters feel like they can get irate when asked to leave. “I have a right as an American!” one of the pro-baby-killing activists screams as she’s walked out of the church. And while she certainly has the right to protest, she doesn’t have the right to do so inside a church, especially as Mass is being conducted.

I understand leftists seem to have an issue understanding the difference between private and public property—the communist brain disease destroys the ability to understand such concepts early on—but the church is private property, and they don’t even have to be allowed on the grounds, let alone in the building.

This Tweet documents the startling events that took place during Mass in one Catholic Cathedral

As you can see from this Tweet by journalist Any Ngo, things turned violent in Los Angeles.

Democrat politicians, such as the mayor of Chicago, are openly calling for violence.

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot encouraged violence on Monday in a tweet asserting the U.S. Supreme Court’s leaked opinion draft signaling the downfall of Roe v. Wade means the justices will come for the“LGBTQ+ community” next.

“To my friends in the LGBTQ+ community—the Supreme Court is coming for us next. This moment has to be a call to arms,” she wrote on Twitter. “We will not surrender our rights without a fight—a fight to victory!”

The conduct of the so called pro abortion activists has deteriorated to the level where they  firebombed a pregnancy center, then gloated about it in a rather ghastly manner.


I’m old enough that I still listen to the radio when I drive and suddenly there are ads playing regularly warning of the signs of clots that can become aneurisms that I had never heard before.

All this ads are brought to you by Pfizer.

A coincidence I’m sure.

I was on my lunch break during the 4th quarter of gave five of the Bucks and Celtics game where the Bucks after being down as much as 12 in the 4th came back to tie it with under a minute to go and then win it when they got a rebound off a missed free throw and put it in and then stole the ball from the Celtics.

Over the last 3+ Minutes there was one name I didn’t hear during those last three minutes: Jason Tatum.

We’ve been hearing for weeks that he should be considered a superstar yet for some reason he didn’t touch the ball.

Just a coincidence I’m sure.

With a week to go before the Pennsylvania primary a GOP candidate who is surging to the point that she might pass the Trump endorsed Doctor Oz suddenly had her Wikipedia page taken down.

Wikipedia claims that she is not notable enough. Commenting on the matter she said:

Barnette posted a photo of her deleted page on Twitter with the caption, “When they cancel me, they’re cancelling you. Wikipedia just pulled my page down with a week left to go in the election.”

You would think they would promote a candidate different from whoever Trump endorsed however it seems that she would not only be the first black woman to serve in the senate from Pennsylvania but a big part of her story is that she was conceived in rape and her mother choose not to abort.

Yet apparently that’s not good enough to be noted. You would think cancelling a black woman would be consider beyond the pale these days but it’s apparently not.

Again another coincidence.

Speaking on something you don’t see every day a politics site in Florida broke the story of a sexual harassments scandal of a rising political star accused of sexual harassment, and then encouraged people not to report on it or bother the candidate about it. As Don Surber put it:

While it broke the story, Florida Politics asked others to go easy on Alexander. A confederacy of dunces followed and the rest of the media in Florida largely ignored the story.

The Tallahassee Democrat, the only newspaper to report on it, hid its story behind its subscribers only paywall. 

For the record the “rising star” Ramon Alexander a married father of two, is both a Democrat and is being accused of harassments by a man who Alexander claims he had a “consensual sexual relationship” with.

Boy the coincidences are just pouring down today aren’t they?

Finally yet another associate of Bill Clinton, Mark Meadows has died at the relatively young age of 59.

Given the spate of sudden deaths since the vaccine one might say “coincidence” here but for this paragraph in the Daily Mail story:

One of Bill Clinton’s former special advisors who helped cement his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein has died at the age of 59, becoming the latest associate of the former President to die young. Mark Middleton’s family said that he passed away on Saturday in a statement which did not reveal the cause of death. (snip) During that time Middleton admitted Epstein to the Clinton White House on seven of the at least 17 times the late pedophile visited. Middleton also flew on Epstein’s plane and appears to have acted as a conduit between the two men.

I’d close with a sly line about coincidence but I don’t think there is anybody left who would by it in this case.