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It hit me when talking to my wife who works as a nurse in an assisted living facility every person who today is in a Nursing Home or an assisted living facility would be dead if this was 1872 instead of 2022.

In fact that would likely be true even if it was as late as 1922.

We as a race have no grasp on just how much better off we are then our ancestors were.

The Biden Administration refuses to condemn doxing members of SCOTUS so that leftist can try to intimidate them at home.

I’ll wager if the Proud Boys announced they would be entering those neighborhoods to protect said justices from the leftists who would harm them they would object plenty.

This type of stupidity is the type of thing that starts civil wars, and I have believe they are hoping to see one.

Of course maybe they are hoping to have us nuked. After all what kind of stupidity does an administration have when they openly admit aiding in the sinking of the Russian Flagship during a time of war.

Then again perhaps not being afraid of a military that managed to have its flagship sunk by a nation without a navy might be understandable.

Gas is now at the highest price I’ve even seen and Diesel is at $6.00 a gallon which means that every single product people buy is about to go through the roof.

It didn’t even take 18 months for the Biden Administration to bring America to its knees.

Whatever foreign power is paying the folks who stole the last election is certainly getting their monies worth.

I’d say it was amazing how many “true conservatives” have suddenly gone Pro-abortion this week.

The only thing they’ve ever been true to is who will pay them the most.

The left is welcome to them., may they prove to be just a big a batch of leeches to them as they were to us.