Do I detect a tiny hint of Brady?

Posted: October 3, 2022 by datechguy in nfl, Sports, Uncategorized

I have spent most of the last week in bed the first day being taking care of DaWife who got COVID and then getting it myself. It’s really laid me out and basically the most strenuous things I’ve managed since last Wednesday has been putting up the St. Matthew Novena for those FBI agents (day 8 later today)

One of the few advantages of this situation is that when I’m not totally zonked out trying to sleep, which has been very difficult I’d had access to the net and thus got to follow a most interesting development.

As you might know 21 years ago the New England Patriots starting QB got himself hurt in game and a young 6th round pick who had not been on anybody’s radar came in. Took the starting job and never looked back. That young fellow was Tom Brady who now has 7 Superbowl rings and would not shock anyone if he came home with an eighth by season’s end.

Well last week the Patriots starting QB Mac Jones a 1st round pick out of Alabama ended up down with an injury meaning that Backup QB (and defacto coach) Brian Hoyer would be starting for New England with a young 4th round pick Bailey Zappe to back him up.

Not many people expected this game to be close but the real surprise was not Aaron Rogers’s 500th TD pass but that Hoyer would go down with an injury and Zappe would have to take over under fire.

Even fewer people expected that he would lead the team to several scores and that the game would go to overtime tied at 24 till Green Bay with no time left on the overtime clock would kick a game winning field goal.

Now does this mean that lightning is about to strike again for the Pats with a late draft pick that nobody wanted? Unlikely, there is only one Tom Brady. But I’m going to be very interested in seeing what happens next week when he likely gets his first start

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