Prager, Focus Groups and Mass Resistance and Common Ground the Dems Abandoned

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Don Tomasino: Your enemies always grow strong on what you leave behind

The Godfather Part III

One of the great disadvantages of living in a bubble and censoring the narrative on social media such as twitter is that you don’t realize how out of touch with reality you might be.

Dennis Prager noted an example of this in a recent piece

In Philadelphia, prior to the evening event, I did what I do in virtually every city in which I speak: smoked a cigar at a local cigar lounge. I would not be surprised if I have visited more cigar bars than anyone outside the cigar industry.

I then took an Uber to the venue.

My driver was a black man, and as I almost always do with strangers, I engaged in conversation with him.

If you believe the left you would think a black man in Philly would be all in on the Democrat agenda, but when he told him he was going to give a talk on the collapse of western civilization he got a surprise:

“Oh, man, do I ever agree with you! This wokeness, this censorship of speech is destroying us.” He went on and on about the woke threat to America and the West so eloquently, I thought about inviting him to speak alongside me and my colleagues.

He sat him in the front row and he got a standing O.

Meanwhile CBS was putting together a focus group with a Democrat, a Republican and an Independent on issues, and came up shocked:

The discussion, moderated by anchor Margaret Brennan, started off pretty tame and predictable, with participants describing the effects of a sputtering economy, inflation, and high gas prices on their own lives. But when the topic turned to raising children in America, even Brennan seemed surprised by the level of agreement.

And that reveals something that the left has not figured out.

The woke drag queen story hour business of the left, the cancel culture the pronoun madness and the inability of people to define a woman might be big in the University, or in Hollywood or in a specific niche of supporter but among normal people this is not and has not been so.

People as a rule ignore this stuff because they don’t want to deal with this nonsense, and for years it flourished quietly but some were not silent, namely a group called Mass Resistance

While Pilloried by groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center and other left wing sites they pushed forward ignoring the attacks and shining a light when others ran for cover. and do so today when groups sponsored by GLSEN pushes the idea that parents are a danger to their own children and must be excluded.

 “Isn’t it better to work with parents and keep them in the loop? I don’t understand why you would want to keep secrets from parents.”

GLSEN staffer claims that parents endanger the child: The GLSEN staffer basically answered that telling the parent puts a child “at risk.” She said, “A lot of students are not living in safe situations. So you want to be affirming in the classroom so that the student is able to learn and not putting the child at risk at home.” She said that if a child hasn’t “outed” himself to his parents, then the teacher is careful not to tell the parent. This includes not using the child’s “preferred” name and pronoun in front of the parent if the parent doesn’t already support that. In other words, the teacher makes a judgment that the parent is a possible danger to the child.

Response from MassResistance mother: She immediately responded: But they are the parents! If their child is thinking about these things and is going through a “transition period,” they need to be brought in because it’s their child. They’re responsible for the child, the whole package. They’re part of the child’s world. So if you’re working with a student, you should also be working with the parent.

The lesbian teacher uses more LGBT talking points: The lesbian teacher answered by doubling down on the well-crafted (and offensive) LGBT talking points about parents being possibly dangerous to their kids.

The reality is that these folks pushing the idea that parents are dangerous to their own children is not one held by normal people, but the Democrat left having pressured corporations and taken power in their own niche bubbles came to believe that this could be pushed to parents of children without opposition of consequence because of the natural apathy of man.

That men are men, that women are women and can’t change their gender by a declaration, that kids shouldn’t be sexualized or have sexually explicit material pushed on this in schools and that kids can not consent to be spayed, surgically altered or given hormones on their own are beliefs that were so universal that they did not need to be stated aloud.

What the left hasn’t figured out if that Niche groups not withstanding among the general public of the west these views are only slightly less universal then they were 20 30, 50 or 100 years ago.

It’s not on It’s taken nearly twenty years but the people who were once willing to ignore this have had all they can stand, they can’t stand no more and more importantly the GOP who for years would at best follow has finally found those who might lead.

The left decided to leave normalcy behind and in two week they will find out just how strong the GOP has become by embracing it.

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