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Mr Shelhammer: But… but maybe he’s only a little crazy like painters or composers or… or some of those men in Washington.

Dr Pierce: Thousands of people have similar delusions living perfectly normal lives in every other respect. A famous example is that fellow…I can’t think of his name. For years, he’s insisted he’s a Russian prince. There’s been much evidence to prove him wrong…but nothing has shaken his story. Is he in an institution? No. He owns a famous restaurant in Hollywood and is a highly respected citizen.

Miracle on 34th street 1947

As we close the new year let me as a person who has worked with, carpooled with, gone to church with and attended political events on the same side with Transgender people explain the position I have concerning the matter a position which I suspect is shared by the vast majority of people.

If an adult person thinks they are Napoleon. Dress like Napoleon, Walks like Napoleon, Talks like Napoleon, and has himself surgically altered to resemble Napoleon even to the point of losing height and weight. That’s they’re business. I can work with him, eat with him, have conversations with him on various matters, even live next to him without incident, because it’s his problem and delusion and not my business. Of course if he asks me, I’ll tell him he’s not Napoleon and suggest he get help. If he’s a friend considering cutting off bits of himself to look more like Napoleon I’ll quietly and privately suggest that it’s a bad and drastic idea and advise against it because that’s what a friend does, but if he goes ahead, I’ll let it go because ultimately it’s his decision and if he wants to live with the consequences, so be it.


If that same adult person who thinks they are Napoleon not only insists that he’s Napoleon but insists that I refer to him as such then he becomes my problem and someone to be scorned ignored and avoided. If he works to amend the laws of the land to compel me and others to say “Vive L’Empereur!” then he must be fought and opposed publicly

Furthermore if he and like minded people convinces teachers in schools or public servants to encourage schools to convince other people’s minor children that they are Ney, Murat, Jourdan or Masséna or any other officer or soldier in Le Grande Armee, and having them act out the same even to the point of encouraging surgery so they can resemble an 18th or 19th century solider pf the French republic or empire without the consent and knowledge of their parents then they become society’s problem and a united effort must be made to expose them, publicly condemn them and expel any such teacher or public servant aiding and abetting such actions from their positions

Frankly the real villains here are not the people with these delusions. Mental illness is, by definition an illness and to a degree limits culpability of one who has such an illness for actions associated with said illness. Of course limited culpability doesn’t give the right of anyone to injure others or force us to not prevent it.

The people who are actually evil here are those who, knowing and recognizing this illness for what it is see such folks as a path to profit, power and position and encourage their delusions for the sake of those goals. Even to the point of traumatic physical and psychological harm to them and others.

Those folks have a lot to answer for. Pray for them.

11th Doctor: I never forget a face

The Curator (4th Doctor): I know you don’t and over time you might revisit a few, but just the old favorites eh?.

Doctor Who Day of the Doctor 2013

As you might know I have not watched a new episode of Doctor Who since the last scene of Peter Capaldi run

Jodi Whitiaker’s Doctor was a disaster for the ratings, for the sales of the show, for the merchandizing and according to my oldest who did in fact watch those episodes was an era with the writing so bad that according to him, A Doctor Who fan all his life, only three episodes of the run might be recognized as Doctor Who Episodes.

Like the Sylvester McCoy era it was all about the agenda and ignoring the fans even to the point of rewriting the canon of the series. In fact it was so bad that they decided that when the current showrunner left with Ms Whitaker they would bring back Russell T. Davies who was the original showrunner of the revival in the hope to get people to start watching again.

But a lot of people like myself still weren’t interested. I understood that Davies would while still writing woke (and believe me his era was plenty woke but it wasn’t in your face and with the exception of the whole “President Obama is going to fix the economy” BS in his final episode “woke” took 3rd place to providing fans with good writing and good characters.

Thus I had absolutely no intention of bothering to watch what was to follow and was content to, in my mind, have Capaldi’s Doctor decide to die, and I suspect a awful lot of those who left the series behind likely had the same idea. So what do you do to gain the interest of those who walked away and took their eyeballs and wallets with them?

Well apparently you do this: (Rather large spoiler)

I didn’t watch the episode so I had no idea this had happened that until I saw something on Youtube.

This was a complete shock to me as it likely was to everyone else who wasn’t in the know. I think it’s in terms of marketing, rather smart. It’s an attempt to get people like me who didn’t want anything to do with the Jodi Whitaker era to give it a shot.

How bad did they want to get away from the Jodi Whitaker era? They wanted to get away from it so bad that for the very first time ever the Doctor’s Clothes regenerated into David Tennant’s clothes so that there would be absolutely NO reminder of the Jodi Whitaker on screen when Tennant, the favorite Doctor for most fans of the new era (Mine was Smith) returned.

In fact think about the episode itself assuming you’ve watched it. Apparently the only thing anybody is talking about concerning the series was cameos by the 1st, 5th, 6th, 7th & 8th doctors which was a good idea in terms of drawing some eyeballs but was a really bad idea because all those cameos underscored just how much better each one of those characters were as the Doctor than Whitaker’s.

I must admit I find myself wanting to see the three David Tennant Episodes they are planning but I may not be in the majority. The good folks at Nerdrotic did a livestream reviewing the show and their reaction in the fan world seems otherwise.

As Nerdrotic put it at the start of his Doctor Who Livestream on the finale:

This is obligation and we’ll certainly talk about the VERY long episode made longer because I was stealing the iplayer and I had to refresh it every five ten minutes for it to work. Yeah she’s gone, it’s over. I know everybody’s going to be excited about David Tennant and then Russell T Davies coming back in two years but I’m not. There were some nice little moments, none of them included Jodi Whitaker the first female Doctor played by Jodi Whitaker Who will now be the last female doctor played by Jodi Whitaker who we will lovingly called Dr. Karen SHE DEAD so now that’s good finally gone.

And that was pretty much the nicest thing they had to say about it in two hours.

Dave Cullen had nothing better to say on his show either.

In conclusion I believe it doesn’t matter if they bring back one of the most popular Doctors in the form of David Tennant. In my opinion the damage to Doctor Who’s lore and it’s legacy is already done.

Will the gamble work. Will it be too little too late and will they decide that the 1st Doctor is William Hartnell after all?

And of course the Doctor as Mr. Cullen reminds us after Tennant the next doctor is going to be portrayed as a Gay Black Doctor with a Trans companion. I kid you not.

Well that’s going to bring the folks back who didn’t want to have an agenda shoved down their throats is it? In fact the whole idea that you will have three episodes of Tennant with Catherine Tate returning as Donna (and hopefully Bernard Cribbins too if he’s physically able) recreating the glory days will, in my opinion draw an even bigger contrast to the in your face gay/trans agenda pushed on a show that was a nationwide English icon.

Given that the woke is dying and losing all over the world maybe they will change their minds. Perhaps this is to give the BBC time to see if the shift is permanent and settle for the first black Doctor rather than pushing a LBBTQRSTURWXYZ card in 2024 and attempt to make the show right again.

I doubt it, the show. No matter how much the country rejects this agenda, the folks in charge at the BBC have embraced it fully and unless and until their own jobs are in jeopardy the agenda trumps all.

I think Nerdrotic & Dave Cullen are right, I think the Tennant gamble will fail to save the show but I’ll give the three episodes a shot to see if it’s Doctor Who or if it’s the Woke agenda delivered by a familiar face.

I have a feeling it’s the latter.

Update: Was not aware that Bernard Cribbins had died in July but it is possible that he shot scenes before his death.

Don Tomasino: Your enemies always grow strong on what you leave behind

The Godfather Part III

One of the great disadvantages of living in a bubble and censoring the narrative on social media such as twitter is that you don’t realize how out of touch with reality you might be.

Dennis Prager noted an example of this in a recent piece

In Philadelphia, prior to the evening event, I did what I do in virtually every city in which I speak: smoked a cigar at a local cigar lounge. I would not be surprised if I have visited more cigar bars than anyone outside the cigar industry.

I then took an Uber to the venue.

My driver was a black man, and as I almost always do with strangers, I engaged in conversation with him.

If you believe the left you would think a black man in Philly would be all in on the Democrat agenda, but when he told him he was going to give a talk on the collapse of western civilization he got a surprise:

“Oh, man, do I ever agree with you! This wokeness, this censorship of speech is destroying us.” He went on and on about the woke threat to America and the West so eloquently, I thought about inviting him to speak alongside me and my colleagues.

He sat him in the front row and he got a standing O.

Meanwhile CBS was putting together a focus group with a Democrat, a Republican and an Independent on issues, and came up shocked:

The discussion, moderated by anchor Margaret Brennan, started off pretty tame and predictable, with participants describing the effects of a sputtering economy, inflation, and high gas prices on their own lives. But when the topic turned to raising children in America, even Brennan seemed surprised by the level of agreement.

And that reveals something that the left has not figured out.

The woke drag queen story hour business of the left, the cancel culture the pronoun madness and the inability of people to define a woman might be big in the University, or in Hollywood or in a specific niche of supporter but among normal people this is not and has not been so.

People as a rule ignore this stuff because they don’t want to deal with this nonsense, and for years it flourished quietly but some were not silent, namely a group called Mass Resistance

While Pilloried by groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center and other left wing sites they pushed forward ignoring the attacks and shining a light when others ran for cover. and do so today when groups sponsored by GLSEN pushes the idea that parents are a danger to their own children and must be excluded.

 “Isn’t it better to work with parents and keep them in the loop? I don’t understand why you would want to keep secrets from parents.”

GLSEN staffer claims that parents endanger the child: The GLSEN staffer basically answered that telling the parent puts a child “at risk.” She said, “A lot of students are not living in safe situations. So you want to be affirming in the classroom so that the student is able to learn and not putting the child at risk at home.” She said that if a child hasn’t “outed” himself to his parents, then the teacher is careful not to tell the parent. This includes not using the child’s “preferred” name and pronoun in front of the parent if the parent doesn’t already support that. In other words, the teacher makes a judgment that the parent is a possible danger to the child.

Response from MassResistance mother: She immediately responded: But they are the parents! If their child is thinking about these things and is going through a “transition period,” they need to be brought in because it’s their child. They’re responsible for the child, the whole package. They’re part of the child’s world. So if you’re working with a student, you should also be working with the parent.

The lesbian teacher uses more LGBT talking points: The lesbian teacher answered by doubling down on the well-crafted (and offensive) LGBT talking points about parents being possibly dangerous to their kids.

The reality is that these folks pushing the idea that parents are dangerous to their own children is not one held by normal people, but the Democrat left having pressured corporations and taken power in their own niche bubbles came to believe that this could be pushed to parents of children without opposition of consequence because of the natural apathy of man.

That men are men, that women are women and can’t change their gender by a declaration, that kids shouldn’t be sexualized or have sexually explicit material pushed on this in schools and that kids can not consent to be spayed, surgically altered or given hormones on their own are beliefs that were so universal that they did not need to be stated aloud.

What the left hasn’t figured out if that Niche groups not withstanding among the general public of the west these views are only slightly less universal then they were 20 30, 50 or 100 years ago.

It’s not on It’s taken nearly twenty years but the people who were once willing to ignore this have had all they can stand, they can’t stand no more and more importantly the GOP who for years would at best follow has finally found those who might lead.

The left decided to leave normalcy behind and in two week they will find out just how strong the GOP has become by embracing it.

I don’t care what office your running for or at what level any. Every GOP candidate who is running for any office in any state needs to take this (via Hogewash) tweet and do to things:

  1. Convert this into an ad against their opponent
  2. Demand Their Democrat opponent Explicitly state if they approve or denounce what the president is saying here

Any campaign manager who will not do so should be fired on the spot for incompetence.

It goes without saying that every Democrat either in office or running for office this cycle or the next should be made to publicly endorse or reject this.