A political horror story – what Massachusetts would be like if Maura Healey wins the governorship

Posted: October 27, 2022 by Jon Fournier in Uncategorized
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In honor of Halloween, I wanted to write a scary article.  The most frightening article I could come up with is what conditions would be like if Maura Healey is elected governor here in Massachusetts.  A careful examination of her campaign website will demonstrate just how horrific life here would become if she were elected.

Maura Healey is very much a hard left ideologue, in the same mold as Barack Obama and Joe Biden.  As Attorney General here in Massachusetts, she sued the Trump administration every time a non-progressive policy was implemented.

If elected governor, Maura Healey will cripple the economy of Massachusetts by enacting every single hardcore socialist economic policy, such as wealth redistribution.

Maura will also take a close look at our tax policy to make sure it addresses today’s extreme concentration of wealth and income such that our sources of revenue and our expenditures lead to a fairer and more balanced economy. 

Approach all efforts through an equity lens, ensuring that everyone in Massachusetts has the opportunities to access high-quality jobs and careers by supporting wraparound services like child care and living stipends.

Maura Healey is a climate change zealot.  As governor, she will destroy this state’s economy by enacting every single green energy wet dream.

The climate crisis is our greatest risk and our greatest opportunity. Our choice is clear: to protect our families, communities, and the environment that sustains us, we must rapidly transition to clean energy. As Governor, Maura will make climate change a top priority. She understands the critical urgency of this issue and she knows what is at stake—especially for the Commonwealth’s most vulnerable communities. The actions we must take now to protect our families and communities from climate change also present a once in a lifetime opportunity to build a healthier, more equitable future and to position Massachusetts as a global leader in clean energy technology and innovation. She will make that vision a reality by innovating state government, working directly with communities, implementing science-based policy, partnering with clean technology businesses, and supporting clean energy research and development. 

As Governor, Maura Healey will turn Massachusetts into s sanctuary state.  She championed the effort to grant drivers licenses to illegal aliens.

Abortion is another issue where Maura Healey demonstrates extreme zealotry.

Maura knows that reproductive freedom is under threat like never before. It’s a direct attack on women, people of color, and the LGBTQ+ community. With Roe v. Wade overturned, our next governor needs to continue to protect access to safe and legal abortion in Massachusetts, break down systemic barriers to these services, and expand access to comprehensive reproductive care for all.  Maura will work closely with legislative leaders, public health experts, and advocates like the Beyond ROE Coalition to ensure Massachusetts remains a beacon of hope for all who are seeking care.

If the worst comes to pass and Maura Healey is elected governor, Massachusetts will rapidly become a third world toilet very much akin to California.  Geoff Diehl, Healey’s Republican opponent is a worthy candidate who will be a good governor. Diehl is poling within striking distance.  Those of us who are sane must do our best to help Geoff Diehl get elected. 

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