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On Tuesday the voters of Massachusetts completely jumped the socialist shark.  This state has long been a bastion of liberalism, however, there seemed to be a sufficient percentage of sane voters here to prevent this state from descending to the level of California.  The voters of this state did manage to elect the RINO Charlie Baker governor instead of a true Democrat.

Despite almost total Democrat rule, the economy of Massachusetts did function reasonably well.  Of course, if true Republicans were in charge, our economy would be much better.

With the victory of Maura Healey over Geoff Diehl in the Governor’s race, the economy of Massachusetts will soon collapse.  Governor Healey will quickly implement every single economy crushing progressive policy by executive fiat or passed by radical Democrat legislators.  She is determined to enact the Green New Deal here in this state.  Gas prices will skyrocket far beyond the level inflicted on us by Joe Biden.  Electricity and natural gas prices will soar well past the level where those on fixed income and small business owners can afford.

Maura Healey firmly embraced all of the liberty crushing COVID restrictions and mandates.  The moment case numbers spike ever so slightly I believe Healey will bring back lockdowns, mask mandates, and vaccine mandates.  This will cause the economy of this state to grind to a halt.

The worst kinds of progressive indoctrination will become even more commonplace   School children here won’t have a chance.  There will be a surge in young kids believing they are transgender.  I believe there will be no restrictions left in place on puberty blockers or genital mutilation surgeries on children.

The voters of Massachusetts completely jumped the Marxist shark when they passed a constitutional amendment that will impose a tax on millionaires.  This wealth distribution scheme will cause a mass exodus of business owners.

Also passed on Tuesday is a initiative that will grant drivers licenses to illegal aliens.  Coupled to this state’s incredibly lax voter registration laws, illegal aliens will soon be voting in elections, ensuring that Democrats will remain in power indefinitely.

How soon before Massachusetts becomes a third world toilet like California?  Real soon.

Yesterday Instapundit put a link to Ann Althouse who had a very interesting take on the Paul Pelosi story and how the NYT spun Elon Musk tweet answering Hillary Clinton:

The main thing Musk did there was ding Clinton for throwing out baseless speculation. He was emboldened — just kidding, he seems to have felt emboldened — to swing wildly because he was swinging back at her wild swing. She wielded the hammer of self-serving accusation and he grabbed it and demonstrated how badly you can hurt someone with it.

The article alleges that Mr. Pelosi was drunk and in a fight with a male prostitute.

Oh, my lord, now the vivid allegation is right there in the NYT. It was fit to print. Why?! Because Musk merely pointed at it in a tweet that was — as I read it — designed to tell Hillary Clinton to back off with the political propaganda. 

Mr. Musk’s tweet was later deleted, and it was not immediately clear who had deleted it.

But this is a news story. Musk linked to something, then deleted it. I’m inclined to speculate that the reason the NYT is elevating this story is that the drunk-fight-with-a-male-prostitute story is not beyond the pale. It needs to be rendered toxic so no one will pass it around. Don’t dare say it! 

Kurt Schlichter also had a few things to say on the subject:

An official investigation? Yes, please! This is a serious matter, we’re told. After all, the regime media and Democrats such as Ilhan Omar are out there making charges like “A far-right white nationalist tried to assassinate the Speaker of the House and almost killed her husband a year after violent insurrectionists tried to find her and kill her in the Capitol, and the Republican Party’s response is to either ignore it or belittle it.” Heck, Our Democracy is at stake, so the incoming Republican majority must get to the bottom of this alleged act of political violence.

I somehow think the Democrats will be reluctant to help, though Speaker McCarthy should not let any Democrats on the panel in the first place as payback for the 1/6 kangaroo committee. But why not investigate? These are serious charges, albeit from unserious people. Omar, a commie ingrate whose stupidity is exceeded only by her dishonesty, could not resist trying to leverage some cheap advantage from this grody scenario, but she should have passed on strategic if not moral grounds. By trying to place the blame for this on us, she triggered the Streisand Effect just when Democrats least needed to be associated with even more weird nonsense than they are already. Blaming Republicans for what appears to many people to be a sex tryst gone sour guarantees the wrongly accused – us – are going to hammer the Democrats unmercifully about it.

Well there are some obvious questions to be answered. Jim Treacher leads of his piece at Substack with the one most obvious:

The Pelosis are worth somewhere north of $100 million. Nancy Pelosi is the speaker of the United States House of Representatives, and second in the line of presidential succession. You’re telling me her husband Paul was alone in a house with no security or surveillance cameras? This lunatic David DePape just walked right up to the house and broke in?

In fairness if you told me ten years ago that San Francisco would have “poop maps” I’d have found that pretty unbelievable too.

Those are all interesting takes but the most sensible take on the subject comes from a tweet from Byron York who is the king of sensible takes.

This of course is a good idea if you want to establish the actual facts. This is however why Don Surber believes this is unlikely:

I imposed the 24-hour rule on the attack on Paul Pelosi, 82, on Saturday. Today I impose the 24-year rule because we never will learn the truth because San Francisco’s police are not as depicted by Karl Malden and Michael Douglas a half-century ago. The cops put on this case are political operatives whose duty is to shield the truth from the public.

The left says Trump did this and cites social media posts which conveniently portray the assailant as a QAnon fan, et cetera.

The right says this was a lover’s quarrel.

The suspect was born and raised in Canada

None of this adds up. Nobody knows outside a few cops and those who were there. Pray for Paul Pelosi and move on. Forget it, Jake. It’s San Fran town.

Now the truth is charges not withstanding I don’t know what actually happened and neither do any of you but I hereby make this prediction: If the 911 audio, officers body cam video, the Toxicological tests the various reports and the camera footage from the Pelosi house and any surrounding cameras in the neighborhood support the media’s narrative then they will all be released pretty soon.

If they are not then I strongly suspect Don Surber’s 24 year rule will kick in, unless the GOP forces the issue as Mr. Schlichter suggests.

Now when it comes down to it regardless of which narrative if any is correct and whatever the fellow was actually doing at the strangely (particularly given how the left has been insisting that there have been an unrelenting wave of right wing violence over the last year) unprotected Pelosi residence assaulting the old man is wrong and we of course hope for his recovery.

This is a story that is generating a lot of buzz but if you want to know what story SHOULD be all over everyone’s tongue it’s this one also via Insty:


The story proper

The Biden Administration will lend its weight to Attorney General Maura Healey’s campaign again this week, when Vice President Kamala Harris is scheduled to hold a get out the vote rally in Boston.

“On Wednesday evening, Vice President Kamala Harris will attend a campaign rally in support of the statewide Massachusetts Democratic ticket. Massachusetts voters have the opportunity to make history by electing the first woman as Governor of Massachusetts with Maura Healey, the first all-women executive office team in the country with Healey and Lieutenant Governor nominee Kim Driscoll, and the first Black woman elected statewide in Massachusetts with Attorney General nominee Andrea Campbell,” the Healey campaign announced Sunday night.

Think about this for a second. It’s the final week of the campaign with critical races to defend the Senate and House for the Democrats and the Democrats find it necessary to send the VP to campaign in friggen Massachusetts to help Maura Healey in a race considered so safe for the left that they don’t even bother to list the 25.5 Democrat spread on the two pols they have listed at RCP.

No wonder the left/media would rather go all in on either the “Right winger attacks Pelosi” or “Right Wingers spread Pelosi conspiracy theory” stuff instead.

In honor of Halloween, I wanted to write a scary article.  The most frightening article I could come up with is what conditions would be like if Maura Healey is elected governor here in Massachusetts.  A careful examination of her campaign website will demonstrate just how horrific life here would become if she were elected.

Maura Healey is very much a hard left ideologue, in the same mold as Barack Obama and Joe Biden.  As Attorney General here in Massachusetts, she sued the Trump administration every time a non-progressive policy was implemented.

If elected governor, Maura Healey will cripple the economy of Massachusetts by enacting every single hardcore socialist economic policy, such as wealth redistribution.

Maura will also take a close look at our tax policy to make sure it addresses today’s extreme concentration of wealth and income such that our sources of revenue and our expenditures lead to a fairer and more balanced economy. 

Approach all efforts through an equity lens, ensuring that everyone in Massachusetts has the opportunities to access high-quality jobs and careers by supporting wraparound services like child care and living stipends.

Maura Healey is a climate change zealot.  As governor, she will destroy this state’s economy by enacting every single green energy wet dream.

The climate crisis is our greatest risk and our greatest opportunity. Our choice is clear: to protect our families, communities, and the environment that sustains us, we must rapidly transition to clean energy. As Governor, Maura will make climate change a top priority. She understands the critical urgency of this issue and she knows what is at stake—especially for the Commonwealth’s most vulnerable communities. The actions we must take now to protect our families and communities from climate change also present a once in a lifetime opportunity to build a healthier, more equitable future and to position Massachusetts as a global leader in clean energy technology and innovation. She will make that vision a reality by innovating state government, working directly with communities, implementing science-based policy, partnering with clean technology businesses, and supporting clean energy research and development. 

As Governor, Maura Healey will turn Massachusetts into s sanctuary state.  She championed the effort to grant drivers licenses to illegal aliens.

Abortion is another issue where Maura Healey demonstrates extreme zealotry.

Maura knows that reproductive freedom is under threat like never before. It’s a direct attack on women, people of color, and the LGBTQ+ community. With Roe v. Wade overturned, our next governor needs to continue to protect access to safe and legal abortion in Massachusetts, break down systemic barriers to these services, and expand access to comprehensive reproductive care for all.  Maura will work closely with legislative leaders, public health experts, and advocates like the Beyond ROE Coalition to ensure Massachusetts remains a beacon of hope for all who are seeking care.

If the worst comes to pass and Maura Healey is elected governor, Massachusetts will rapidly become a third world toilet very much akin to California.  Geoff Diehl, Healey’s Republican opponent is a worthy candidate who will be a good governor. Diehl is poling within striking distance.  Those of us who are sane must do our best to help Geoff Diehl get elected. 

Experience keeps a dear School, but Fools will learn in no other

Ben Franklin

One of the things that I’ve always found amazing is that people repeatedly fall for the same old tricks. A great example of this is question 1 in Massachusetts which in their ads promises a giant windfall of tax revenue for all kinds of things by raising taxes on millionares.

Now this has been tried in states like NY and it has led to the plunging of tax revenues as people already with reasons to leave blue states have decided to take off.

Massachusetts being Massachusetts I don’t expect it to be easy to convince people that they are cutting their own throats but it seems to be there is one way that it could be done. If I was running the campaign to stop question one my ad would look something like this:

Hi I’m governor Ron DeSantis of the Great State of Florida
As governor of Florida is it my duty to advance the interests of my state and its people.
That’s why I urge voters in Massachusetts to vote YES on Question 1
Question 1 will enact a significant tax on your state’s highest earners who also tend to the the most mobile
New York state enacted such a tax and now tens of thousands of high earning and productive New Yorkers are now residents of Florida enjoying our warm weather, beautiful beaches and low taxes
We look forward to augmenting that number with tens of thousands more high earning and productive people from Massachusetts who will decide not to wait till retirement age to enjoy all the pleasures and opportunities that Florida offers
And have no fear, you can rest assured that my administration in Florida will pay back your generosity in providing us which such citizens by continuing our efforts to increase the diversity of your state via bus and plane so your state that takes pains to declare itself a sanctuary for all who come to America illlegally can demonstrate the virtue that it signals to all the world. It’s a win win!
So do your share to help keep Florida great and vote ‘Yes” on Question 1 this fall. My administration will be forever grateful.

I admit you might have to trim the wording a little for a one minute ad but once you have it down I’d be running this ad on a loop throughout the state.