The Primary Reason Why The Media is All Paul Pelosi all the Time

Posted: October 30, 2022 by datechguy in elections, politics
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It’s been suggested by some rather smart people like Stephen Miller suggest they are trying to Sarah Palin this election over the Pelosi incident.

This might in fact be the case as the left doesn’t really have any better cards to play these days.

A second interesting thing has been the pushing of the official narrative of a MAGA attack over what is looking less and less like a break-in as actual reports come in.

What rather funny about that is the folks that are suggesting that any deviation from said initial narrative is an evil conspiracy theory are the same ones who were on Friday reporting on and decrying the horrible predicament of Elon Musk firing “Ligma and Johnson

But I think there is a much different dynamic at work that trumps all of these things.

Poll after poll shows a trend to the GOP, not only in Arizona, but in Nevada, Georgia, New York, Michigan, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Washington and even Rhode Island.

As this continues they become a self fulfilling prophecy demoralizing the left (and thus increasing the number of votes that need to be stolen and thus the risk of same) and the more that said story is reported on the greater the risk of demoralizing the base becomes.

The best solution to this problem is to change the topic, the Paul Pelosi story does this.

Every minute the MSM can focus on the Pelosi story is a minute not spent covering the crashing and burning of Fetterman. Every minute covering the Pelosi story is a minute not covering Kari Lake surging or Stacy Abrams failing. Every minute covering the Pelosi story is a minute not covering the disaster that is building in New York State.

In short every minute the MSM spends covering the Pelosi story is one that they can spend ignoring the coming big red wave.

Now this story is not without danger to the left. There are already signs that the facts will make this story rather damaging to the left and their narrative but it will take several days for said facts to come out and while the left doesn’t have the power to bury a story forever that they once did, they are certainly capable of stalling the release of inconvenient facts for a week or ten days till election day is done at which time the story can become “unnewsworthy” .

Until and unless that moment comes the left will do their best to make sure this story stays alive for as much of this week as possible to keep the story of the destruction of Democrat hopes of everlasting power away from your screens.

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