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Today has been a pain of a day as my plans were dramatically changed due to vaccine mandates at a Massachusetts state college (surprise, surprise) but fortunately there have been a few things to laugh about to make things better.

First the folks at Media Matters the single biggest dispenser of falsehoods in the media world are calling for the firing of the fact checker for the Washington Post:

Now in fairness given the overall accuracy of the Washington Post fact checker this would not be an unreasonable request except for that he is upset because he actually accurately checked a fact.

In fact that’s a bit of an exaggeration.

When it was originally reported by the Free Beacon that the White House safe smoking kits included crack pipes he dismissed it as relying on “assumptions”. So when the Free Beacon went out and got some of those kits distributed in several cities and displayed said kits for the world to see

, which indeed had crack pipes included, rather than correcting his original article, he simply retweeted the free Beacon piece.

No correction no retraction, just retweeting the actual fact that proved him wrong.

But even that small act was a bridge too far for media matters. Communicating actual facts that show the left for what they are isn’t what Soros and company are paying for.

Do otherwise and you’re an un-person.

The second clown to laugh at is Joe Biden and his White House that put out this tweet yesterday:

the only problem of course is that the vaccine was available when Trump was still president. Here comes the Washington Post Fact checker again…

In fact you have multiple Biden and “office of the president elect” releases on the subject.

These fools need to be pointed to and laughed at but the real joke is on us for letting these people get away with stealing an election. So in one sense the clowns are us.

Closing thought: I predict that in five years when the true side effects of the vaccine can’t be so easily hidden the media will be rushing to call it the “Trump Vaccine”.

…if Donald Trump was actually to blame for Biden’s ministry of truth as Jen Psaki claims, would not every single media outlet have sounded a clarion call claiming that Donald Trump was censoring his critics with giant headlines in every major paper and the pols and pundits all over the place decrying the attack on free speech.

Somehow I don’t recall this happening.

Donald Trump took more heat than any president in my memory and took it better than any pol that I recall because he he was comfortable in his skin and sure that what he was doing was right.

I’m not surprised to hear a politician say anything at all

Trump Lawyer Michael van der Veen to Lana Zak of CBS

Now that Donald Trump has been acquitted in yet another impeachment trial I expect to hear the media, the left and the Democrats continue to make broad declarations as to the horrible, HORRIBLE things he said and did on January sixth 2021. They’ll be stories with anonymous sources, various pols making loud statements and all kind of shocked SHOCKING claims to be made.

When you hear them remember this quote from yes minister about such statements.

PM James Hacker: (On Phone): No, no, leave me out of it. A routine visit. (Listening) All right – a routine surprise visit. (Listening) Well, say they were invited earlier, but the NATO exercise got in the way. Now they’re not needed, they’re going anyway. (Listening) All right. Nobody knows it’s not true. Press statements aren’t delivered under oath.

Yes Prime Minister A Victory for Democracy 1986

and then remember this quote from the movie Class Action:

Jedediah Tucker Ward: It’s not hypothetical to Dr. Pavel, he wrote it

Michael Grazier: So he says.

Jedediah Tucker Ward: So he says under oath

Class Action 1991

Of course none of this should surprise anyone since it was the same cost benefit analyses that happened during the Russia probe when wild things were claimed in public about evidence but the opposite was said in classified testimony under oath

So when someone in print or on TV or online or even in casual conversation talks about how horrible the GOP was for not convicting Trump remind them that the Democrats forced and won a vote to call witnesses at the 2nd Trump impeachment trial and then decided not to call a single one of those witness who had written these stories, made those statements or appeared on TV to make claims about Donald Trump to repeat them under oath.

As you can see from the above image Twitter has once again upheld my appeal and restored my account this time waiting a full day as my last post about the instant automatic apology might have been a tad embarrassing for them. Of course they might not have gotten the Lewis Carroll reference I put in the last post comparing them to Fury in the famous poem which I included in my appeal (image follows)

fyi I only included the text not the image as it would not go in the appeal

But this latest “apology raised some questions which I took the liberty of asking and I include them here

If I were you no matter what odds anyone offers you on twitter letting the tweet go without a lock I wouldn’t take them.

Unexpectedly of course